Why adding videos to social media marketing will boost engagement?

Adding videos to social media marketing campaigns is proving to be one of the most powerful business assets for growing your brand, gaining new followers and driving sales. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn have increasingly pivoted toward video as the content format of choice. The instant popularity of TikTok has shown us all just how addictive and persuasive a video-first offering can be.

We, at NHANCE Digital, have a team of social media marketers who constantly follow the latest updates and trends in the world of social media. They believe that images are great, but video content is what customers want. This is mainly because social media is no longer just a place where people connect with each other. It has evolved to become a destination for education, entertainment and eCommerce inspiration. In this brand new world of social media, video content seems to be reigning supreme. Keep reading to know why adding video content will boost the engagement of your social media campaign.

Video content gets more exposure

Have you logged into any social media platform lately? If so, you must have noticed that within the first 10 seconds, you have seen at least one video content. This is because videos perform best with most algorithms as it can attract the attention of a user for much longer than an image or infographic. As such, the longer a user engages with the video content, the more an algorithm will push that content forward so that a wider audience gets to see it.

Also, social media platforms are encouraging people to post more video content. This is why you will find brand new video features. For instance, Instagram has been promoting its Instagram reels and even Pinterest has Pinterest Video Pins.

Video content has a much longer shelf life than other content types

Along with getting more engagement, video content also sticks around for much longer than other types of content. For example, a TikTok video will surface on the Internet for a few weeks or even a few months after it was published for the first time.

If you are wondering why, the answer is simple. Video content encourages more shares and interactions. This allows the content to remain in the ecosystem for a longer time. So, even if creating video content seems like an expensive option, it usually offers stronger ROI.

The popularity of video content is growing

Social media users love video and there is no question about it. Studies have revealed that more than 50% of consumers want to see more video content from the businesses or brands that they support. Also, users are known to spend over 6 hours on average watching videos across multiple platforms. To top it all, these studies have been conducted before the COVID-19 pandemic. Since people are asked to maintain social distance measures, video consumption has certainly shot up in 2020. This year even saw the first wave of digital-first video events and conferences.

Video content appeals to a Gen Z audience 

Compared to other generations, the Gen Z audience is much more tech-savvy and connected to the Internet. This generation has practically grown up watching YouTube videos. Even for entertainment and educational content, they depend on video. So, if you want to connect with this generation, you have to invest your time, effort and money into creating engaging and interesting video content.

So, this is why you should consider adding video content to your social media marketing strategy plan. Now, when it comes to creating video, it is not necessary that you always have to create from scratch or that it has to be about your brand specifically. You can come up with interactive video content to connect with your audience. You can even create behind-the-scene videos to give your audience an idea about what goes on and how the products are created before they are shipped out to the audience. Also, you can post user-generated content to build credibility.

If you need any help with your social media campaign, reach out to NHANCE Digital. We are a social media company in the UK dedicated to providing a bespoke solution.

Tips for finding the best website designing company

Venturing into your first website design project can be a challenging and frustrating proposition, especially if you dive headfirst without doing any due diligence. There are hundreds of website designing companies in London and selecting one that works for you can be a daunting task. We, at NHANCE Digital, are here to help you get started. So, we have outlined some helpful tips that will assist you in choosing the best website designing company. 

First, know the kind of website you need

All websites are not the same. For instance, Google can also be considered a website. It is designed to be a search engine and it is powered by a multibillion-dollar infrastructure with myriad data centres across the globe. Amazon and Facebook are also websites. But, one is an eCommerce website and the other is a social media networking website. 

Even though the examples might be a bit extreme, but these are a few types of websites that are around. Now, you have to decide what kind of website you need. If you plan to sell clothes or shoes online, you would need an eCommerce website that has an ‘add to cart’ option, payment gateway and so on. 

It might also be that you have a physical store and the main purpose of designing a website is to build trust and educate your customers. In that case, you need to consider what type of content management system the website development company uses and where will your website be hosted. 

Second, determine your compatibility

When you are hiring a web design company in London, you are basically hiring a technology partner who will likely be a part of your business for several years. This is because just designing and developing a website is not enough. It is also crucial to keep updating the website to make sure that you are up-to-date with the latest design trends. 

So, it is alright if you have to spend a little extra time on choosing the right company. This is going to save your business a lot of money. Remember that moving a website to a different provider can be quite time-consuming and costly. 

Getting to know who you are hiring is a good idea and will help you in having a long-lasting relationship. Whilst the experience, efficacy and quality of work is a consideration, you must also find out about their value, how they treat their staff and how they work. If you are compatible with the way they work, you can look forward to a long-term partnership that will be mutually beneficial. 

Third, determine the level of support that they can provide

When it is about designing a website, you would want to hire a company that provides you with support after the website has been launched. This is because changes have to be made on a regular basis. Trends are changing constantly and you need to have a website that can keep up with the latest trends. 

A good website design and development company would guarantee to offer continued support even after the website has been launched. 

Fourth, the level of attention

You would want your website to stand out and make a strong impression. After all, the competition is tough and unless you can make your mark, you will fail to get noticed. Today, every industry has reached its saturation point. Unless you are offering something unique, there are hundreds of other businesses offering the same thing. So, how do you beat them?

You can attract the attention of your target audience by creating a website that is not just aesthetically appealing, but offers something much more in terms of content, CTA and navigation. Also, the website must load quickly and provide a fantastic user experience to everyone who visits. Such a high level of perfection is only possible if you work with a website design company that gives attention to every little detail. 

So, when you are looking for a website design company in London, keep in mind the aforementioned tips. For more information or to get started on designing your website, you can speak to NHANCE Digital’s team of website designers. 

Reasons why your business should invest in SEO

SEO or search engine optimisation is crucial for greater online visibility and searchability. It has become an integral part of modern businesses and even traditional organisations are seeing the value of SEO today, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns. But, if you are still not convinced, here are a few more reasons why your business should definitely invest in SEO. If you need help to get started, NHANCE Digital is a phone call away. 

Brand visibility

Making your brand easily recognisable and visible is crucial when you want to compete in your sector or niche. Through online branding, you can manage to stay ahead of your competitors. 

But, how can you make your brand visible online? By investing in SEO services in Bradford. SEO can help to drive quality traffic to your website and within a short span of time, the increased visibility will help you in establishing your brand and gain the trust of your potential customers. 

This is because when your prospective customers are trying to search for your products or services, they will invariably turn to the search engines like, Google, Bing and Yahoo. If they do not find you on the first few pages of the SERPs, they will go to your competitors. 

Increased website traffic 

It is great that you have designed and developed a great-looking website. The design looks amazing. You have also come up with interesting website content that you are confident will impress your visitors. But, from where will you get the visitors? If your website is not optimised for the search engines, all your effort will be in vain. 

The primary source of website traffic is organic search. So, if your website is not ready for the search engines, you are doomed. 

Since today, almost everyone has access to the Internet, people do not go around asking people, but trust Google for all kinds of information. Take advantage of this by investing in SEO and your business will surely grow. 

Social media marketing is good, but not enough

Contemporary businessmen think that marketing their business across social media platforms is enough. We do agree that Facebook and other social media networking websites are hot and they are creating plenty of marketing opportunities. But, it is not enough to lead traffic to your website that drives leads and converts them to actual customers. 

Social media is great for brand awareness and interacting with customers on a personal level. You can use this platform and make your marketing strategy great by combining it with a killer SEO strategy

SEO is cost-effective

SEO is not expensive when you compare it to other forms of online marketing like, social media marketing, PPC or purchasing leads for an email marketing campaign. Also, SEO provides good ROI. 

With little investment, you can find your brand on the first page of the SERPs. 

SEO builds credibility and trust

The goal of SEO is to establish a strong foundation for a website that can be easily discovered in search. For this, you might have to make a few changes to the design of your website and make it more user-friendly. Since Google gives importance to user experience, your website must be responsive, should load quickly and have great content. Also, make sure to have simple navigation so that visitors are not confused when they visit your website. 

Along with making changes to the website design, SEO also focuses on writing good content and establishing niche authority. This way your website slowly builds trust and credibility. Once this is achieved, you can expect to drive a lot of high-quality traffic to your website. 

It is also important to note here that whenever someone wants to find a brand or product, they go to the search engine. If your brand does not show up in the SERPs, users will have reservations regarding the credibility of the brand. 

So, these are a few reasons why businesses of all sizes should consider investing in SEO. This will help to grow their business and connect with prospective customers. To know more, you can contact NHANCE Digital and we can provide you with a personalised SEO strategy. 

Local SEO success checklist – Tick them off as you go!

Local SEO trends are constantly evolving and changing. So, before you bid adieu to 2020, NHANCE Digital has compiled a checklist that will guarantee local SEO success for your website. The list of must-dos that we have rounded up will go beyond this year and if you tick them off as you go, you are bound to become the master of this game. Here, take a look. 

Is your website mobile-friendly?

It has been almost two years since mobile searches surpassed desktop searches for the first time. Even Google has rolled out the mobile-first index to give more importance to mobile-friendly websites. Also, since local SEO is all about connecting with your target audience in real-time, you cannot afford not to have a website that works on desktops, as well as, mobile phones. 

If your answer is no for this question, we highly recommend that you connect with us. A responsive website is the need of the hour. With a responsive website, you will be able to connect with your audience across any device and screen size. 

Have you added links to Google Map directions?

Today, there are more than 5 million websites making use of Google Maps. If you are not one of them, you are losing out on a lot of potential customers. Being on Google Maps is the easiest way to exactly pinpoint your customers where your business is located. What’s more, it is not just done for the convenience of customers, but it is also an important ranking factor. 

By linking to Google Maps in your ‘about us’ section or ‘contact’ page, you are giving the search giant more information about your business. As you enable geolocation, you can expect your website to show up in location-based searches. 

Is your NAPE information accurate?

NAPE is an acronym that stands for name, address, phone number and email address. This sums up the basic information that a customer would want regarding a brand or business. Even though this may sound like obvious information that any business would provide, it is important to monitor and make sure that all the details are accurate, correct and consistent across all the online platforms. NAPE plays a critical role in the local search result rankings. 

You must know that Google is constantly trying to give searchers a good user experience. This is why incorrect information is not tolerated by the search giant. If you keep NAPE updated, Google would feel that your business is legitimate and it can be trusted. 

Is your phone number clickable?

Nobody wants to copy and paste phone numbers from a webpage when they wish to contact that business or organisation. It seems like too much work. As a modern website, you need to allow your customers to get in touch with just a click of a button. 

Without a surprise, Google rewards business websites that have clickable phone numbers and this is considered to be a positive ranking factor. You will find Google openly advising websites to convert their phone numbers and also email addresses into links. 

Are there reviews on your website?

Positive reviews truly encourage people to trust a brand and the success of your local SEO efforts depend on customer reviews. You need to encourage your customers to leave a review so that others can read it and if the review is positive, they can also come to your store. 

Also, remember that customers are not the only ones who care about reviews. Even Google cares deeply. This gives the search engine an idea about which businesses are trustworthy and which ones are not. 

Is your website optimised for local listings?

Getting listed on online local directories is one of the biggest strategies to get noticed. You also need to have a GMB account so that it is easier for potential customers to find you when they are looking for products or services near their specific location. 

Apart from these, you also need to work on creating pages targeting specific locations and crafting interesting guest blogs. You can consider local SEO as the online version of word-of-mouth advertising and you need to keep working hard to achieve results. 

If you need any help, NHANCE Digital is the leading local SEO company in Manchester. Get in touch.