Website Optimisation: Here are the Basic SEO Elements to Consider

The number of websites found on the Internet is over 1.8 billion and the number keeps increasing every second. As such, showing up in organic searches have never been this important or difficult. In order for your website to appear on the SERPs, basic SEO is a must-have. Irrespective of how much money and time you have invested in designing an attractive website, your website will remain invisible to the Internet users without SEO. This is where Nhance Digital’s SEO for your website services can come in handy. Some of the basic elements of SEO that we implement to help our clients’ website shine on SERPs are given below.

# URL Structure

When it comes to optimising a website, our SEO professionals start with the URL structure. It is important that the URLs are consistent throughout the website and reflect the path that users have taken to get to a page. URLs should even include primary keywords, business name and hyphens in order to break up the content. However, hyphens are used sparingly as too many can make a website appear like a spam website.

# Keywords

For the search engines, keywords are one of the most important elements of SEO. They are basically the common phrases that Internet users search for. Since search engines process millions of searches per day, they make use of keywords in order to decide what to refer to users when they are looking for a specific category or keyword. At Nhance Digital, we have tools, resources and expertise to carry out advanced keyword research. We also conduct a competitive analysis to identify the best-performing keywords.

# Page Titles

Consistency is a crucial factor in page titles. It should have the same structure through all the pages on your website and the page title should be reflected on your URL. It is also vital to include the keyword and primary subject for that page at the very beginning of the title. For the best optimisation, we typically keep the page titles between 50 and 70 characters.

If the above-mentioned SEO elements are implemented correctly, they can help your business rank high on SERPs. If you are seeking more information or need assistance with your website, do not hesitate to contact us. Our dynamic SEO team will help get your website in front of your audience.

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