How to Build Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2021?

Everything has turned digital, so is marketing. In the modern business world, digital mediums play a crucial role in reaching potential audiences at the right time. If you are planning to build your brand’s online presence, hire us as your digital partner!
Social media marketing is so much competitive and complex. As a prestigious social media agency in UK, Nhance Digital is going to share what you need to do in 2021.

Set your goals

There must be some solid goals before you plan your marketing strategies. Perhaps, you want more followers, or want to build a community, or drive more revenue and so on. Either way, your goals will set the upcoming strategy and the campaigns. Some of the basic goals that people follow are:

• Increasing brand awareness, which means people are getting to know you and your brand.
• Generating sales and leads, which means alerting people about new launches, offering discounts, flash sales and more.
• Growing audience, which means welcoming new followers or introducing your brand to a set of new people.
• Boosting community engagement through constant messaging, replying, promoting content, using hashtags and etc.
• Driving traffic by posting social media posts, using URLs and promotional posts.

Research your audience

When it comes to targeting your audience, there is no room for assumption. However, with social media analytical tools out there, things have become relatively easy for marketers. Remember that different platforms attract different categories of people.

If you are looking to place your ads, nothing can be a better platform than YouTube and Facebook. Instagram encourages eye-popping content, full of lively colours, catchy lines and relevant hashtags. Pinterest is an excellent place for social shoppers, whereas LinkedIn is more about creating industry-specific content.

Establish key metrics and KPIs

Social media strategy must be data-driven no matter what services you are offering or what products you are selling. Following are the key metrics that you need to check:

• Reach, which means how many people have seen your post and how far your content has reached the audiences’ feed.
• Clicks, which signifies the number of clicks on your post.
• Engagement, which shows social interactions. It also displays your audiences’ willingness to communicate with you.
• Hashtags, such as which is the most used hashtag for your business, or which hashtags are relevant to your brand.
• Organic and paid likes, which means utilising ads to gain more likes and engagement.

Create captivating content

It is not a surprise that social media strategy clings to content. At this point, it must be clear to you which platform to use for your brand’s identity and the networks to cover. Make sure to generate creative posts and tap on the trends that have been making noises recently.
From short promo videos, long-engaging posts to stories, you can dominate the social media space and trigger human emotions. However, make sure that everything is relevant to your brands and can tap audiences’ interests.

Utilise time to make your social media presence

Timeliness is crucial for marketers. Look for the best time to engage with the customers and respond to their questions and queries immediately. Audiences look for speedy responses and interactions, which proves that you care for them. Keeping the customers hanging will not serve any good purpose; rather, you may lose them in the long run.

Determine what is working and what is not

Every social media channel cannot work for you. If you are selling makeup and cosmetics, LinkedIn will not engage many audiences like Instagram or YouTube. There is no denying that building a social media strategy needs a lot of trial-and-error methods, but eventually, you will understand the picture by monitoring the campaigns and metrics.

At Nhance Digital, we make sure that our campaigns are positioned in such a way that it fetches the maximum result. Within a decade, we grew to be a reputable social media marketing agency in London, with clients from all over North America and Europe.
If you are looking for any help to rise in social media, avail our services. We are experts in promoting brands and business across various platforms!

Social Media Marketing in 2021 – What is Trending?

Similar to search engines, social media platforms are known for introducing new features and updating their algorithms. This is why social media agencies like Nhance Digital have to continuously evolve and adapt to the latest trends. For example, consider Instagram stories. The domain of disappearing content was dominated by Snapchat and there were no other players. Today, more than 500 million people use this feature on Instagram regularly. Even Facebook has adopted disappearing stories after Instagram’s success.

This is testimony to how quickly trends change in social media and why you need to be prepared. With that said, we have put together some of the top social media trends that you should consider for your brand to go viral across social platforms.

Live streams

Live streaming gained newfound popularity after the breakout of the coronavirus pandemic. Since business had to shut down and social distancing norms had to be maintained, a lot of businesses took advantage of the live streaming feature to get their message out. Facebook and Instagram saw a huge rise in live streaming during this crisis and it is being predicted that this trend is here to stay.

Now that people have learned how to interact with brands without leaving their homes, they are never going back to how things were. So, if you did not take advantage of the live stream feature before, do it now.

Social commerce is growing more than ever

Social media platforms are constantly evolving and trying to enhance the user experience. They are also coming up with new and improved features to support easy and quick shopping. For instance, you can start selling your products on Facebook and Instagram. You can upload your products and even enable easy checkout. If you need help adopting social commerce to boost your bottom line, you can reach out to Nhance Digital. Our social media marketing specialists know the inner workings of the various social media platforms. They can help you get a competitive edge.

Stories as a content format

Instagram stories are massively popular and people interact with this feature daily. They have become a dominant content format and will continue to be so. To stand apart from other brands, you need to have an organised approach in place to upload valuable and relevant stories.

Inclusivity and social messages are important

On social media, people are not just looking for brands that are offering premium products and services, but brands that are socially aware and willing to include different communities. Since the pandemic has already taught us about loss, your social media content needs to be focused on appealing to the emotional side of your audience. Your posts must show the things that you are passionate about and how your brand is helping the community at large. Along with crafting the right content, you also need to host several CSR events online to show your audience that you care about your surroundings and willing to give back to society.

Transparency and authenticity are crucial

Consumers are getting smarter and they want to associate themselves with brands that are not afraid to be authentic and transparent. If you want your target audience to trust you, be honest with them. If you have made a mistake, your potential customers will appreciate if you own to them and promise to rectify your mistakes. Also, you must not delete the negative comments. You need to acknowledge them and address them. This will show your audience that you care about their issues and willing to make changes. Since we are also an online reputation management company, you can rely on us to take care of your reputation on social media platforms.

Social media trends are going to change rapidly and if you want to stay on top of them, you need to partner with a social media agency in the UK like Nhance Digital. Our 10 years’ experience in the industry and a team of highly motivated social media marketers allow us to offer customised solutions to our clients. Tell us your specific needs and business objectives. Our team will revert with a personalised strategy to satisfy your individualised requirements. Contact us right away.

Why adding videos to social media marketing will boost engagement?

Adding videos to social media marketing campaigns is proving to be one of the most powerful business assets for growing your brand, gaining new followers and driving sales. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn have increasingly pivoted toward video as the content format of choice. The instant popularity of TikTok has shown us all just how addictive and persuasive a video-first offering can be.

We, at NHANCE Digital, have a team of social media marketers who constantly follow the latest updates and trends in the world of social media. They believe that images are great, but video content is what customers want. This is mainly because social media is no longer just a place where people connect with each other. It has evolved to become a destination for education, entertainment and eCommerce inspiration. In this brand new world of social media, video content seems to be reigning supreme. Keep reading to know why adding video content will boost the engagement of your social media campaign.

Video content gets more exposure

Have you logged into any social media platform lately? If so, you must have noticed that within the first 10 seconds, you have seen at least one video content. This is because videos perform best with most algorithms as it can attract the attention of a user for much longer than an image or infographic. As such, the longer a user engages with the video content, the more an algorithm will push that content forward so that a wider audience gets to see it.

Also, social media platforms are encouraging people to post more video content. This is why you will find brand new video features. For instance, Instagram has been promoting its Instagram reels and even Pinterest has Pinterest Video Pins.

Video content has a much longer shelf life than other content types

Along with getting more engagement, video content also sticks around for much longer than other types of content. For example, a TikTok video will surface on the Internet for a few weeks or even a few months after it was published for the first time.

If you are wondering why, the answer is simple. Video content encourages more shares and interactions. This allows the content to remain in the ecosystem for a longer time. So, even if creating video content seems like an expensive option, it usually offers stronger ROI.

The popularity of video content is growing

Social media users love video and there is no question about it. Studies have revealed that more than 50% of consumers want to see more video content from the businesses or brands that they support. Also, users are known to spend over 6 hours on average watching videos across multiple platforms. To top it all, these studies have been conducted before the COVID-19 pandemic. Since people are asked to maintain social distance measures, video consumption has certainly shot up in 2020. This year even saw the first wave of digital-first video events and conferences.

Video content appeals to a Gen Z audience 

Compared to other generations, the Gen Z audience is much more tech-savvy and connected to the Internet. This generation has practically grown up watching YouTube videos. Even for entertainment and educational content, they depend on video. So, if you want to connect with this generation, you have to invest your time, effort and money into creating engaging and interesting video content.

So, this is why you should consider adding video content to your social media marketing strategy plan. Now, when it comes to creating video, it is not necessary that you always have to create from scratch or that it has to be about your brand specifically. You can come up with interactive video content to connect with your audience. You can even create behind-the-scene videos to give your audience an idea about what goes on and how the products are created before they are shipped out to the audience. Also, you can post user-generated content to build credibility.

If you need any help with your social media campaign, reach out to NHANCE Digital. We are a social media company in the UK dedicated to providing a bespoke solution.

Introducing Your Brand to a Larger Audience Using Digital Marketing

Today, we can see a distinct shift from conventional marketing to digital marketing. The shift has become more evident than ever thanks to the pandemic. The lockdowns and work-from-home culture have pushed people toward the World Wide Web. Even those businesses that solely relied on traditional advertising methods have made inroads into the digital world. Here, NHANCE Digital is discussing the six ways that you can make use of digital marketing to introduce your brand to a larger audience.

SEO or search engine optimisation

This is the first and the most important way of introducing your business website to your target audience. It is not enough to have a beautiful website, but you need to optimise it for the search engines so that your target audience can easily find you. With the right SEO tactics, you can enhance the amount of organic traffic that comes your way.

The best part? The results achieved through SEO are trackable and measurable. So, if there is any SEO strategy that is not working in favour of your business, we can always tweak it.

Content marketing

Content continues to be king and people are always on the lookout for good content. This is a long-term strategy and can help in building strong, long-lasting relationships with your audience. For this strategy to be effective, you need to craft content that provides value to your potential customers. Content should be informative, relevant and also interesting. You can create some of the content to give information about product/services and some others to let your audience know of the changes within the company. You can even write content to let your customers know of the evolutions and innovations within the industry.

Email marketing

Emails are not redundant and they are one of the most important forms of digital marketing. This is a type of off-page marketing. With a well-design email marketing campaign, you can reach out to your audience and connect with them. Email marketing can be a cost-effective way of introducing your brand, providing customers with information regarding upcoming sales and so on. Moreover, you can personalise the emails to engage your customers and ensuring that they always think of your brand.

Email marketing is actually one of the most low-cost methods of driving the highest conversions.

Social media marketing or SMM

With Facebook, Twitter and Instagram taking centre stage in people’s lives, you cannot ignore social media networking sites. Your brand has to be present in one or a few of the social media platforms. This is one of the best ways to connect, engage and keep in touch with your audience. It will help you to create followers who will advertise your brand on their own. Also, being present on social media will open your brand to a much larger audience. It may even go beyond your immediate target audience. But, social media is unforgiving. It gives you the right amount of exposure to run a successful business, but it also opens your brand to criticisms. If you need any help with your social media campaign, rely on NHANCE Digital. We are a social media agency in the UK with an experience that goes as far as 10 years. Leverage the experience of social media experts to take your brand to the next level.

Pay-per-click advertising or PPC

Whilst SEO is a form of organic digital marketing, PPC is a form of paid advertising. This method is extremely effective in driving targeted traffic to your website. With the help of PPC, you can place your website above the websites that are ranking organically. Your target audience will be seeing your website first and that increases the chances of them clicking on your website. As experts in running PPC ad campaigns, we are here to assist you at every step of the way. We understand that mistakes can be costly when it comes to running PPC ads.

Are you ready to take your brand to a much larger audience? If so, NHANCE Digital is here to help you take the next big step. Our digital marketing experts are experienced and they know that one size solution does not fit all types of business. Call us to know more.

Simple, Yet Effective Ways to Manage Your Social Media Reputation

Social media has grown by leaps and bounds. Today, it is considered to be a privilege to have a strong social media presence. Customers love brands who are active on social networking websites like, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Moreover, such brands appear to be trustworthy and easily approachable.

Regardless of whether you are a brand or an influencer, you would want to have a positive social media reputation and NHANCE Digital’s social media marketing services can help you achieve those goals. Keep reading to know some of the ways that are effective in managing one’s social media reputation.

Responding directly and professionally to customers

Several customers turn to social media for their customer service needs. In the case of a consumer complaint, you should never defend yourself aggressively. Also, you should not delete the negative comments that are coming your way. Moreover, ignoring is not the solution.

So, what should you do? You need to tactically respond to your customers. You can send them a direct message to understand their grievances. This will show to your followers that you take their issues seriously. You need to display empathy to show your audience that you understand their problems and you are here to help.

Your eagerness to help is going to prevent future negative comments and also help in maintaining your credibility.

Share the story of your brand

On social media, people appreciate stories, especially such stories that tug at their emotional heartstrings. If you want your business to grow, you need to humanise your brand and the best platform to do so is social networking websites. This is where you can share your brand’s story in such a way that your audience can relate to it. This is one of the most effective ways to boost your social media reputation.

Whilst sharing your brand story, you can also include the stories of your employees who work with you. This will show your audience how much you care about your team. The story can be shared in the form of a short video, images and so on.

Encourage reviews on social media

When it comes to managing your social media reputation, it is a good idea to encourage your customers to share their experience on social media. You can create CTAs and clickable links to request customers to leave a review of your company. As you must be aware, reviews are extremely important because people tend to trust them more.

The more positive reviews on social media, the more customer engagement and this will eventually result in increased trustworthiness in your brand.

Focus on building a positive brand image

Company websites are optimised to drive traffic and sales, but social media is a different ballgame. Social networks are for building positive brand image and relationships. This means that you do not have to post fresh content daily talking about your products or services. This will only drive your followers away.

You need to post visually appealing content on your social networks so that your target audience can connect to them and feel compelled to share it with others on their social media profiles. You can also create appealing videos.

Social media is all about building connections and this will help your brand to grow.

Create interactive content and games

If you want to stay on top of your social media reputation game, you have to find innovative ways to connect and interact with your social media followers. Whilst giving them information about sales and the latest developments in your company is great, but you also have to think of ways to keep them hooked to your social media page. For that, you can frequently create puzzles, trivia and other such games. You can also hold contests and giveaways. This will help your social media reputation to grow.

We understanding that managing social media reputation is easier said than done. This is why NHANCE Digital is here to help. We work with a team of excellent social media wizards who knows the ins and outs of social networks. They can help your brand’s social presence grow and also assist in building a positive brand reputation. Call us, today!

How to Craft the Perfect Post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

Managing a results-driven social media strategy is a challenge for businesses of all types and sizes. Discovering how, when and which features to use when it comes to creating posts takes time and effort. Also, no two posts can be similar as the social media platforms are different. For instance:

  • Facebook is for keeping in touch
  • Twitter is for sharing information
  • Instagram is for sharing videos and photos

As one of the leading providers of social media marketing services, NHANCE Digital offers some tips and tricks on how to create the right posts for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Facebook posts

  • Make the posts engaging with visuals – Images remain one of the most engaging posts on Facebook. You can also upload creatively made videos, along with a catchy caption.
  • Keep the copy free of links – Long URLs do not make your copy appealing. There is no point in using precious update real estate for such horrendously lengthy URL. Users can easily click on the title or generated thumbnail for the URL to navigate to the webpage, blog post or any URL that you wish to link to.
  • Increase the word count of the post – Posts with 80 words or more can garner a lot more engagement than posts with fewer words. However, we are not implying that all your posts should be 80+ words. But, you have to mix and match.
  • Employ different punctuation – For your posts to stand out on Facebook, you can make use of different punctuation. Some of your posts can carry hashtags, others can come with an exclamation mark or question mark.
  • The titles should be less than 100 characters – When posted on Facebook Business Page, titles that are more than 100 characters get automatically cut off. So, make sure to reduce the title character so that half of it does not get hidden from view.

Other tips would include experimenting with emoticons, publishing your posts on weekends or after work hours and reflecting recent happenings on your posts. You can also make your posts interesting by publishing trivia, quizzes and so on. This will make your posts more appealing to your Facebook followers.

Twitter posts

  • Always keep your tweets short – Ideally, 120 to 130 characters is good for Twitter posts. All your tweets must be succinct, giving as much information as needed.
  • For retweets, include Twitter handles – If you are sharing an article or stat, remember to include the Twitter handle of influencers. This increases the chances of your tweet being retweeted. The goal is to have your tweet shared as many times as possible.
  • Be judicious when it comes to hashtags – Do not fill your Twitter posts with just hashtags. One or two is more than enough to garner attention. Also, ensure not to force trending hashtags on posts where it is not required. Simply put, only include hashtags that are relevant to your post or industry.
  • Use visual content – Visuals are also important for Twitter as it is for Facebook. Even though normal tweets are typically not shared with a photo, you can include images in some of your posts to make them more engaging. You can also include short videos.

Additionally, you can include links in the middle of your post so that it catches the attention of your audience.

Instagram posts

  • Include important information in the first 2 lines of the caption – Even though Instagram gives you 2,200 characters, the text gets truncated after 3 lines of text. To grab the attention of your audience, you should keep your opening line catchy.
  • Micro-blogging – Micro-blogging is trending on Instagram and you can make use of this to share valuable content with your target audience. You can take your audience behind-the-scenes, offer tips and tricks and so on.
  • Hashtags – These allow Instagrammers to find new content and also accounts to follow. So, use as many as 11 or more hashtags. But, make sure they are relevant.
  • Encourage replies – Ask your followers to directly respond to your posts. This is one of the best ways to enhance engagement on your Instagram posts.

Besides, use good quality images for your posts. If you want to know more, contact NHANCE Digital. Our social media marketers will gladly help you out.

Social Media and SEO – How Do They Benefit Your Business?

The search industry is always abuzz about how SEO is influenced by social media. Social media offers a lot of benefits in the marketing context, which include brand presence and recognition, customer service, driving website traffic, content marketing and more. Even though social media and SEO may look like different activities, there is no doubt that they help each other. To help you understand the relationship between SEO and social media, Nhance Digital’s team of professionals have outlined a few important points below.

Before we begin, let us tell you that the growth of social media has been unprecedented. Just after a decade of its introduction, Facebook is viewed as nothing short of a social media superpower and in a matter of 7 years, Instagram has grown to boast of more than 700 million users. Facebook boasts of 2 billion users and more gets added every minute. So, it is safe to say that social media has ushered in some serious changes to the field of digital marketing. It would be wise for you to leverage the power of social media, along with SEO because you can be sure that your competitors are already doing so.

SEO and social media – a complicated relationship

In the past, Google has made a lot of contradictory statements regarding social media’s role in its ranking algorithm. On the one hand, the search giant has stated that social media pages are indexed the same way as web pages, and therefore, social links count as links. But on the other, they have stated that their ranking factors are not directly influenced by social metrics.

Even though we cannot say that social metrics directly influence search engine rankings, their impact is indirect as links from social media websites are valued just as much as links from high-authority websites. This is why we always recommend our clients to leverage social media to enhance ranking signals and also stay connected with their customers.

Take a look at the SEO metric-specific boosters that you can get from social media.

  • Link earning – For any link building strategy, link earning is considered to be the Holy Grail. This will help to acquire several links from one piece of content. You can learn multiple links from your content with the help of your social media connections. With the help of this platform, you can easily reach out to hundreds of people. The more people that you reach out to, the people get to see your content who are not in your direct contact list. Moreover, there is a chance that you might go viral in social media and this can impact your search rankings.
  • Co-occurrence and co-citation – Dissemination of content using social media provide touchpoints with your brand across different platforms. This helps your brand to remain in the minds of your potential customers. In turn, this helps your brand to get mentions across the Internet and the chances of increasing your co-occurrence and co-citation metrics are high.
  • CTR and brand authority – Social media can be utilised for not only building brand awareness, but also authority. By engaging with your target audience through high-quality social media campaigns, you can develop your brand in the eyes of the public. Also, when people search about products that you sell and come across your name on the search results, they’re more likely to click on your website. This helps in improving your click-through rate. Another way to improve that is by providing your website link as part of your social media bio. This will help those who want to know more about your brand.
  • Social media in the SERPs – Social media profiles are delivered within the search engine result pages. As a result, if you have a strong social media presence, it is going to impact on your SERP presence.

There may not be direct benefits of using social media with SEO efforts, but the indirect impact cannot be discredited. If you combine your social media efforts with your SEO plan, your business can get the online visibility, reach and traffic that you desire. Moreover, this can also help you engage with potential customers that are outside of your immediate targeted market. That’s not all. You can join hands with social influencers and make use of their massive following to boost your brand, products and services. This way your brand will be known far and wide, and your long-term SEO plans will stand to benefit. After all, the more people know about you, the more are your chances to convert them into actual customers.

If you want our help with your digital marketing efforts, do not hesitate to reach out. You can avail Nhance Digital’s SEO and social media marketing services to boost your business growth and success.

How is Facebook helping small businesses during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies of all sizes are under threat. However, while significant, established companies have the resources to keep themselves afloat, small businesses worldwide are finding it extremely difficult to survive. During such difficult times, Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, have offered relief, especially to small business owners. The social media giant has launched several brand new features to help small businesses reach out and stay connected with their customers during the coronavirus crisis. 

Nhance Digital’s team of social media consultant professionals has researched your behalf to keep you informed of all the new features that Facebook has introduced. Please continue reading to get an idea of how the social media giant has made it easier for small businesses to survive by leveraging their platform. 

Facebook has announced the launch of ‘Shops.’

Facebook has made known the launch of its latest feature, known as Shops. This feature is going to enable businesses to showcase and sell their products on the social media platform. This move is a relief to many retailers who have been forced to close their brick-and-mortar stores due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With this feature, such stores can easily start selling online. 

Shops let businesses create their digital storefronts to purchase products from Facebook or the retailer’s website directly. This feature will also appear on Facebook-owned Instagram, enabling users to discover Shops, via ads or Stories. 

The search giant already allows sales through Marketplace, but it centered on selling personal belongings, which is quite similar to eBay or Craigslist. In contrast, Shops are focused on businesses and enable them to compete with retail stores that are already established, like Etsy and Amazon. 

Facebook has collaborated with 8 third-party shopping platforms with the launch of Shops. Shopify is one of those platforms, and this platform has recently announced the launch of a unified Facebook platform. This means that retailers or sellers can connect their Shopify business to their Facebook account while making the shopping experience of their customers feel native to each application. 

To fully take advantage of Shops, you can join hands with an expert social media consultant like Nhance Digital. 

‘Business Nearby’ section

‘Business Nearby’ is a new section that has been introduced by Facebook for the Facebook app. This feature allows users to discover small businesses in the neighbourhood and located within a specific distance. With this feature, people can learn what is happening in their neighbourhood shops, drop them a message or even order food or buy goods through third-party apps. Facebook is hopeful that this will allow small businesses to see more virtual foot traffic. 

Business Resource Hub

More than 140 million small businesses leverage the social media platform to market their goods and services. Most of the businesses generate important advertising revenue on Facebook. This is why the social media giant has always aimed at helping small businesses through various tools like ‘Appointment’ and ‘Automated Ads’. These were tools that previously helped small businesses succeed on the platform. 

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, Facebook has launched the ‘Business Resource Hub.’ This directed toward helping those businesses that are affected by the pandemic. The hub includes a resilience toolkit that gives information on how to prevent business disruptions during this time. It also contains a quick action guide to assist in coordinating response activities. 

Moreover, Facebook provides businesses myriad templates that can be used to communicate vital messages related to coronavirus response or simple messages of gratitude. 

‘Support Small Business’ sticker

Facebook-owned, Instagram has released a new feature to support small businesses to make sales. The ‘Support Small Business’ sticker can be used in stories so that users can show their appreciation and spread the word regarding a small business that they support. 

Using this sticker, users can mention the business so that it is easier for the businesses to repost the story on their Instagram page. Also, this makes it easier for businesses to connect with prospective consumers. 

Besides these, Facebook is also updating Facebook messenger, its messaging platform. The tech giant plans to update the Business Inbox in messenger so that it is easier for businesses to communicate with their customers or potential customers. Businesses will also be allowed to install the Chat Plugin of Facebook on their website directly. 

So, if you are a small business owner and want to take advantage of all the new features introduced by Facebook, get in touch with Nhance Digital. Our social media experts will help you make the most of the latest launches. 

What are the benefits of social media marketing services?

Imagine spending only a few hours to increase website traffic, business recognition and sales, with very little cost. This is a reality with social media marketing. Today, social networking websites have become an integral part of everyone’s life, especially with COVID-19 lockdown. People are spending most of their waking hours on various social media platforms. They’re either talking to people, watching a video or just simply scrolling through to know what’s new. If there was ever a moment to take advantage of social media websites, it is now. With the help of Nhance Digital, you can make the most of social media to propel your business ahead.

As per independent studies by industry experts, almost 96% of businesses are utilising social media marketing. If you are still on the fence, let us tell the benefits of this marketing strategy. Hopefully, it will help you to make a decision.

Brand recognition

Primary marketing objective for any business is creating brand recognition. This is because consumers buy products from brands that they recognise. Thankfully, social media allows for effective and easy brand building.

Compared to traditional media, social media can get your brand in front of your target audience easily and much more quickly. Moreover, being active on social media means that your potential customers will be looking at your brand even when are not thinking about you or your product.

Easiest way to generate a conversation regarding your brand

When you have a strong social media campaign in place, you can rest easy knowing that people are talking about your brand. Your brand, partners or products will be part of the conversation of social media users. As you know, people trust brands when recommended by a friend or someone they know. Social media will act as your digital word-to-mouth advertising.

Instantly reach a larger audience

Millions of people are already using various social media platforms like, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. So, you don’t need to look for people. They are already waiting for you.

So, once you start advertising your brand or products on social media platforms, you instantly reach out to a large pool of people. The more people know about your brand, the more are your chances of making a sale and earning revenue. Moreover, social media allows you to connect with consumers outside of your immediate target market.

Establish a direct connection with your customers

For any business to survive, maintaining a good customer relationship is of paramount importance. This is where our social media service in the UK can help. With social media marketing, you can stay in constant touch with your customers. You can engage with them directly. Your customers can give you feedback after using your products or services and you can interact with them. This will help you know your customers better and get an understanding of what they expect from you in terms of products or services. You can even make use of the points from your interaction to better serve the needs of your customers.

This direct communication with your audience will enhance your overall marketing campaign. As you get insight from your customers, you can better adapt your tactics to meet their needs.

Greater chance of better conversion rates

Social media marketing helps in humanising brands and this influences prospects to become loyal customers. This is one of the reasons why social media marketing result in a much higher conversion rate when compared to other online advertising tactics. There is a higher chance of your social media followers trusting your brand and influencing others to do the same.

Social media marketing is a great way for your business to gain long-term benefits through interactions with your customers and making the audience familiar with your brand or products. If you are looking for a company to handle your social media marketing needs, reach out to Nhance Digital. We are known for providing personalised, cost-effective strategies based on the individualised needs and objectives of a business. Contact us whenever you are ready to earn more valuable leads and improve your profit margins. When you work with us, you will have a dedicated point of contact handling all your requirements.

Boost Your Social Media Engagement with These Foolproof Strategies

Social media networks have been criticised time and again for their adverse influence on today’s youth, but it still remains the most unifying and important digital platform. Over 2.5 billion people actively use social media networking sites and that number is only growing with every passing day. So, whatever you do, do not ignore this powerful platform to promote your brand and if you need help, the social media experts at Nhance Digital are ready to assist.

As one of the leading social media agencies in the UK, we have rounded up some of the creative and surefire ways as mentioned below in which you can improve your social media engagement.

# Influencer Marketing

World’s leading brands use influencer marketing to connect with social media users. In fact, studies suggest that approximately 95% of social media marketers find this strategy effective. Since Internet users have become suspicious of traditional advertisements and have even started blocking ads on the Internet, it has become hard to reach them. Thankfully, influencers have a lot of connections and their audience that you can take advantage of. Our marketers will guide you in finding the right influencer for your niche.

# Brand Identity

Users want to connect with brands that are unique and different from the rest. You can improve your social media engagement by creating a distinct brand identity. Make use of video, text, images and infographics to tell a cohesive brand story that the audience will enjoy and be tempted to share with others. As a well-established social media agency, we have designers and the resources needed to help you establish a brand identity of your own.

# Contests

On social media, users do not always want to hear about you or know what you have to offer. They want to be involved and be a part of the brand. A great way to improve engagement is through conducting contests where you can ask your followers to upload a photo and win a gift, and so on. Even if the prize is not too extravagant, the audience will still participate and your engagement will increase.

Do you want more ideas? Contact Nhance Digital and talk to one of our social media marketers. We will analyse your existing campaigns and provide recommendations that are tailored to your needs. Our services are priced competitively and offered in Europe and North America, along with the UK.

Social Media: Top Trends That You Must Consider In 2018

So, you have an active social media presence like many of your competitors? That is great news, but did you know that things are changing fast in the world of social media? In 2017 alone, there were some major changes:

  • Twitter increased its 140-character limit
  • Instagram stories successfully hijacked the user base of Snapchat
  • Facebook finally laid down the fake news law

Needless to say, last year has been nothing short of a social media whirlwind. We, at Nhance Digital, strongly believe that if you want to survive 2018, you need to be prepared and as social media consultants, we can help prepare you for the year.

Given below are some of the social media trends rounded up by our team that you must consider this year to achieve success.

# Go live! Over the last couple of years, consumption of video content has increased at an exponential rate and 2018 is no different. This year demands brands to become broadcasters as social TV-style and mobile video programming takes centre stage. This can also help to open new avenues for engaging with social audiences. Facebook Live and YouTube Live are some of the popular live streaming platforms that you can make use of.

# Adopt AI: Even though Artificial Intelligence is a future-facing trend, you can expect to start enjoying the benefits from this year onwards. For instance, Facebook has released a brand new predictive analysis in order to assist marketers in finding insights quicker. You can make use of AI in social commerce, customer care, content delivery and analytics. If you are unsure about the implementation of AI with your social media campaign, avail the service of our social media consultant UK. We will guide you and help in crafting an ROI-driven strategy where AI is integrated into the core.

# Tap into peer influencers: Trust in corporations and governments is constantly on the decline. At such a time, consumers are turning to a familiar source, which is each other. This year, we are basically moving towards smaller spheres of influence where micro-influencers, customer advocates and employees matter the most.

Before you come up with a brand new social media strategy for your brand, you need to find out which existing tactics are yielding results and which new techniques can benefit you. Our consultants will conduct a thorough assessment and offer recommendations. Talk to us, today!

Social Media Marketing: Trends Taking Over the Year 2018

All brands try really hard to grab the attention of their audience. It is an extremely tough and competitive game, especially because the attention span of the audience is less than 8 seconds. The trend of connecting with the audience through various social platforms have already gained momentum in 2017 and social media experts at Nhance Digital feel that going into 2018 will only push the trend further ahead.

So, with the New Year already upon us, we did our homework and specifically curated a list of 3 trends that we, at Nhance Digital, think will greatly impact the social media strategy of brands in 2018.

# Chatbots

Chatbots have come a long way from being hilarious and unresponsive software. Today, they are capable of doing a lot more than just solving customer problems. We believe that businesses should opt for machine-generated content as the potential for advertising becomes multifold. Chatbots are able to interact with the users, as well as, deliver speedy solutions. At Nhance Digital, our team can give you all the assistance you need when it comes to integrating chatbots as a part of your social media marketing strategy.

# Augmented reality

The line between computer-generated content and reality is blurred by augmented reality as it enhances what you see and hear. Major social media platforms, such as Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram has already created AR photo filters so that users can enjoy. However, it is important that you analyse your requirements and find out if implementing AR will actually benefit your users or not. Leave the assessment part to us as being one of the leading social media marketing companies in the UK, we have all the necessary tools, resources and experience. We will study the requirements, behaviour and demands of your audience on your behalf and provide you with an accurate report to ease the decision-making process.

# Social media stories

Instant stories were started in 2011 by Snapchat and now they appear on almost all the social media platforms. At the rate in which brands and individuals are adopting instant stories, it is clear that the trend will be a rage even this year. Since the nature of the story is temporary, it encourages the audience to take immediate action.

If you want to take your social media marketing to the next level, get in touch with Nhance Digital.

Social Media Consultant: How Can They Help Grow Your Business?

Businesses often avoid investing in the services of a social media consultant because they think they know how Facebook and Twitter works. However, there is a lot more to social media marketing than that. Moreover, there are so many social media networks to choose from that the decision may seem overwhelming, especially if you have limited time and budget. This is where consultants like Nhance Digital step in to not just get you started on social media marketing, but also to continuously offer recommendations on ongoing social media activities and campaigns.

Social media consultants help businesses grow in the following ways:

  • Assistance in choosing the ideal social media platform: From hundreds of social media networks out there, our social media consultant will help find the best platform/platforms for you to use. We will offer you our suggestions after carrying out a thorough social media audit to find out on which platforms your products or services will create the biggest impact. Our advice will be tailored as per your specific business needs and goals.
  • Finding out the demographics of your audience: Knowing who to target is vital for the success of your business. We can help you in finding and establishing information regarding your target audience and also ascertain if your strategy is reaching out to them.
  • Define key performance indicators: Setting certain key performance indicators is vital as it will allow you to find out if your social media strategy is getting you the results that you hoped for. For instance, if your aim is to grow your brand presence, you might have to take a look at the number of new followers, brand engagement and mentions, and so on. We have an in-depth knowledge about such indicators and will be glad to share it with you.
  • Keep you updated regarding social media trends: The digital landscape is constantly changing and the only way to achieve the desired results is through keeping up with the trends. For example, image posting and blogs have become extremely important at the moment, along with well-crafted, information-rich blogs. With our help, you will always be able to stay ahead of your competitors.

A reliable consultant can help you and your business become viral and Nhance Digital happens to have the perfect team consisting of industry-leading social media experts. We know the ins and outs of social media networks and can help you climb the ladder of success. Talk to us to take your social media marketing a notch higher.

Increase Your Reach with ROI-focused Social Media Advertising

Social media plays a significant role in spreading awareness about a brand and its offerings. It is a powerful tool that can help augment your consumer engagement. A huge percentage of people are on one social media website or another throughout the day. Considering this, it can be said that neglecting social media platforms is a big mistake that marketing teams should never commit. Nhance Digital, social media experts, can help you collect the maximum ROI in the long-term with proper planning of strategies.

Complete visibility by way of all-encompassing marketing tools

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and more can fetch you the much needed social prominence and visibility you are looking for. From authentic, plagiarism-free blog posts to promotional videos, your website to e-brochures, ratings to reviews and more, everything you make use to advertise your service can become a part of your social media platform.

Tailored social media marketing strategies

With Nhance Digital’s customised social media advertising, you can amp up your revenue and ultimately your ROI. But, remember, the advertising method on different channels vary. The status update that worked for Twitter, may not necessarily work for Facebook. For instance, using hashtags in Twitter is a surefire way to promote a post. Again, on Facebook, the aesthetic appeal will never fail to impress, thereby not compromise leads. If the audience in target is huge, what can be more high-yielding than using Google+?

Effective Tracking System to verify the direction of the campaign

Tracking systems like, surveys and URL tags assist you to evaluate your existing social media marketing strategy, deduce whether you are in the right direction or not and make future marketing plans.


Opt for a survey to know how and from where visitors are finding your site; thereby, helping you realise the effectiveness of the social media marketing drive.

Surveys aid social media experts understand which social media platform is generating more revenue and visitors, and which is hardly responding.

Tag URL:

With Tag URLs, you can avail the same service as that of surveys, but more precisely. You can recognise which lead is generated from which social media source. An example of Tag URL will consist of words, such as “Facebook,” “LinkedIn,” etc., to show the particular platform which has generated the lead.

Generating ROI through social media marketing is imperative in the modern business scenario. If you want to make sure that your business reaches to all your target audiences across all social media channels and ensure high lead generation, talk to the professionals at Nhance Digital. We will look after your stringent social media needs with perfection and dedication.