What does Google consider when sending traffic to a website?

Search engine optimisation or SEO refers to strategies that need to be implemented for optimising a website for search engines like Google. Some of the strategies that we, at Nhance Digital, employ are keyword research, website audit, link building and so on. But, do you know what Google looks for when it is trying to decide whether to send traffic to your website or not? There are some factors that are in control whilst others that are not so much in our control. Below we have outlined some of the controllable factors that Google considers when sending traffic to a website.

Unique, fresh content

Older websites tend to be less active and they also tend to break the rules as they were created before the search giant became more sophisticated and started penalising black hat SEO strategy. This hurdle can be conquered by furnishing the website with fresh, original content. As a matter of fact, we have seen that websites with fresh content get more than 67% of traffic when compared to websites with old content.


Google is constantly looking for keywords that match the search terms that the users have entered. If the match is close, you can expect high rankings in the SERPs. Also, Google is looking for keywords in the headings and titles. Google algorithms analyse what is on your website and compare it to other websites to check if what you have is relevant to the keywords. Typically, keywords are made up of 3 to 4 words. But, remember not to stuff keywords in your content as Google penalises that.

Quality links

Inbound links to your website are not a new trick, but you also need outbound links. You have to build a good link profile by seeking backlinks from trusted sources. Having premium quality links is a great way to drive traffic to your website. This is mainly because the search giant rewards websites that are of good quality and can be trusted. The more links you can acquire, the higher will be your chances of rising up the ranks in the SERPs.

So, these are a few things that Google considers when it is ranking a website or sending traffic to a website. If you want your website to thrive in the online space, avail Nhance Digital’s SEO services in Glasgow. We excel in providing personalised solutions.

Promote business online during Coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus or Covid-19 is an unprecedented public health crisis and this pandemic outbreak is quickly turning into an economic crisis. Not just the UK, but countries across the world are going on an indefinite lockdown and this has pushed businesses of all sizes and types to figure out how they can do business in such unfamiliar and difficult circumstances. At such a time, Nhance Digital offers unwavering support to businesses looking to find modern ways of advertising their business.

As a digital marketing agency in the UK, we are committed to crafting personalised online marketing solutions for businesses. Whether you run an e-commerce website or own a physical store, you can leverage our expertise to stay in business and stay on the minds of your customers.

Traditional advertising methods are of no use during these times since people are advised to work from home. Since we have access to all the digital tools and resources, we can help you promote your business the right way using the right SEO, content marketing, PPC and social media techniques.

With the help of SEO or search engine optimisation, we will make sure that your business or brand is not forgotten. You will be found online on the popular search engines when people look for products or services similar to what you are offering. Also, we can help promote your brand across popular social media platforms so that you can always stay connected with your customers and future customers.

In case you do not have a website, this is the right time to design one and our experienced website design and development team can help you with the process. We have years of creative experience in designing custom websites and we will make it mobile responsive so that your website can be accessed across all screen sizes including desktop, laptop, smartphone and other handheld devices.

Content marketing is another way by which you can advertise your business. This is the time to push out information because people are eager to read. Our team of content writers will conduct thorough research on trending topics and craft original content.

We understand that during this time, businesses need a robust solution that will make sure that they are not forgotten. The lockdown will not be over soon and until then, you can talk to us to explore new ways to promote your business online. 

Basic link building techniques for you to implement

Link building is not very easy, which is why a lot of people struggle to build a good link profile for their website. But, it is not entirely impossible. There are a few basic link building tactics that Nhance Digital implements to help clients get their desired results. Read on to find out those tactics.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is a very popular and one of the oldest link building strategies. For this strategy to work, it is important to write a blog post or article for another website. The website that you are writing for must be in your niche and have high domain authority. Also, the blog post or article should be unique, original and informative. It should also adhere to the rules set by the website where you are going to publish it. You can link your website to the post by mentioning your brand name or placing a link in the author bio or somewhere in the post. It is that simple. But, if you do not have good content writing experience, our expert writers will be willing to help.

Broken link building

Broken link building is another old tactic that we have been using for years. This strategy involves three steps:

  • Find a relevant broken link
  • Craft content similar to the broken resource
  • Reach out to the webmaster of the website with the broken link and request to link back to your working resource instead

The only hiccup that you might face when it comes to broken link building is finding relevant websites and ensuring that they have a good authority. Also, you might have to monitor responses. If you do not have the time, we have a team of link builders who are adept at handling broken link building tactics.

Unlinked mentions

There are times when people will mention your business or you without linking to you. With such mentions, you can be sure of being halfway there towards earning a link. Since someone has already mentioned you, it is clear that they know about you. All you have to do is reach out and convince them to convert that mention to a link.

So, these are a few link building tactics that our link builders implement to boost local businesses. If you need help, you can avail our SEO link building service and get the results that you desire.

How to Grow Your Local Business with Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is not a one size fits all solution. Local or small businesses often overlook the importance of online marketing or they purposely restrict themselves. Yet, thanks to the advancement of Internet capabilities, online marketing opens up a huge marketplace that must not be ignored. Moreover, partnering with digital media marketing companies like Nhance Digital proves cost-effective in the long-term. Internet marketing is not as expensive as traditional marketing and it gives small or local businesses a chance to compete with their larger competitors.

Read on to know the digital marketing strategies that our team of SEO professionals consider essential for growing local business.

SEO or search engine optimisation

When it comes to strengthening the online presence of your business, you need to optimise your website for the search engines. This process is known as search engine optimisation or SEO. it is not necessary for your business website to rank number one in the SERPs, but your presence on the first page will make a huge difference.

As a local business, you would want to rank well in your specific geographic location and this is where local SEO is crucial. You need to create a Google My Business account and keep it updated. If you wish to expand your business, you need to include local SEO tactics in your long-term SEO plan. You also need to have a responsive website so that your target audience can access your website from any device. This ensures a great user experience. If you wish to further explore SEO and how it can help your business, you can reach out to us.

PPC campaigns

Whilst SEO drives organic traffic, PPC helps to drive paid traffic. PPC stands for pay-per-click and this simply means that whenever an Internet user clicks on your website link, you will have to pay an amount to Google. But, PPC campaigns are effective in driving targeted audience and paid ads appear above organic search results, which means that your target audience will not miss you in the crowd of your competitors.

With the aforementioned two digital marketing strategies, we have merely scratched the surface. If you want to boost your business and have a dominant online presence, reach out to Nhance Digital. Our team of SEO professionals will walk you through the different tactics and provide you with a tailored solution for your business.


SEO Trends that Matter Most in 2020

2020 is proving to be a crucial year for SEO. With the constant changes in search engine algorithms and forever evolving consumer behaviour, it is vital to take charge of things before the changes become too overwhelming. This is why you must make the most of the new trends with the help of professional SEO marketing companies in Liverpool like Nhance Digital and craft an effective SEO strategy.

Content based on search intent

Today, it is no longer enough to simply throw a few keywords into an article or a blog post and expect it to show up in the SERPs. The main reason for this is that Google does not just show results on the basis of keywords, but the results also take into consideration the search intent of the users. This basically means that Google and other search engines are showing exactly what users are looking for.

Responsive design and mobile search

2020 is the era of mobile search, which means that your website must be optimised for mobile devices. At Nhance Digital, we are experienced in creating websites that are responsive. By having a responsive website, you can make sure that your website easily adapts to various screen sizes. Since more and more users are relying on mobile searches today, responsive website design is no longer an option, but a necessity.

Use a combination of long and short keyword phrases

Thanks to mobile searches, people are writing out long sentences in the search console of search engines. So, if you want to stand out from your competitors, it is crucial that you make use of short, as well as, long keyword phrases when creating content for your website. Thanks to our team of experienced keyword researchers, we can help you in finding the most relevant keywords for your website.

Local SEO

Previously, only businesses with physical stores used to invest in local SEO. But, this year, local SEO has become crucial to all businesses. The implementation of local SEO tactics helps in the establishment of brands in certain geographical areas. So, you can create awareness of your brand in the locality or region that your company is based out of. As you get more traffic and your brand loyalty increases, it will help you in your long-term digital marketing plans as well.

If you wish to know more SEO trends, connect with Nhance Digital.