7 Essential On-Page SEO Factors You Need to Know

Today, succeeding in organic search means optimising for a combination of factors that are considered to be crucial by the search engines, especially Google. This includes off-page, on-page and other technical factors.

Over the years, we, at Nhance Digital, have noticed that a lot of importance is given to off-page techniques like link building. But, we want to tell you that on-page SEO is just as important. If you do not take into consideration on-page factors, off-page SEO is not going to be of much help to your website.

If you are not aware of what on-page SEO means, it refers to the process of optimising web pages to boost a website’s rankings in the SERPs and drive organic traffic. Besides publishing high-quality, relevant content, on-page SEO includes optimising HTML tags, headlines and images. It also means ensuring that your website has a high level of authoritativeness, expertise and trustworthiness.

Take a look below at the most important on-page factors that you should know.

  1. Title tag

The title tag is an HTML tag that is found in the head section of each web page. This provides visitors with an initial clue about the topical subject matter of the respective page. This is prominently featured in the SERPs and also in the browser window.

The title tag is often overlooked because, by itself, it does not have a lot of impact on organic rankings. But, duplicate, missing or poorly written title tags can negatively impact SEO results. So, make sure that this element is optimised properly.

  • Headlines

If you want your website content to fare well on search, you need to start writing attention-grabbing headlines. You might think that coming up with a blog title is too basic, but if the headline is not compelling enough, it will go unnoticed. A killer headline is a difference between an impression and a click. This is why you must create headlines strategically. It needs to spark an interest so that users are tempted to click and go through the content.

  • Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions have always been an important point of optimisation in SEO. Meta tags and description often sum up what the web page is about and this is displayed in the SERPs. You will find them under the title of the web page. Even though Google says that meta descriptions do not help with rankings, there is evidence that descriptions to help to convince users to click on the link.

If you can correctly write meta descriptions, it can help you in the following ways:

  • Improve the perception of the quality of the result
  • Boost click-through rate
  • Enhance the perception of what your website has to offer
  • Header tags

Headers tags are also HTML tags that are used to identify not just headings, but also subheadings within a content. Headers tags do not perform an important role when it comes to ranking, but they serve an important purpose for SEO and your target audience. With header tags, content can be made much more enjoyable and easier-to-read. Also, it can provide keyword-rich text to search engines and makes it easier for bots to understand what the content is all about.

  • Keyword cannibalisation

The more pages you have targeting one keyword, the chances are high for the website to rank for that keyword. This is what most people think, but this approach is false. If you target one particular keyword across different pages, you are basically setting up your website for keyword cannibalisation. This can have terrible consequences for your SEO efforts.

With multiple pages ranking for the same keyword, you are competing against yourself. So, we suggest that you identify if you are making this mistake and if you are, it must be resolved at once.

  • Image optimisation

If you want to make your web pages appear more appealing, you can think of adding images. But, all images are not made the same. Some of them might end up slowing down your website. To avoid this, you need to optimise the pictures and ensure that your website’s speed remains unaffected. Image optimisation ensures faster page load times, better user experience and additional ranking opportunities.

  • Content audit

Webmasters are always busy with creating new content and this is why they forget about the existing content on their website. It is important to evaluate the content already existing as it will help you identify whether the information given is still accurate or it needs to be updated. Your SEO strategy can greatly benefit from content audit and make sure to do it regularly.

So, these are a few of the on-page SEO factors that you need to know. If you need any help, turn to Nhance Digital and leverage our affordable SEO service in Glasgow.

Social Media and SEO – How Do They Benefit Your Business?

The search industry is always abuzz about how SEO is influenced by social media. Social media offers a lot of benefits in the marketing context, which include brand presence and recognition, customer service, driving website traffic, content marketing and more. Even though social media and SEO may look like different activities, there is no doubt that they help each other. To help you understand the relationship between SEO and social media, Nhance Digital’s team of professionals have outlined a few important points below.

Before we begin, let us tell you that the growth of social media has been unprecedented. Just after a decade of its introduction, Facebook is viewed as nothing short of a social media superpower and in a matter of 7 years, Instagram has grown to boast of more than 700 million users. Facebook boasts of 2 billion users and more gets added every minute. So, it is safe to say that social media has ushered in some serious changes to the field of digital marketing. It would be wise for you to leverage the power of social media, along with SEO because you can be sure that your competitors are already doing so.

SEO and social media – a complicated relationship

In the past, Google has made a lot of contradictory statements regarding social media’s role in its ranking algorithm. On the one hand, the search giant has stated that social media pages are indexed the same way as web pages, and therefore, social links count as links. But on the other, they have stated that their ranking factors are not directly influenced by social metrics.

Even though we cannot say that social metrics directly influence search engine rankings, their impact is indirect as links from social media websites are valued just as much as links from high-authority websites. This is why we always recommend our clients to leverage social media to enhance ranking signals and also stay connected with their customers.

Take a look at the SEO metric-specific boosters that you can get from social media.

  • Link earning – For any link building strategy, link earning is considered to be the Holy Grail. This will help to acquire several links from one piece of content. You can learn multiple links from your content with the help of your social media connections. With the help of this platform, you can easily reach out to hundreds of people. The more people that you reach out to, the people get to see your content who are not in your direct contact list. Moreover, there is a chance that you might go viral in social media and this can impact your search rankings.
  • Co-occurrence and co-citation – Dissemination of content using social media provide touchpoints with your brand across different platforms. This helps your brand to remain in the minds of your potential customers. In turn, this helps your brand to get mentions across the Internet and the chances of increasing your co-occurrence and co-citation metrics are high.
  • CTR and brand authority – Social media can be utilised for not only building brand awareness, but also authority. By engaging with your target audience through high-quality social media campaigns, you can develop your brand in the eyes of the public. Also, when people search about products that you sell and come across your name on the search results, they’re more likely to click on your website. This helps in improving your click-through rate. Another way to improve that is by providing your website link as part of your social media bio. This will help those who want to know more about your brand.
  • Social media in the SERPs – Social media profiles are delivered within the search engine result pages. As a result, if you have a strong social media presence, it is going to impact on your SERP presence.

There may not be direct benefits of using social media with SEO efforts, but the indirect impact cannot be discredited. If you combine your social media efforts with your SEO plan, your business can get the online visibility, reach and traffic that you desire. Moreover, this can also help you engage with potential customers that are outside of your immediate targeted market. That’s not all. You can join hands with social influencers and make use of their massive following to boost your brand, products and services. This way your brand will be known far and wide, and your long-term SEO plans will stand to benefit. After all, the more people know about you, the more are your chances to convert them into actual customers.

If you want our help with your digital marketing efforts, do not hesitate to reach out. You can avail Nhance Digital’s SEO and social media marketing services to boost your business growth and success.

How to improve organic search results? Follow these SEO tips

Every second, nearly 40,000 search queries are typed into Google. These add up to over 3.5 billion searches a day or 1.2 trillion searches in a year. If you want your business to generate traffic online, you know that there is some fierce competition that needs to be dealt with.

Since there are billions of search conducted every single day, Nhance Digital’s team of digital marketing experts recommend that you strengthen your SEO game. This is crucial because SEO is the bridge that connects customers to your brand and help generate leads. Keep reading to know a few helpful SEO tips that will improve your organic rankings.

Work on getting more backlinks

Backlinks refer to links that point to your website from other third-party websites. You can think of it like an upvote. Backlinks are one of the top 3 ranking factors in the eyes of the search giant, Google. But, they are hard to get. By getting premium quality backlinks from high authority websites, you will instantly appear credible in the eyes of both Google and your target audience. However, always make sure to only fetch quality backlinks. Quantity will not help you much if the links are coming from spammy websites. Google might ban you for getting spam links.

Invest time and effort to keyword research

The Internet has far too many websites and it is far too large for Google to decide manually what page is about what, what queries should the pages rank for and where should it be positioned. This is where the algorithms come to play and do all of this automatically. But, if you want Google algorithms to consider your website as one that has authority and credibility, you need to work on keyword research. Once you have conducted keyword research and found the relevant phrases that you should include in your content, you need to optimise your website and all other content using the keywords. The keywords are going to help Google in filtering all the searches and helping users find what they are looking for. Also, keep in mind that when we say optimise your website, we do not just refer to the main body content. We also mean the incorporation of keywords within the site URL, headings, sub-headings and so on.

Optimise your pages as per search intent

As you must be aware, the world of SEO is constantly changing. Some of it is being of Google algorithm changes, but most of it is because of the changing behaviour of the consumers. So, when you are getting your website ready for the search engines, make sure to know what your target audience is trying to accomplish by Googling the keywords. Generally, we break down search intent into four categories:

  • Informational
  • Navigational
  • Commercial or buyer intent
  • Commercial investigation or research

Identifying and also matching user intent should be one of your priorities when it comes to readying a web page for the search engines.

Ensure that your website loads faster

Website speed is more important than ever before, especially because users like to quickly enter a search when on-the-go. If you have a website that takes forever to load, you will notice a much higher bounce rate than your competitors. On average, a user expects a web page to load within 3 seconds. But, a higher bounce rate is not the only reason why you should work on improving your website speed. Google is constantly updating its algorithms to give users a good experience and if you have a slow website, it will be hampering with Google’s plans. So, Google will not rank your website in a high position as your website does not fall under the ‘good user experience’ category.

Work on improving the structure of your website

In the eyes of Google, websites have some amount of authority. This is because of the backlinks that they have acquired. But, only backlinks are not enough. You also need internal links so that visitors can easily navigate the inner pages. A poor website structure would mean that some of the important pages within your website are completely ignored. If you wish to improve your website structure and do not know where to start, you can reach out to Nhance Digital. Our team have the required experience to help you out.

In addition to these, you need to write original content, optimise the images found on your website and make your website design responsive so that it can be accessed on a desktop, smartphone or any screen size. If you have any questions or wish to discuss your specific requirements, call Nhance Digital. We are one of the trusted SEO companies in Sheffield and have the experience to help you achieve your business goals.

What is local SEO and why do you need local SEO?

Do you want to attract new customers in your local area? Local SEO is what you need. This is one of the most crucial facets of digital marketing, especially for businesses that have a physical store and want to connect with customers near them.

However, we, at Nhance Digital, have come across several businesses in Manchester and other parts of the UK, who do not understand the difference between local SEO and SEO. If you are amongst those businesses that think that investing in a long-term SEO plan will get you the attention of your local audience, you are mistaken. This is why we wish to break down the information for you and give you a clear idea of what local SEO is and how it impacts your business.

What does local SEO mean?

Local SEO refers to the practice of optimising a product/service or business for a search query that is specific to a location. Google and other search engines make use of the location of a user based on geolocation (for mobile) and IP address (for desktop) to determine what results will be relevant to the user. So, when someone searches for a restaurant, car wash, dentist or a locksmith, the search engine is going to display businesses that are relevant to the user’s location.

What is the importance of local SEO?

Local SEO is crucial to businesses that have a physical store or provide services in a specific location. When people are searching for a business near them, it means that they would most likely visit the store right away or within a few hours. With the help of local SEO, businesses can reach out to customers at the exact time when they are looking for their products or services. Several surveys have revealed that 50% of people who carried out a local search on their smartphone and 34% of people who searched on their desktop or tablet, went to the store on the same day.

What are the basics of local SEO?

Now that we’ve told you what local SEO means, let’s take a look at the basics of local SEO.

The first thing that you need to understand is that local SEO is for location-based searches. This means that your business must have a physical address so that it can show up on local search results. If the address of your business is not updated in GMB (Google My Business) and other online directories, your business will not show when your customers run an in *locality name* search or a “near me” search.

The second thing that you have to make sure is that the name, address and phone number of your business are accurate and consistent across all the digital platforms that you are using. The slightest discrepancy might make Google ban your business from getting listed in the local 3-pack. You must keep checking and updating the NAP of your business so that your customers do not feel misled with a wrong phone number or address.

Citations are another important part of local SEO. A citation is when a third-party website lists your website as a point of reference. This may contain your business’ location, name or contact information. It does not require a backlink to the website of your business. Example of a citation would be a food blogger mentioning your restaurant in his/her blog as a good place for meals in your locality. Citations let Google know that a business is trustworthy and this increases the chances of a business getting in the local 3-pack.

Last, but not the least, reviews. Testimonials or reviews is an important part of local SEO and this helps Google in ranking businesses. If you receive positive reviews, you should always remember to thank the reviewer and if there are negative remarks, you must also address them. This will show Google that you care about your customers.

How will local SEO impact your business?

  • Help potential customers in discovering your business
  • Give your potential customers the information that they are seeking so that they can make their way to your business
  • Provide you with qualified leads with a high chance of converting into an actual sale
  • Local SEO helps potential customers in deciding in favour of a business. The more information that one has of a business, the more trustworthy the business seem.

So, it is time for you to boost your local SEO so that your target audience can easily find you. Moreover, a strong local SEO plan will help enhance your organic search ranking and also positively impact your long-term SEO plan. Schedule a consultation with Nhance Digital to find out about our local SEO services in Manchester and how we can help you grow your business.

How to do SEO for an eCommerce business in 2020?

As brand new online retailers join the eCommerce business competition, it is important for eCommerce marketers like yourself to stay updated regarding the latest tactics, trends and algorithm changes. We, at Nhance Digital, believe that the only way for businesses to stay ahead of the competition is through the adoption of the latest SEO techniques.

Whilst some things will continue to remain the same, such as linking to external sources and using relevant titles, other elements that continue to evolve. But, before we tell you how to do SEO for your online store, let us tell you the importance of SEO for your business.

Why does your eCommerce business need SEO?

If you want your eCommerce store to be found organically on search engines, you have to prioritise SEO. After all, approximately 70.6% of all traffic to your online store starts with a Google, Yahoo or Bing search.

When your eCommerce store is properly set up, SEO is probably the only digital marketing channels that will continue to pay you dividends for a long time.

As a digital platform, your eCommerce shop need to be found on the Internet to have a dominating online presence, convert users to actual customers, and enhance your bottom line. By optimising your online shop to deliver relevant content to popular search engines, your content will be displayed properly in the SERP for your potential customers to easily find you and start shopping.

Keep reading if you want to know the biggest SEO updates for eCommerce in 2020.

User-focused SEO optimisation

It has been a few years that Google has been making use of learning algorithms to enhance the search user experience. Google heavily penalises keyword-stuffed webpages and also pages that do not offer users any real value.

In 2020, Google came up with BERT, which is the search engine’s latest algorithm model. BERT assesses the structure of a user search to properly understand the context of why the keywords have been used. What does this mean for your online store?

With BERT around, you need to make sure that the content found on your online store is what your target audience is looking for. Your content must cater to the needs and wants of your customers. At Nhance Digital, we focus on developing content with user intent in mind when working for an eCommerce website. Our main emphasis is always on the journey of a buyer and our writers make sure that the content is always more than just a string of keywords.

Good quality, informative content

High-quality content continues to be the lifeblood of SEO, even in 2020. Content affects everything on your website, from the types of links you build to the actual structure of your website.

From your email marketing campaigns to SEO strategy, you need quality content that offer real value to your users. If you want to succeed with eCommerce SEO this year, you must focus on crafting content that is authoritative and relevant with long-tail keywords.

When you are developing content, keep in mind the following:

  • Understand what your target audience is looking for
  • Create authoritative content that offers solutions to your users
  • Create content for the different stages of the buyer’s experience
  • Understand the motive behind the questions asked by your users

Optimise your online store for mobile devices

It is no secret that mobile usage is increasing exponentially year after year. In 2020, if you do not have a responsive online shopping website, you can forget connecting with more than half of your target audience. It is crucial that you adopt a mobile-first attitude when it comes to your online store and digital marketing strategies.

If you haven’t already, create an eCommerce website that is responsive for all devices – desktop, smartphone, laptop, tablet and so on. Once you have a responsive website, you must always make sure to keep the website updated. There should not be any kind of lag. Today’s highly impatient online shoppers do not like to wait for more than 3 seconds for a webpage to load. Since eCommerce websites are usually image-heavy, you need to compress and optimise the images so that your website runs smoothly and fast. If you need tips or assistance, you can reach out to Nhance Digital and our team of SEO experts will provide you with a customised solution.

Last, but not the least, we recommend that you connect with your audience on the different social media platforms like, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. This will help with your brand building and also boost your online store’s ranking in the SERPs. When SEO and social media management is done in tandem, it can fetch you an overall positive result.

Need help with eCommerce SEO? Leverage Nhance Digital’s search engine optimisation services and take the popularity of your online store to the next level.

What are the areas of SEO that help to optimise a website?

For every company, it is crucial to create a very strong brand presence. Thanks to the World Wide Web, it is easy today to instantly connect with potential consumers and share information regarding one’s products or services. Whether you are the owner of a small or big business and want to build your brand, you need to implement results-driven SEO strategies. 

When Nhance Digital provides SEO solutions, we lay emphasis on the following major areas

Website design: The cornerstone of any digital marketing is the design of the website itself. When it comes to designing a website, there is a lot to consider. It is crucial that your website is optimised for the search engines so that your website can be crawled and indexed by the search engine bots. Thanks to our team of website designers, we are adept in helping our clients optimise their website for getting better ranks in the SERPs. From the design to the navigation of the website, we make sure to handle it all.

Content: After the design of the website, the next step is crafting relevant, informative and unique content. Content comes in various forms. Today, content does not just refer to texts, but also images and videos. It can even include infographics and presentations. In order to attract maximum attention, our team of content writers create interesting content and break the content into small paragraphs, bullets and numbers. Our goal is to always attract the attention of the users and educate them so that they stay longer on a website and reduce the bounce rate.

Keywords: Keyword research is a very important step in SEO. Google and other search engines are constantly crawling websites to find keywords that match with the search terms entered by the users. At Nhance Digital, we have a team of keyword researchers and the necessary resources to help our clients find appropriate phrases for marketing their brand, products and services.

So, the aforementioned are a few crucial areas of SEO that cannot be overlooked. If you are hoping to expand your brand name in the online landscape, you need to strengthen your SEO efforts. As a well-known SEO company in Sheffield, Nhance Digital can provide you with tailor-made search engine optimisation solutions specific to your business objectives and requirements. With us, you can beat competition whilst not going overboard with your marketing budget.

What does Google consider when sending traffic to a website?

Search engine optimisation or SEO refers to strategies that need to be implemented for optimising a website for search engines like Google. Some of the strategies that we, at Nhance Digital, employ are keyword research, website audit, link building and so on. But, do you know what Google looks for when it is trying to decide whether to send traffic to your website or not? There are some factors that are in control whilst others that are not so much in our control. Below we have outlined some of the controllable factors that Google considers when sending traffic to a website.

Unique, fresh content

Older websites tend to be less active and they also tend to break the rules as they were created before the search giant became more sophisticated and started penalising black hat SEO strategy. This hurdle can be conquered by furnishing the website with fresh, original content. As a matter of fact, we have seen that websites with fresh content get more than 67% of traffic when compared to websites with old content.


Google is constantly looking for keywords that match the search terms that the users have entered. If the match is close, you can expect high rankings in the SERPs. Also, Google is looking for keywords in the headings and titles. Google algorithms analyse what is on your website and compare it to other websites to check if what you have is relevant to the keywords. Typically, keywords are made up of 3 to 4 words. But, remember not to stuff keywords in your content as Google penalises that.

Quality links

Inbound links to your website are not a new trick, but you also need outbound links. You have to build a good link profile by seeking backlinks from trusted sources. Having premium quality links is a great way to drive traffic to your website. This is mainly because the search giant rewards websites that are of good quality and can be trusted. The more links you can acquire, the higher will be your chances of rising up the ranks in the SERPs.

So, these are a few things that Google considers when it is ranking a website or sending traffic to a website. If you want your website to thrive in the online space, avail Nhance Digital’s SEO services in Glasgow. We excel in providing personalised solutions.

SEO Trends that Matter Most in 2020

2020 is proving to be a crucial year for SEO. With the constant changes in search engine algorithms and forever evolving consumer behaviour, it is vital to take charge of things before the changes become too overwhelming. This is why you must make the most of the new trends with the help of professional SEO marketing companies in Liverpool like Nhance Digital and craft an effective SEO strategy.

Content based on search intent

Today, it is no longer enough to simply throw a few keywords into an article or a blog post and expect it to show up in the SERPs. The main reason for this is that Google does not just show results on the basis of keywords, but the results also take into consideration the search intent of the users. This basically means that Google and other search engines are showing exactly what users are looking for.

Responsive design and mobile search

2020 is the era of mobile search, which means that your website must be optimised for mobile devices. At Nhance Digital, we are experienced in creating websites that are responsive. By having a responsive website, you can make sure that your website easily adapts to various screen sizes. Since more and more users are relying on mobile searches today, responsive website design is no longer an option, but a necessity.

Use a combination of long and short keyword phrases

Thanks to mobile searches, people are writing out long sentences in the search console of search engines. So, if you want to stand out from your competitors, it is crucial that you make use of short, as well as, long keyword phrases when creating content for your website. Thanks to our team of experienced keyword researchers, we can help you in finding the most relevant keywords for your website.

Local SEO

Previously, only businesses with physical stores used to invest in local SEO. But, this year, local SEO has become crucial to all businesses. The implementation of local SEO tactics helps in the establishment of brands in certain geographical areas. So, you can create awareness of your brand in the locality or region that your company is based out of. As you get more traffic and your brand loyalty increases, it will help you in your long-term digital marketing plans as well.

If you wish to know more SEO trends, connect with Nhance Digital.

How Can You Stay Ahead in Your Local SEO Game in 2020?

Local SEO is important for all types of businesses. Many of the local SEO tactics can be part of a larger SEO strategy as their benefits go beyond the immediate service area of a brand. Utilising Google My Business is one of the easiest ways to optimise your business location. However, there are other strategies that you can implement. Some of the tactics that Nhance Digital’s local SEO professionals employ are explained below.

Address in the footer

To most, this might seem like a small detail. But, placing business address in the footer helps search engines find websites and associate them with specific locations. This is abbreviated as NAP, which stands for Name, Address and Phone Number. It is crucial to ensure that the NAP is identical everywhere.

Optimising specialised pages for certain locations

Businesses that have multiple services within a region need to create unique landing pages for all of those local service areas. These pages are typically like mini-homepages and provide a user all the information that he/she needs to decide if they want to connect with the business.

However, we do not just stop there. We go a step ahead to user optimise the pages. This makes sure that the SERPs gives a realistic preview of the page and highlights that the page is focused on a specific geographical area. Also, our team makes sure that the content for the various location pages is different and unique.


Reviews are extremely important for marketers and users alike. Positive reviews can make a big difference in every step of the funnel – right from getting inbound traffic to persuading a prospect to become a customer. Also, it is not very difficult to ask for reviews, especially if the business is offering valuable products or services. At Nhance Digital, our SEO professionals know exactly how to claim reviews and present it to the audience.

So, these are only some of the tactics that Nhance Digital implements. However, every business is different, with unique business goals and needs. This is why we have emerged as a local SEO company in Leeds that provides customised services. Our local SEO approach is results-driven and ROI-oriented. If you want to know more about our local SEO processes and how we can help you, reach out to us today without any hesitation.

How Can an SEO Consultant Firm Help Grow Your Business?

When it comes to marketing your services and product, the Internet is a one-stop solution. With the help of SEO consultant services from Nhance Digital, you can reach out to your audience quickly and effectively. Our SEO professionals carry out a detailed website and SEO audit to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the existing tactics. Then, we get rid of the tactics that are not working and replace them with the latest practices. By leveraging our SEO expertise, you can easily build a strong brand presence across the online landscape and connect with your targeted audience.

When you avail our SEO consultant services, your business is helped in the following ways.

Brand awareness: Is your website flashing on the first page of the SERPs? If so, in the eyes of your visitors, you are developing your brand effectively. Brand building and awareness are crucial as it makes potential customers trust your business. Branding can be done easily by researching keywords and finding the relevant ones to be used strategically throughout your content. Thanks to our SEO professionals and access to the latest tools, we can help you with keyword research.

Increased traffic: The implementation of effective SEO tactics results in acquiring a top position in the SERPs. This, in turn, results in driving more traffic to your website. Our SEO professionals create relevant and informative meta descriptions and titles that instantly show in the results pages. We optimise the descriptions and tags to increase traffic so that there is an enhanced chance of conversion.

Quick return on investment: If you have done any research on SEO, you would know that search engine optimisation is a long-term process. But, there is a possibility of getting quick returns if the right SEO tactics are implemented. From keyword research to writing helpful content and optimising every aspect of a website, Nhance Digital’s team are capable of handling it all. Moreover, we always do our homework and keep up with the search engine algorithm changes. This is why the SEO solutions that we offer our clients are all ROI-focussed and results-oriented.

So, are you struggling with your SEO campaign? Want to see your website on the first page of the SERPs? Regardless of what your business goals are, connect with Nhance Digital. Make use of our SEO consultant services and stay ahead of competitors.

Boost Your Off-page SEO Using These Tips

Search engine optimisation is more than backlinks and keywords. If you want to drive more traffic to your website, you need to create a robust SEO strategy. One way to do this is by enhancing your off-page SEO. As per Nhance Digital’s team of dynamic professionals, you can grow your business’ organic presence by improving your SEO. Since most people only focus on on-page SEO, the efforts do not reap the desired results. Take a look below at how you can augment your off-page SEO.


Search engines make use of backlinks to determine the trustworthiness and credibility of websites. They are important for your SEO efforts. If your website has a lot of backlinks, it will typically rank better than those websites that have fewer backlinks. There are three types of links that you can acquire – self-created links, manually-built links and natural links.

Self-created links refer to adding a link to a forum, an online directory or a blog by commenting. Manual-built links are those that you have created by asking your influencers or customers to link to your website. Natural links are those that are given to your website, such as bloggers linking to your website because they like the content.

When it comes to backlinks, it is crucial that you only get links from websites that have a good domain authority. For Google, quality links are more important. If you have too many inferior quality backlinks, Google will penalise your website.

Build your reputation

Just getting backlinks will not help your business. You need to create a good reputation for your business across various digital platforms. A good reputation will make people want to link to your website. If you are struggling with building a reputation, reach out to Nhance Digital. We are hailed as the best SEO company in Sheffield and our team will make sure that your business objectives are met.

Strong presence on social media

A strong presence on social media can improve your off-page SEO. You need to regularly post informative content to engage and connect with your audience. Social signals like, shares, likes, retweets and comments from your potential audience will contribute towards boosting your off-page SEO.

If you want more information on how to augment your SEO game, talk to Nhance Digital. Our team of professionals are eager to answer your questions and help you achieve great success.

Local SEO Strategies to Consider in 2020

If you are a small business owner, you are probably providing your products or services to a particular geographic market. You might even have a physical store. In that case, getting found quickly by potential customers looking for you is critical to the success of your business. This is what makes the implementation of local SEO strategies important.

As you must be aware, more than 80% of the consumers are highly dependent on the Internet when it comes to searching for local businesses. As a leading local SEO company in Liverpool, Nhance Digital has listed a few tactics that you can consider for your 2020 local SEO strategy.

Localised website content

To optimise your website for the local search results, you need to create localised content. Do not be inconsistent with the business name, address and number on your website to ensure that it will be in sync with the local citations that may require to claim and manage. Even though your website content must be optimised for the search engines, it has to be written for human users.

Optimise for GMB

If you want your website to be found in the local search, you need to optimise it for GMB or Google My Business. By using GMB, you can increase your local ranking. When any user will search for a local business, the search giant will display the results by making use of the information that it has in its database. The things to consider when optimising for GMB includes:

  • Unique business description
  • Selecting the right categories
  • Making sure that the business information is correct and updated
  • Adding pictures for your business
  • Responding and managing reviews

Create a mobile-friendly website

Even though this is not exclusively a local SEO strategy, we highly recommend that you have a website that adapts seamlessly across various screen sizes. As most of the people looking for a local business is doing so on-the-go using mobile devices, you have to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. Also, your website should load fast as it is good for user experience and enhances readability.

So, these are some of the local SEO strategies that you must consider for the upcoming year. If you are interested in a personalised local SEO plan for your business, you can connect with Nhance Digital. We will audit your website, understand your business needs and local audience.

Elements that Your Small Business SEO Strategy Must Include

In Nhance Digital’s 10 years of experience in the field of digital marketing, we have come across small business owners who are utterly scared of SEO or search engine optimisation. Undoubtedly, SEO is a complex process and has different interconnected parts. So, we agree that business owners can feel a bit overwhelmed and confused as to which strategies to consider. To help you out, we have outlined below a few of the must-have elements of an SEO strategy.

SEO audit

It is important to know where you stand before trying out different SEO strategies. Auditing your website will give you a clear idea about where you stand, the things that are working and the things that need improvement. Audit will also help you understand whether your website is user-friendly, reliable and easy to navigate. It can also assess the performance of your website in the SERPs for the chosen keywords.

Selecting the right keywords

You cannot randomly choose keywords. You have to invest time and effort into keyword research so that you find the right phrases or words to target. It is these words or phrases that your website will be ranking for. You have to ensure that the keywords chosen have a good search volume and conversion rate.

Content creation

Successful SEO strategies are built on the bedrock of informative, relevant and well-written content. Craft content to educate visitors about your product or services, to answer questions that your potential customers are asking or to give them more information about your company. You need to include relevant keywords in the content so that it is optimised for the search engines.

Make your website responsive

A responsive website is the need of the hour. Most of your potential customers are searching for you on their mobile devices. With a responsive website, you can be sure of your website loading seamlessly across all devices and screen sizes. You can just have one website for desktops, smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices. You have to ensure that your website loads under 3 seconds.

In addition to the above, there are a few other SEO elements that you need to know. For that, connect with Nhance Digital. We are the well-known providers of small business SEO in Edinburgh and we can help you in expanding your business and standing apart in the online world.

Effective Tactics to Include in Your eCommerce SEO Plan

Most eCommerce store owners have little or no consideration for search engine optimisation tactics, even though SEO has the highest ROI compared to other eCommerce marketing campaign. Online shop owners heavily rely on paid ads or social media, which is great, but requires a lot of money and effort. On the other hand, SEO demands a lot of effort upfront, but once your online shop ranks, you will be making sales on autopilot without any recurring expense. If that makes you interested, Nhance Digital’s team of SEO professionals have outlined a few key tactics that you must include in your eCommerce SEO strategy.

eCommerce keyword research

The absence of keyword research would mean that your eCommerce store is targeting keywords that are either too difficult to rank or not what the customers are searching for. This is what makes keyword research crucial. It makes sure that you target keywords that are easy to rank, have a high rate of conversion and a decent search volume. But, choosing keywords is more than simply gauging the level of difficulty when it comes to rankings. You have to take into account the intent of the buyers. A competitive analysis is also encouraged to understand the competition. If you get stuck, seek help from Nhance Digital.

Site structure

Once you have figured out the right keywords, it is time to put it to action. This starts with the structure of your website. eCommerce site structure refers to how you set up your category pages, navigation and product pages. At its core, you have to ensure that the visitors get the most important and relevant content in front and they can find what they are looking for without having to click too much. Basically, a great site structure means scalable and simple. From our website audit, we can help you figure out the changes or additions that your eCommerce site structure needs.

Link building

Acquiring backlinks from other websites with a high domain authority will improve the ranking opportunity of your website. Also, your online store will gain more visibility in the search engines and gain credibility.

So, these are a few of the basic, but crucial tactics that must be a part of your SEO strategy. If you want more information about eCommerce SEO in Manchester, contact Nhance Digital. Our team will help you stand out.

Here’s How Meta Descriptions Influence SEO Results

Meta description tags are important in SEO, but not in the way that you might think. Previously, meta keywords and meta descriptions used to carry direct and huge algorithmic weight in search engine rankings. As such, they started being used as tools for spamming. This resulted in Google devaluing these tags as direct ranking signals, but their use in the descriptions as short snippets continued.

We, at Nhance Digital, often come across website owners who hugely misunderstood this feature, but using meta descriptions can provide you with the first opportunity to sell your website. It can help you to tell your potential customers or visitors what is in store for them if they decide to visit your website. It is a prime piece of advertising real estate in the search engine results pages and you should use it to your advantage.

A meta description, in HTML, is a 160 character snippet that summarises the content of a webpage. These snippets are displayed by the search engines, along with page headers and titles in search results. This provides visitors with just enough information to convince them to click on the website and enter. If meta descriptions display precise content overviews, bounce rates can be prevented as people will get exactly what they expected before entering a website. To put it simply, meta descriptions gives you the chance to grab the attention and convince searchers to enter your website over your competitors in the same search results page.

If you are wondering whether meta descriptions help with SEO efforts, the answer is yes. However, it does not impact SEO directly. Meta descriptions help in boosting the performance of a website by enhancing the click-through rate, which is a vital ranking factor. Websites that receive a good number of clicks stand a great chance at acquiring a top ranking position in the search results.

Even though meta descriptions do not directly impact rankings, they do affect other aspects of search like, helping the search bots understand what the webpage is about, providing enough information to drive traffic and so on.

So, if you have been ignoring meta descriptions for so long, it is time to wake up. As a revered marketing SEO agency in Glasgow, we can help you create attractive meta descriptions that will attract searchers and drive traffic to your website. Get in touch to know more.

Canonical Tags and How to Use Them

Canonical tags often stir up anxiety and confusion amongst non-technical webmasters and website owners. There is a lot of apprehension around the use of these tags. At Nhance Digital, we have realised that a lot of people steer clear of these tags for fear of messing up the existing link systems. We want to help you understand the true benefits of canonical tags and how you can use them.

Let us start by telling you what are canonical tags. The term basically revolves around preferred and duplicate content. The work of canonical tags is to help search engines recognise and identify duplicate content as they relate to an original page. Additionally, a canonical tag helps search engines understand which page should be displayed in the SERPs. When dealing with two pages that have very similar or duplicate content, adding a canonical tag tells the search engine which one is the original copy and which one is the clone. Simply put, a canonical tag will help in driving all the SEO juice and traffic to the original page.

How can you use canonical tags?

Our SEO professionals find canonical tags to be most helpful when used in the following scenarios:

  • Separating original and duplicate content so that search engines are able to focus only on the main content
  • Allowing search engines to differentiate between similar or close-to-original content and focusing only on the original product page, which is the case with ecommerce websites

When it comes to optimising your website for the search engines, it is important to use canonical tags. This is because duplicate content can negatively impact the way your pages have been indexed and ranked. Also, duplicate content affects the relevancy of search results, and eventually, your website traffic and the bottom line. You can improve the overall visibility and search ranking of your website by using this tag.

So, do you need help determining if your company’s website can gain from canonical tags? You can reach out to Nhance Digital and avail our online marketing SEO services in Birmingham. Our team of SEO experts will work with you to determine the best strategy to implement this tag and improve the overall performance of your website.

For any more information on canonical tags, contact us. Our friendly team is always eager to clear doubts and answer questions. We also provide obligation-free quotes.

Mobile UX and Speed are Key for SEO Success

Many webmasters have come to understand the importance of link building and content marketing as part of their SEO strategy. However, at Nhance Digital, we believe that it is also crucial to think of SEO’s technical side. Since the world of SEO is ever-changing and evolving, the only way to achieving the desired results is by getting the basic technical aspects right. Amongst all the other technical elements of SEO, two of the key aspects are mobile user experience and speed. These two stand out as modern Internet users are always on their mobile devices and they lack patience.

Increase the speed of your website

In the business world, time is money. Also, users do not have the patience to wait around for a website to load. At the most, they give a website 3 seconds. If the website fails to load within that time, users simply move on to some other website offering similar products or services. So, if your website has been showing a high bounce rate, it is probably because your website is too heavy and taking a lot of time to load. As Google considers page load speed as an important ranking factor, it is not something that you can ignore.

Some of the tactics that we use to increase website speed are:

  • Using a fast DNS and fast web hosting services
  • Optimising and making image files as small as possible
  • Minifying or compressing code of web pages
  • Using caching
  • Limiting HTTP requests
  • Using a CDN

Optimise mobile user experience

Today, more than 50% of traffic comes from tablets and other mobile devices. This information must be borne in mind when designing your website. You need to make sure that every page displays correctly across devices of different screen sizes. This way you can ensure a frictional and seamless UX in an age where experience is vital. The last thing that you would want is a potential customer visiting your website, but finding that the pages are not displaying as it should. This will create a negative impression and decrease your chances of converting the visitor into an actual customer. Also, Google is already following a mobile-first policy to give preference to responsive websites.

If your website is not compatible with the aforementioned SEO elements, reach out to Nhance Digital. We are a website marketing firm in Leeds providing affordable, personalised services.

What are the Critical Aspects of an SEO Strategy?

Internet users are heavily dependent on search engines, especially Google to find out about new products or services. Also, users rely on search engines to help them make sense of the search results. It is a common trait amongst Internet users to trust the brand or visit the website that appears on the first page of SERPs. But, how exactly does Google or other search engines determine which website answers the query of the users best? To help you understand this, Nhance Digital’s team of SEO professionals have listed below three aspects that play a critical role in SEO – relevance, authority and trust. Continue reading to find out how each of these aspects helps in shaping an effective and powerful SEO strategy.

Website content

If you want to appear relevant to search engines, you need to craft website content that helps the search engine bots and users understand your business model, products or services. Search engine bots are going to thoroughly analyse the content found on each page of your website and determine if it is helpful to Internet users. When the bots are able to understand the content found on your website, they will index your webpages and make sure that they are found easily.


Search engines are specifically designed to connect Internet users with authoritative sources, which includes answering their questions. Search engines make use of algorithms to find, index and comprehend the topics that are found on websites. But, not all answers are ranked on top of the SERPs. Page authority is a determining factor when it comes to ranking. You can gain authority by connecting with influencers or working with our best SEO expert in London.


Link building continues to play a crucial role in SEO. If you acquire good quality links from established websites, it will improve your website’s page authority. Also, more quality backlinks will mean that your website can be trusted. This will help in building brand loyalty and driving more customers.

So, if you want to check if the above-mentioned aspects are considered in your SEO strategy in place, Nhance Digital can conduct an in-depth audit. Alternatively, we can help you create and implement a results-driven, ROI-focused SEO strategy that will make your business stand out from the rest. Get in touch to discuss your specific business needs and objectives, today!

Master Local SEO Strategy with These Effective tactics

If you have a physical store and wish to connect with your local audience, you need Nhance Digital’s local SEO services in Sheffield. Thanks to our dynamic and experienced team of local SEO experts, you can enhance your online visibility and come up on local searches. Some of the tactics that we implement for our clients are briefly explained below.

Consistent NAP

The first and foremost step to ranking higher in local searches is to ensure that your business information is consistent throughout the digital platforms. Consumers do not like to associate with businesses that have inconsistent information on the Internet. So, it is crucial to ensure that the name of your business, address and phone number are the same wherever your business appears on the Internet.

Claim business on GMB

Google My Business is an effective tool that can help boost your local SEO marketing. It can drive traffic to your website by showing users your business hours, where you are located, and even reviews and pictures of your company. You need to claim, as well as, verify your business as Google requires verification. This helps in building trust amongst your potential customers.

Request for reviews

Getting positive reviews is one of the best ways to connect and impress your local audience. After all, about 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust their family and friends. You can enhance the credibility of your company through reviews and this can help your website get improved results from your local SEO efforts. As you are aware, there are various factors that play a key role in local search rankings and reviews are one of them. So, if you want your potential customers to trust you and recommend your products or services to others, you need to ask for reviews.

Local listings

The more local listings you can get for your business, the better. We can help your business get listed across various digital directories. Additionally, we can help maintain those listings and make sure that they are kept updated with the latest information.

These are a few of the powerful and results-driven local SEO tactics that our team employs to help achieve the goals and needs of our clients. You can discuss your specific business requirements and our team will gladly provide you with a bespoke local SEO strategy. Call Nhance Digital, today!

Website Design Predictions for 2020

It is that time of the year again when you have to start thinking of refreshing your business website according to the new design trends. But, there is no need to panic because Nhance Digital’s web site design services in Liverpool can be availed at an affordable price.

If you want to know the website design trends for 2020, take a look below.

Bold typography

Bold typography or oversized lettering is becoming more and more popular as website owners try to simplify the designs as much as possible. The use of huge typography has several benefits like, drawing instant attention to your business objective or brand name. Also, visitors are much more likely to remember what was written in bold.

Bespoke images

Custom-made images add a unique sense of character to the websites. It can allow you to display your brand identity and make it extremely memorable to your visitors. So, when users see your custom image on another resource, your business website will instantly pop in their heads and they will be reminded to visit your website again.

Asymmetric layouts

Most business websites are grid-based and this grid is made of lines that are imaginary. This helps layout elements to stay in order on the page. If you want a unique look for your website, you can implement the broken grid technique. You can place design elements in a chaotic, yet creative manner. This technique can make your website look very appealing.

Hidden navigation

Minimalism in website design has been a big trend in 2019 and the same is expected to continue in 2020. Users today are more inclined towards websites that sport a minimal design. This is why hidden navigation is going to be a major website design trend in the upcoming year. By hiding the navigation of your website, you can save space and make your website appear clean.

These are a few website design trends that you can consider for 2020. If you are planning to build a new website or wish to redesign your existing business website, you can reach out to Nhance Digital. We have a dynamic team of website designers who can help turn your design dreams into a reality. Our team of developers can ensure that your website is ready to be launched. Furthermore, we can also handle your digital marketing needs. So, get in touch right away.

SEO Trends to Keep in Mind for 2020 and Beyond

As online competition heightens and new websites are constantly being launched, it is time for you to rethink your SEO strategy. Your business website must meet the high standards of requirements set by Google and other search engines. For this, you need to know the SEO trends that are on the horizon and Nhance Digital’s SEO experts have compiled some of them for you. Take a look below for SEO trends 2020.

Google’s featured snippets

In recent years, Google has evolved to provide better search experience for the users and the most notable change is featured snippet. Featured snippets appear above the organic search results and it is usually known as position ‘0’. You can take advantage of this to drive more clicks to your business website by providing answers to the most commonly asked questions. Featured snippets are analysed and boosted to the top as per their quality. So, if you want more clicks, you need to craft content according to the requirements of featured snippets.

Secured websites

The importance of user safety cannot be emphasised enough. Even though user safety has little to do with SEO, it helps in enhancing your website’s user experience. If a user does not feel safe visiting your webpage, he/she will quickly abandon it. Also, Google has started warning people against opening websites that are not secured. Make sure to enable the HTTPs protocol for your website so that users know that your website is authenticated and encrypted.

High-quality content

Content will remain king in 2020 and beyond. Users are always on the lookout for relevant, informative and interesting content. You must remember that users mostly head towards a website with questions, hoping that they will find their answers. So, you must invest in crafting premium quality content that will drive traffic to your website.

Page loading speed

Internet users are known to be impatient, especially the millennials. You cannot expect them to wait for more than 3 seconds for your website to load on their desktop, laptop or mobile devices. You need to make sure that your users do not have to wait long, or else, they will abandon your website.

So, these are a few of the changes that you can consider implementing ahead of 2020. If you need any help, our team is eager to assist. We are one of the top SEO marketing companies in Edinburgh with over 10 years’ experience.

Onpage SEO – Think Beyond Content

Over the years, SEO ranking factors and guidelines have changed hugely. Today, you cannot expect to see results by simply optimising the landing page, heading tags and meta data of your website. There is a pressing need to provide insightful and relevant information about your products or services to your target audience. For this, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of how a search engine functions and perceives information.

Even though content is not the only need for onpage SEO, Nhance Digital’s team of SEO professionals in Manchester are certain that content continues to be the most crucial element of a landing page for the search engines. If your goal is to make your website rank higher in the SERPs, your website must show authority, expertise and trust in your niche.

However, we strongly recommend that you look beyond content. Just crafting informative content for your website is not enough. You also need to optimise various aspects of the content for the search engines. For that, it is crucial that you identify the things that Google will see when its bots are crawling your website. The emphasis here is to comprehend the small elements that the search giant crawls. Some of those elements include the following:

  • Heading tags: Heading tags are typically used to break up content and it is important that you split it accordingly. Our professionals recommend that you must keep the paragraphs short and crisp.
  • Image titles and alt tags: If you are using images for your content, make sure that you optimise it using image titles and alt tags. This will make it easier for Google to understand what the image is about.
  • Density of keywords: You must already be aware that using the right keywords in your content is vital for coming up on search results. Google shows the most relevant content to satisfy the queries of the users. But, you must not go overboard when it comes to using keywords. Keyword stuffing may result in Google penalising your website.
  • Use of semantic keyword: In order to increase your chances of ranking high in the SERPs, make use of semantic keyword throughout your content.

So, these are a few of the content elements that you need to optimise for boosting your onpage SEO efforts. If you want more information, you can connect with Nhance Digital, the leading SEO services company in Manchester.

Effective Ways to Strengthen Your On-page SEO

More and more people are turning to the Internet for finding products or services. This has made SEO critical to the success of businesses of all sizes and types. If your business website is not visible on the popular search engines, you cannot hope to beat your competitors. However, the problem is that most businesses in Sheffield are unaware of how to optimise their website for on-page SEO. Luckily, Nhance Digital’s SEO professionals have listed below some of the best practices that you can consider.

Optimise your page titles

Even though most people do not realise, the title tags or page title is immensely important. It is the first thing that search engines spiders read when scanning a website. Page titles are crucial because they inform the search engines what the website is trying to get found for. Make sure to include relevant keywords in the titles so that it is easier for the search engine spiders to crawl and index your website.

Optimise your pictures

It is very important that you structure your website content in a way that it is easier for your visitors to scan through. This means including bullet points, subheads and most importantly, images. This helps in making the webpage appear appealing. But, when you include images, you also have to make sure that they are properly optimised for the search engines. You can include alt tags to optimise images so that search engine crawlers know exactly what the picture means.

Include meta descriptions using keywords

If you are unaware, meta descriptions of a webpage are the brief description that appears beneath the title of a page in search engines. It is crucial that you optimise the meta descriptions using relevant keywords so that users are enticed to click on the page.

Create internal links

The creation of internal links is particularly true for blog posts, but can also be applied to other webpages. When you are creating blog posts, it is vital that you link them to other blogs or pages on your business website. This will lead visitors to more content found on your website.

These are a few of the tactics that can be used to heighten your on-page SEO. If you want more information or want to know specific tactics for your business, contact Nhance Digital. We are the best SEO agency in Sheffield and can handle all your marketing needs.

Stay Ahead of the Competition with an SEO Agency

When it comes to promoting your business online, the implementation of the right marketing techniques plays a crucial role. As a leading provider of affordable SEO services in Liverpool, we can assume the responsibility of marketing your products or services in the online landscape so that you can rest in harmony. Regardless of whether you are a new business or have been around for quite some time, our SEO services can guarantee significant results. Below given are some of the reasons why you should join hands with us.

We only employ white hat SEO strategies

Unlike other SEO agencies in Liverpool, Nhance Digital does not advocate black hat SEO strategies. Our team of SEO professionals always ensure to craft tactics that are compliant with the rules and regulations of Google. This ensures that your website never gets banned or termed ‘spam’ by Google.

Our solutions are customised and results-oriented

We are an agency with more than 10 years’ experience in digital marketing. Our team takes the time to understand clients’ business model, needs and goals. We also conduct a thorough SEO and website audit to find out which existing strategies are working and which ones require polishing. Based on our audit report, our team of professionals come up with a bespoke SEO solution that is ROI-focused and results-driven.

We have a team of dynamic digital experts

When it comes to digital marketing, Nhance Digital has emerged as a company of repute thanks to our proven track record and ever-expanding client base. Our team of digital experts consist of SEO professionals, social media experts, PPC campaigners, link builders, content writers and website designers. If you hire our services, we can take care of every aspect of your digital marketing needs.

So, if you are trying to make your name in the online world, turn to Nhance Digital. We have the expertise, experience and resource that is needed to propel you ahead of your competitors. With our well-crafted solutions, you can dominate the online space and have your website show up on top of the search engine results.

If you need more information regarding our strategies and work process, connect with us. Our team will be more than happy to satisfy your questions and clear your doubts. Share your specific business requirements and objectives, and allow our team to help you stand out in your niche.