If you are looking for a local SEO expert in Bradford, you have just landed on the right page. At Nhance Digital, we have been providing SEO services for over ten years, and we know what Google wants to see. More importantly, we know how to deliver what Google wants to see, and that is because we keep up to date and on top of Google’s changes.

Many people are not aware that Google is always tinkering with its algorithms – 540 changes last year alone – which means that what worked last month may not work next month. If you don’t keep up with Google, your 1st-page ranking can disappear overnight even though you thought you were doing everything correctly.

Our objective is to keep our clients one step ahead of their competition at all times, and the way we do that is to ensure that we are at the cutting edge of technology. This works in both our interests, because if we don’t get you to the top of Google, and more importantly keep you there, you will take your business elsewhere. That’s fair enough, which is why we always go the extra mile to keep our clients happy. If that means we have to work over the weekend, then that’s what we do.

The most critical factor in SEO is link building, which means having other websites that Google regards as authority websites, not just any websites, linking them back to your site because they see you as necessary. If an authority website regards you as important, then that’s good enough for Google.

Long-Tail Keywords

But SEO isn’t just confined to link building. Keyword research is vital, and here we are not just talking about something a searcher might enter, such as “plumber Bradford” or “Bradford plumber.” There are lots of other keywords, known as long-tail keywords, which are also important.

For instance, someone might search for “drain cleaning plumbers in Bradford” or “washing machine plumber Bradford,” and you want to rank for those terms as well. In short, whatever search term someone may search for is what you want to rank for, which is why keyword research is a vital part of SEO in Bradford. At Nhance Digital, we have the right tools to find these long-tail keywords and include them on your website. You don’t want just visitors to your website; you want visitors that convert and become customers.

Fast Loading

There are other important things, too, such as ensuring that your website loads fast and that it is easy to navigate. If it doesn’t load fast, visitors will click away and go back to Google to look for another website, as it is a fact that website visitors have a short attention span, so you have to hook them in quickly.

We are happy to offer every potential client a completely free analysis of their website. We know what Google is looking for, and we can look at your site and see how well it performs and where improvements can be made.

At Nhance Digital, we are a search marketing agency, and marketing is about selling. That is what we are all in business for, and we know full well that our success depends on your success. We are not here to create you a pretty website: we are here to create one which works.

(But it may also be pretty!).