How to Make Your Website Conversion-friendly?

In the long run, SEO helps to enhance organic search engine traffic. It is a necessary part of a marketing mix today because almost everything is web-based. But, you have to understand that getting website traffic is not the ultimate goal. What you want is for the visitors to take an action, which will translate to a sale. For a B2B website, it is filling out a form to request more information. For an e-commerce website, it is making a purchase. So, if you know that your SEO campaign is foolproof, but the conversion element simply is not there, the team of Nhance Digital is here to help. Given below are some of the solutions that we recommend our clients to make their website conversion-friendly.

  • Clear CTAs: We are not asking you to be very pushy, but there is no harm in adding CTAs or call to actions on your website. CTAs guide visitors towards conversion. You have to clearly and briefly outline the steps that you want visitors to take. It might be to make a purchase, download a whitepaper, sign up for an email newsletter or fill out a contact form. In case you get stuck, you can avail our professional SEO services in Glasgow and our team will help you with the ideal CTAs.
  • Incorporate more than one lead forms: As a leading SEO agency, we have seen many websites that are designed to generate leads, but do not have enough lead forms. Some of them do not even have a lead form, but expect visitors to send an email or call. Having a lead form is a way to get more leads and it is as simple as that. Many websites hide the lead form in the Contact Us page, but why make your visitors take that step? Put the lead form right in front of them, irrespective of what website page they are on. This will ensure that you get a lot of leads.
  • Website redesign: Sometimes adding or removing a few elements from your website can be enough to generate sales, as well as, leads. But, there are times when a larger investment is required for a complete redesign of your website. If your website loads slowly and is not mobile-friendly, the chances of visitors taking any action is slim. We have a team of website designers who can help you with this.

If you want to know more ways to make your website conversion-friendly, contact Nhance Digital.

How Can Having an FAQ Page Help SEO?

As you must already know, FAQ or frequently asked questions pages are useful from the perspective of user experience. If visitors coming to your website has a question, they can simply head over to the FAQ page and find answers to the most common questions. By having a well-written FAQ page, you can make the lives of your sales/customer service team a lot easier. However, the question here is – does having an FAQ page on your website impact SEO? Our team of SEO specialists at Nhance Digital lists four reasons why FAQ pages should be a part of your SEO strategy.

  • Organic ranking: As the search engines get better at understanding the intent of the searchers, a shift can be noticed in the search habits of people. Today, more and more people are using long-tail keywords or full sentence questions to find what they are looking for. If any one of your FAQs is a match for a question, it has the chance to prominently rank. However, you cannot expect tons of organic search traffic, but the traffic that will be delivered from these pages will be highly targeted.
  • Inbound links: Inbound links are invaluable when you want to establish your website as an authority in your niche. If you invest considerable time and effort in creating FAQ pages, it will become a valuable resource about the products and services that you offer. It is pages like these that have a good chance of getting linked to relevant third-party websites. As you know, the more inbound links you get, the easier it will be to convince Google of your website’s authority and credibility.
  • Inspiration for blog topic: Did you know that you can repurpose FAQ pages into blog content? Every blog post is an opportunity to expand upon an answer or take a different angle on the same topic. If your blog topic is chosen from the FAQ page, you know it is a topic that people are interested in knowing more. This will help to generate more attention.

So, does your website has an FAQ page? If not, you can reach out to Nhance Digital. As a leading SEO marketing agency in Sheffield, we have a team of content writers who can craft the perfect FAQ page for your website. Moreover, we have SEO specialists to help perfect the loopholes in your existing SEO strategy.

What Expertise to Look for in a Professional SEO Company?

By now, you are probably aware of the importance of SEO for business websites. It is nearly impossible to survive in the digital landscape without employing effective, ROI-focused SEO strategies. It is only through proper optimisation of your website that you will be able to increase your website’s online visibility and connect with potential customers. We, at Nhance Digital, understand that SEO can be complicated. Also, if you lack the knowledge and implement wrong tactics, it can amount to Google penalising your website, along with financial losses. You can avoid that by availing our comprehensive SEO services. Below given is the expertise of our in-house team.

Website and SEO audit

We have the tools, experience and expertise in carrying out a thorough website and SEO audit. In fact, this is the very first step that we undertake before providing our clients with an SEO solution. The audit reports help us determine the tactics that are working for the website and the ones that are not. Also, it helps us find out design flaws, if any.

Organic and paid campaigns

Our team consists of SEO professionals who specialise in creating organic SEO campaigns, as well as, PPC campaigners. So, by joining hands with us, you can rest easy knowing that we can provide you with both organic and paid strategies to help boost your website across the online channels. Also, we have expert link builders on our team who can help you acquire high-quality links, which will result in increasing the authority of your website.

Website designers and developers

Thanks to our team of website designers and developers, we can help you build a professional website or redesign an existing one. We also make certain tweaks as per the latest website design trends so that your business website is up-to-date. Our developers can make changes to your website’s coding to ensure that you get more traffic and better ranking.

Content writing

Content continues to be a crucial aspect of SEO and we have talented writers who are experienced in crafting informative, yet interesting content optimised for both search engines and the users.

So, what are your SEO needs? We are an affordable SEO company in Bradford capable of handling specific SEO requirements. Give us a call and schedule a consultation. Our team will provide you with a tailored solution that suits your needs and budget.  

Effective Techniques to Double Your Search Traffic

If you want to boost your brand awareness and enhance website traffic, you need to understand search engine optimisation or SEO. Since the world of SEO is constantly changing, it is crucial that you stay updated and implement the latest tactics. If you want some pointers, the SEO professionals of Nhance Digital in Manchester has listed some of the tactics below that are proven to double search traffic.

Undertake an SEO audit

Carrying out a thorough website audit will help you discover on why you are not getting enough website traffic and sales. You can reach out to us for an in-depth website audit. We have the required tools, resources and expertise. Also, based on your audit report, we will give you our expert recommendations and help you in making smarter decisions.

Know what your users want

Understanding the changing user behaviour and intent is integral in making the right decision. You need to find out what exactly your users are looking for and build a strong SEO strategy based on that. It is always better to focus your tactics on what your potential customers want. If you lack the resources to gather such data, reach out to us and our team will be more than happy to help you find the information that you need.

Optimise the landing pages

If you want to boost your sales and lead generation, you need to have a well-designed, optimised landing page. Also, it is wise to create a number of landing pages as that will help to create more gateways for incoming traffic. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses fail to grasp the importance of having optimised landing pages, and therefore, it is often overlooked. At Nhance Digital, we can help you create a number of optimised landing pages that will enable you to get more traffic and form strong relations with potential customers.

Responsive website

Mobile searches are becoming more important than ever. As more and more people are using smartphones and other mobile devices, mobile traffic is surpassing desktop traffic. Therefore, if your website is not responsive and does not provide easy access across different devices, you will be falling behind your competitors. We have a team of website designers and developers who can help you with that.

These are just some of the tactics that can help to double search traffic. If you need more information, Nhance Digital is the most trusted SEO marketing firm in Manchester.