4 Reasons Why Cloud Hosting is More Popular than Conventional Hosting Model

The performance of your site and the success of your business depends on its web hosting server. Since ‘Moving to Cloud’ is the new buzzword, it goes without saying that conventional hosting is far behind cloud in many ways. Besides availing advanced hosting environment and easy solutions, cloud hosting has much to offer.
Read on to get an insight into how cloud hosting ranks over conventional hosting.

  • Enhanced server uptime: The performance of your site is directly proportional to the server uptime. With cloud hosting services, you can be rest assured of maximum network uptime and no single point of failure. Since cloud hosting platform is a system of several interconnected platforms, there are multiple servers to take care of the workload, if one server fails.

On the other hand, traditional hosting uses a single server setup where the risks of downtime for your site and applications, as well as, hardware failure are high.

  • Better security: Cloud hosting services feature an infrastructure that safeguards your data at different levels, such as data, network and more. A cloud service provider can ensure the safety of your data via storage segregation & data isolation, customer’s identity management, secure and encrypted solutions and so on.

In case of traditional hosting, you have to keep a private server for securing vulnerable information, which may not be received from an affordable web hosting provider. Or, you may share the CPU needs and resources with websites on the same server.

  • Location independence: Cloud hosting servers are available worldwide. They can be easily accessible from anywhere and with any device, be it a mobile or a PC.

Conventional hosting servers have a fixed place and you will have to specifically mention which server you are choosing, as the loading speed of a site is greatly influenced by the location of server.

  • Increased performance: A cloud environment is better for hosting websites than a traditional server setup, as such websites display better performance. Cloud is the ideal solution, if you want immediate and flexible resource allocation, speed of loading page and disaster recovery plan.

Traditional hosting servers do not furnish so many facilities to the website owner.
Cloud hosting is in all ways a step higher than conventional hosting. If you are looking for guaranteed site performance, Nhance Digital, may be the right service provider for you.