What are the most common approaches to digital marketing?

There are so many online marketing strategies that sometimes it can feel overwhelming when you are trying to decide which one you should prioritise. If you are looking to put in place a digital marketing strategy, you need to have a clear understanding of your business, products/services and demographics before deciding on the best approach. We, at Nhance Digital, have listed some of the most common approaches to digital marketing that you can start with.

SEO or search engine optimisation

SEO is the most important element of Internet marketing and its complexity is sometimes perplexing. Although it is true that Google algorithms can be confusing, it is not completely impossible to stay ahead and be in the good eyes of Google. The trick is to work with the concepts and get the basic right.

Also, we would recommend that you hire an expert to manage your SEO if you really want to succeed. Whilst you spend time learning the basics, there will constantly be new introductions to the world of SEO. As we have SEO experts on our team, we are always a step ahead and keep ourselves updated. This is why we can help always help our clients implement the best strategies for their business and objectives.

Local search engine optimisation

Local SEO has been ignored for a very long time, but this is one of the basic approaches to digital marketing. It is particularly helpful if you have a brick-and-mortar store and hope to connect with your local customers. Local SEO is location-specific and it helps customers find businesses that are near them. This involves getting your website listed in online directories, GMB and updating the NAP of your business so that customers are never misled with a wrong phone number or address. Credibility and trustworthiness are key to attracting the attention of your local consumers.

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing or SEM is a form of digital marketing where you get to increase your search ranking through paid advertising tactics. You will want to partner with an expert in this field as well. Google Ads can get confusing and if the display or search ads are not crafted properly, you might end up spending a lot with no results. So, you would want someone educated like Nhance Digital by your side.

Google Ads allow for customisation, but it is crucial to conduct keyword research before crafting the ad. Also, before running the ad, it is important to find out about the targeted customers and what they are looking for. Even social media platforms offer opportunities for paid ads and we can help you through the process. From setting the budget to crafting the ad copy, executing the ad and tracking it, you can count on us to take care of the entire SEM process.

Content marketing

A big part of targeting and attracting the attention of your audience depends on the strength of your content marketing strategy. The most crucial part of content marketing is to be able to craft content that is valuable, original and relevant. It should contain the information that your customers might be looking for and it must not be copied. Also, you can create evergreen content so that you can keep earning backlinks for a very long time.

When it comes to content marketing, it is important to stay away from black hat tactics, such as keyword stuffing. Your content must be properly optimised with keywords, but they should not be forcefully interpreted. The focus of Google is mainly on user experience, and therefore, your content must be interesting and easy to read. Also, your content must be mobile-friendly and easily accessible no matter what screen it is being viewed on. Make sure to carry out keyword research before getting started on your content marketing strategy.

Email marketing

Email marketing continues to be effective and businesses still use this strategy to reach out to their customers. Email marketing is considered a great tool when it comes to generating leads. Also, you can increase your conversion rates and sales by implementing this method. Furthermore, email marketing is one of the most economical methods that are available. You can create newsletters and craft compelling content to make your emails stand out.

In addition to these, social media marketing is also in huge demand. This is because of the rising number of users that social media networking websites enjoy. The most popular platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. If you want to have social followers and fans, you need to come up with a creative strategy or we can help you with it. So, get started with your online marketing plan by availing professional digital marketing agency services from Nhance Digital. Get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

How to increase high-quality backlinks in SEO?

High-quality backlinks pointing to a website is one of the most crucial rankings factors. If an authoritative website is linking out to your website, Google will consider it as a positive signal and consider your website to be relevant and credible. This, in turn, will improve your SERP ranking. So, if you want to boost the online visibility of your website, you need to put in place a strong backlink building strategy. As a link building agency, Nhance Digital would like to share some tips. Keep reading to know them.


The content on your website massively influences the ability of your website to attract backlinks. You must focus on developing high-quality content for your entire website. This is going to help other websites decide if they want to link to you. Your website must provide the necessary and relevant information that users are looking for. Moreover, you should concentrate on crafting original blog posts and articles that will constantly keep giving information to users regarding your brand, products or services. You can also create visually-appealing content to attract the attention of your target audience.

Another form of content that we would recommend is crafting content in the form of lists or Q&A. Ever since featured snippets have been released by Google, this form of content has been in demand. Featured snippets are seen before organic search results, and therefore, a good way to grab attention and get noticed.

Last, but not the least, make it easy for websites to link to your content.

Reach out to websites where your competitors guest post

Guest blogging is a great way to get premium quality backlinks. You have to reach out to authoritative guest posting websites and start posting unique blog posts. Ensure that the guest posting website is relevant to your niche. A great way to find out such websites is through competitor analysis. Find out where your competitors are guest posting and you can use that information to your advantage.

Rebuild broken links

Some website publishers do not always link when they should and some might even include links that are incorrect or broken. You can search for these broken links and make use of them. These links provide an opportunity for you to gain good quality backlinks. But, you have to keep an eye out for such broken links and make sure that the links are relevant to your industry or business.

When you find a broken link, you have to contact the webmaster and notify them of the error. Also, provide them with a link back to your website that they can use as a replacement. If you need more help with rebuilding broken links, you can talk to our expert link builders.

Write testimonials for another brand

You can offer to write reviews or testimonials and get a link back to your website. Usually, brands are always eager to feature good reviews. Also, they typically link back to the reviewer as a show of good faith. So, you can consider sharing your experience regarding the brand as that would be a win-win situation for both of you.

Craft a social sharing strategy

It is still debatable if social shares send signals to Google and other search engines to help improve a website’s rankings, but a social strategy is still valuable for improving your SEO game. With a social strategy, you can drive traffic to your website and content, enhance your exposure and get noticed. All of this is great for your link building and branding efforts. Also, as content is being shared around the Internet, the chances of more people seeing it goes up. So, this gives other websites a chance to take a look at your content and link to your website. Considering all this, we would say that you should consider crafting a social strategy where your content can be easily shared.

Reclaim image links

Image links are often forgotten or ignored. But, pictures that are embedded in websites usually include a link to their actual source. There are times when these links are not pointing to the right website or they might be broken. You can keep an eye out for such opportunities, especially if you are using a lot of images for your website. Make sure that all the graphics that have been used in your website link back to your website.

So, these are a few ways by which you can strengthen your backlink building game. If you are still struggling or do not know how to proceed, you can connect with Nhance Digital. We are a leading link building agency in the UK and we will be glad to carry out an audit of your website to craft a bespoke link building plan. We are waiting to hear from you.

How to improve organic search results? Follow these SEO tips

Every second, nearly 40,000 search queries are typed into Google. These add up to over 3.5 billion searches a day or 1.2 trillion searches in a year. If you want your business to generate traffic online, you know that there is some fierce competition that needs to be dealt with.

Since there are billions of search conducted every single day, Nhance Digital’s team of digital marketing experts recommend that you strengthen your SEO game. This is crucial because SEO is the bridge that connects customers to your brand and help generate leads. Keep reading to know a few helpful SEO tips that will improve your organic rankings.

Work on getting more backlinks

Backlinks refer to links that point to your website from other third-party websites. You can think of it like an upvote. Backlinks are one of the top 3 ranking factors in the eyes of the search giant, Google. But, they are hard to get. By getting premium quality backlinks from high authority websites, you will instantly appear credible in the eyes of both Google and your target audience. However, always make sure to only fetch quality backlinks. Quantity will not help you much if the links are coming from spammy websites. Google might ban you for getting spam links.

Invest time and effort to keyword research

The Internet has far too many websites and it is far too large for Google to decide manually what page is about what, what queries should the pages rank for and where should it be positioned. This is where the algorithms come to play and do all of this automatically. But, if you want Google algorithms to consider your website as one that has authority and credibility, you need to work on keyword research. Once you have conducted keyword research and found the relevant phrases that you should include in your content, you need to optimise your website and all other content using the keywords. The keywords are going to help Google in filtering all the searches and helping users find what they are looking for. Also, keep in mind that when we say optimise your website, we do not just refer to the main body content. We also mean the incorporation of keywords within the site URL, headings, sub-headings and so on.

Optimise your pages as per search intent

As you must be aware, the world of SEO is constantly changing. Some of it is being of Google algorithm changes, but most of it is because of the changing behaviour of the consumers. So, when you are getting your website ready for the search engines, make sure to know what your target audience is trying to accomplish by Googling the keywords. Generally, we break down search intent into four categories:

  • Informational
  • Navigational
  • Commercial or buyer intent
  • Commercial investigation or research

Identifying and also matching user intent should be one of your priorities when it comes to readying a web page for the search engines.

Ensure that your website loads faster

Website speed is more important than ever before, especially because users like to quickly enter a search when on-the-go. If you have a website that takes forever to load, you will notice a much higher bounce rate than your competitors. On average, a user expects a web page to load within 3 seconds. But, a higher bounce rate is not the only reason why you should work on improving your website speed. Google is constantly updating its algorithms to give users a good experience and if you have a slow website, it will be hampering with Google’s plans. So, Google will not rank your website in a high position as your website does not fall under the ‘good user experience’ category.

Work on improving the structure of your website

In the eyes of Google, websites have some amount of authority. This is because of the backlinks that they have acquired. But, only backlinks are not enough. You also need internal links so that visitors can easily navigate the inner pages. A poor website structure would mean that some of the important pages within your website are completely ignored. If you wish to improve your website structure and do not know where to start, you can reach out to Nhance Digital. Our team have the required experience to help you out.

In addition to these, you need to write original content, optimise the images found on your website and make your website design responsive so that it can be accessed on a desktop, smartphone or any screen size. If you have any questions or wish to discuss your specific requirements, call Nhance Digital. We are one of the trusted SEO companies in Sheffield and have the experience to help you achieve your business goals.

What is local SEO and why do you need local SEO?

Do you want to attract new customers in your local area? Local SEO is what you need. This is one of the most crucial facets of digital marketing, especially for businesses that have a physical store and want to connect with customers near them.

However, we, at Nhance Digital, have come across several businesses in Manchester and other parts of the UK, who do not understand the difference between local SEO and SEO. If you are amongst those businesses that think that investing in a long-term SEO plan will get you the attention of your local audience, you are mistaken. This is why we wish to break down the information for you and give you a clear idea of what local SEO is and how it impacts your business.

What does local SEO mean?

Local SEO refers to the practice of optimising a product/service or business for a search query that is specific to a location. Google and other search engines make use of the location of a user based on geolocation (for mobile) and IP address (for desktop) to determine what results will be relevant to the user. So, when someone searches for a restaurant, car wash, dentist or a locksmith, the search engine is going to display businesses that are relevant to the user’s location.

What is the importance of local SEO?

Local SEO is crucial to businesses that have a physical store or provide services in a specific location. When people are searching for a business near them, it means that they would most likely visit the store right away or within a few hours. With the help of local SEO, businesses can reach out to customers at the exact time when they are looking for their products or services. Several surveys have revealed that 50% of people who carried out a local search on their smartphone and 34% of people who searched on their desktop or tablet, went to the store on the same day.

What are the basics of local SEO?

Now that we’ve told you what local SEO means, let’s take a look at the basics of local SEO.

The first thing that you need to understand is that local SEO is for location-based searches. This means that your business must have a physical address so that it can show up on local search results. If the address of your business is not updated in GMB (Google My Business) and other online directories, your business will not show when your customers run an in *locality name* search or a “near me” search.

The second thing that you have to make sure is that the name, address and phone number of your business are accurate and consistent across all the digital platforms that you are using. The slightest discrepancy might make Google ban your business from getting listed in the local 3-pack. You must keep checking and updating the NAP of your business so that your customers do not feel misled with a wrong phone number or address.

Citations are another important part of local SEO. A citation is when a third-party website lists your website as a point of reference. This may contain your business’ location, name or contact information. It does not require a backlink to the website of your business. Example of a citation would be a food blogger mentioning your restaurant in his/her blog as a good place for meals in your locality. Citations let Google know that a business is trustworthy and this increases the chances of a business getting in the local 3-pack.

Last, but not the least, reviews. Testimonials or reviews is an important part of local SEO and this helps Google in ranking businesses. If you receive positive reviews, you should always remember to thank the reviewer and if there are negative remarks, you must also address them. This will show Google that you care about your customers.

How will local SEO impact your business?

  • Help potential customers in discovering your business
  • Give your potential customers the information that they are seeking so that they can make their way to your business
  • Provide you with qualified leads with a high chance of converting into an actual sale
  • Local SEO helps potential customers in deciding in favour of a business. The more information that one has of a business, the more trustworthy the business seem.

So, it is time for you to boost your local SEO so that your target audience can easily find you. Moreover, a strong local SEO plan will help enhance your organic search ranking and also positively impact your long-term SEO plan. Schedule a consultation with Nhance Digital to find out about our local SEO services in Manchester and how we can help you grow your business.

How is Facebook helping small businesses during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies of all sizes are under threat. However, while significant, established companies have the resources to keep themselves afloat, small businesses worldwide are finding it extremely difficult to survive. During such difficult times, Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, have offered relief, especially to small business owners. The social media giant has launched several brand new features to help small businesses reach out and stay connected with their customers during the coronavirus crisis. 

Nhance Digital’s team of social media consultant professionals has researched your behalf to keep you informed of all the new features that Facebook has introduced. Please continue reading to get an idea of how the social media giant has made it easier for small businesses to survive by leveraging their platform. 

Facebook has announced the launch of ‘Shops.’

Facebook has made known the launch of its latest feature, known as Shops. This feature is going to enable businesses to showcase and sell their products on the social media platform. This move is a relief to many retailers who have been forced to close their brick-and-mortar stores due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With this feature, such stores can easily start selling online. 

Shops let businesses create their digital storefronts to purchase products from Facebook or the retailer’s website directly. This feature will also appear on Facebook-owned Instagram, enabling users to discover Shops, via ads or Stories. 

The search giant already allows sales through Marketplace, but it centered on selling personal belongings, which is quite similar to eBay or Craigslist. In contrast, Shops are focused on businesses and enable them to compete with retail stores that are already established, like Etsy and Amazon. 

Facebook has collaborated with 8 third-party shopping platforms with the launch of Shops. Shopify is one of those platforms, and this platform has recently announced the launch of a unified Facebook platform. This means that retailers or sellers can connect their Shopify business to their Facebook account while making the shopping experience of their customers feel native to each application. 

To fully take advantage of Shops, you can join hands with an expert social media consultant like Nhance Digital. 

‘Business Nearby’ section

‘Business Nearby’ is a new section that has been introduced by Facebook for the Facebook app. This feature allows users to discover small businesses in the neighbourhood and located within a specific distance. With this feature, people can learn what is happening in their neighbourhood shops, drop them a message or even order food or buy goods through third-party apps. Facebook is hopeful that this will allow small businesses to see more virtual foot traffic. 

Business Resource Hub

More than 140 million small businesses leverage the social media platform to market their goods and services. Most of the businesses generate important advertising revenue on Facebook. This is why the social media giant has always aimed at helping small businesses through various tools like ‘Appointment’ and ‘Automated Ads’. These were tools that previously helped small businesses succeed on the platform. 

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, Facebook has launched the ‘Business Resource Hub.’ This directed toward helping those businesses that are affected by the pandemic. The hub includes a resilience toolkit that gives information on how to prevent business disruptions during this time. It also contains a quick action guide to assist in coordinating response activities. 

Moreover, Facebook provides businesses myriad templates that can be used to communicate vital messages related to coronavirus response or simple messages of gratitude. 

‘Support Small Business’ sticker

Facebook-owned, Instagram has released a new feature to support small businesses to make sales. The ‘Support Small Business’ sticker can be used in stories so that users can show their appreciation and spread the word regarding a small business that they support. 

Using this sticker, users can mention the business so that it is easier for the businesses to repost the story on their Instagram page. Also, this makes it easier for businesses to connect with prospective consumers. 

Besides these, Facebook is also updating Facebook messenger, its messaging platform. The tech giant plans to update the Business Inbox in messenger so that it is easier for businesses to communicate with their customers or potential customers. Businesses will also be allowed to install the Chat Plugin of Facebook on their website directly. 

So, if you are a small business owner and want to take advantage of all the new features introduced by Facebook, get in touch with Nhance Digital. Our social media experts will help you make the most of the latest launches.