Things to remember when designing an SEO-friendly website

SEO is integral to businesses operating online, but very few realise that search engine optimisation must be built into the website design process. SEO should not be an afterthought and added later when the website is ready. After all, your website is going to be the centre of your digital marketing world.

Here, Nhance Digital’s team of website designers and SEO specialists have outlined the important things that you need to know when developing an SEO-friendly website.

The core elements for a well-optimised design process


You need to come up with a domain name for your business that will let your users know what you are offering. The domain name should make sense and all your subdomains should also point to your main website.


Hosting is important and if you do not follow the rules, you might end up with a slow website. When it comes to hosting, you need to be situated where your target audience is situated. Also, be platform-specific.


The content management system or CMS that you choose for your website can majorly influence your success. WordPress is a good option, but it is not the only one. You can talk to our website developers to know which CMS is right for you.

Mobile-friendly website design

Most people use their mobile devices today to conduct Internet searches. Even Google acknowledges this shift and the search giant has introduced the mobile-first index. So, when you are designing your website to impress the search engines, you must give importance to mobile-friendliness. We recommend opting for a responsive website design so that your webpages can easily adapt according to the different screen sizes.

From an SEO perspective, mobile-friendliness is a ranking factor for mobile search.

Page speed

In the mobile era, speed is another major consideration. If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, your target audience will become impatient and they might even bounce to the website of your competitor. If you are unsure of the loading speed of your webpages, you can reach out to our SEO specialists. We can conduct a page speed test and even offer quick fixes.


The navigation of your website is equally important. If you have a well-structured website, the navigation is going to work with the URLs, the structure and other components, such as XML sitemaps to solidify what each piece of content or webpage is about.

Navigation is not just a design element that is found at the top of the website. It is how you can encourage users to explore the most important parts of your website. You can use navigation as a tool to raise awareness of the additional services that you are offering.

Furthermore, make sure that navigation is kept simple. Website visitors should not have to think too much, but they should be able to follow the signs and links to find what they are looking for.

Well-optimised website content

When you are crafting website content, you need to keep the language simple and make sure to explain what you do. Users should not feel confused after reading the content on your website. Also, keyword research is important and should be done before you start writing the content. Keywords will help users to find what they are looking for without having to go through the entire website.

Also, the content must be well-structured. There should be proper title tags, meta tags and descriptions. Use headings and sub-headings properly so that it captures the idea and essence of the content. This not only helps users to browse through and get an idea of what your webpage is about, but helps search engine crawlers when they are crawling your webpages for indexing purposes.

So, these are a few things that you need to keep in mind when designing a website. There are also other factors to consider, such as the internal link structure, the URL structure, optimisation of images and so on. If you want detailed information on what the website design process entails, you can speak to Nhance Digital’s team of website designers and developers. We are a web design company in London with over 10 years’ experience and work with SEO specialists to create well-optimised websites. Talk to us, today!

On-page SEO improvements that you can make right away

Perfecting on-page SEO is crucial, but it is easy to overthink and take it too far. Of course, the right keyword density, consistently crafting valuable content and optimising your website for a great mobile viewing experience is necessary, but they are big changes. At Nhance Digital, our SEO specialists can help you make these changes.
However, we want to talk about the small changes that make big impacts on the SERP rankings. Take a look below at the simple and quick on-page improvements that can give boost your SEO campaign.

Fix the title tags

Perfecting the title tags is important as they are the first thing that a visitor will notice when visiting your website. The title tags should also be optimised for SEO. You can use relevant keywords to create a good title as this will tell your audience, as well as, Google what your webpage is focusing on. This is going to enhance the relevance of your webpage and tell users exactly what your page is about.

At the end of the title tag, you can even add your brand name. This will help you in creating brand awareness. However, remember to keep the title tags less than 60 characters. If you need help fixing them, our SEO specialists can be hired for the job.

Let each webpage solve a specific problem

If you want to improve on-page SEO, you can build each webpage around a specific problem that is relevant to your audience. When crafting website content, make sure that the content solves the problem at hand and gives your audience the right solution. This will ensure that each page specialises on a specific topic. Since Google’s ultimate aim is to provide the best result for a search query, being relevant and focused heightens your chances of acquiring a top-ranking position.

Craft detailed content to provide valuable information

We are not saying that long content is better than short content, but your website needs to have a mix of them. As Google focuses on user experience, the search giant values content that is detailed and valuable. Simply put, the content should satisfy the query of your target audience and give them all the information they need. So, by expanding your website content and creating lengthy blogs, you can turn your website into a true authority. For this, you can even use long-tail keywords.

Focus on relevant internal linking

There is more to links that off-page link building. You also have to focus on internal linking. The links that built on your website from one webpage to another play a vital role in telling Google and other search engines which of your webpages are the most valuable. Moreover, when you link one webpage to the other, you are encouraging website visitors to click on the links and explore your website. But, ensure that the internal links are relevant.

Structured URL is crucial for getting good SEO results

When it comes to the visibility of your website in organic search, your website’s URL structure has the biggest impact. Even though your URL should be short, you can include relevant keywords so that the search engine crawlers know that the page is highly important.

Also, the URL structure of a website tells the search engine crawlers a lot about the webpage. It gives them an idea of what the page is about and this increases the chances of a high ranking position.

Images have to be optimised

Your website must have high-quality images, but the pictures have to be optimised so that they do not affect the loading speed of your website. Website speed is one of the ranking factors of Google. We can optimise the images on your website so that your website can load fast and does not compromise the user experience.

Do you need help with on-page SEO?

If you are not satisfied with the on-page SEO of your website and thinking of restructuring your website, you can reach out to Nhance Digital. We are a revered SEO services company in London and provide personalised SEO services at budget-friendly rates. Leverage the expertise and experience of our team of SEO specialists to boost your SEO efforts.

Social Media Marketing in 2021 – What is Trending?

Similar to search engines, social media platforms are known for introducing new features and updating their algorithms. This is why social media agencies like Nhance Digital have to continuously evolve and adapt to the latest trends. For example, consider Instagram stories. The domain of disappearing content was dominated by Snapchat and there were no other players. Today, more than 500 million people use this feature on Instagram regularly. Even Facebook has adopted disappearing stories after Instagram’s success.

This is testimony to how quickly trends change in social media and why you need to be prepared. With that said, we have put together some of the top social media trends that you should consider for your brand to go viral across social platforms.

Live streams

Live streaming gained newfound popularity after the breakout of the coronavirus pandemic. Since business had to shut down and social distancing norms had to be maintained, a lot of businesses took advantage of the live streaming feature to get their message out. Facebook and Instagram saw a huge rise in live streaming during this crisis and it is being predicted that this trend is here to stay.

Now that people have learned how to interact with brands without leaving their homes, they are never going back to how things were. So, if you did not take advantage of the live stream feature before, do it now.

Social commerce is growing more than ever

Social media platforms are constantly evolving and trying to enhance the user experience. They are also coming up with new and improved features to support easy and quick shopping. For instance, you can start selling your products on Facebook and Instagram. You can upload your products and even enable easy checkout. If you need help adopting social commerce to boost your bottom line, you can reach out to Nhance Digital. Our social media marketing specialists know the inner workings of the various social media platforms. They can help you get a competitive edge.

Stories as a content format

Instagram stories are massively popular and people interact with this feature daily. They have become a dominant content format and will continue to be so. To stand apart from other brands, you need to have an organised approach in place to upload valuable and relevant stories.

Inclusivity and social messages are important

On social media, people are not just looking for brands that are offering premium products and services, but brands that are socially aware and willing to include different communities. Since the pandemic has already taught us about loss, your social media content needs to be focused on appealing to the emotional side of your audience. Your posts must show the things that you are passionate about and how your brand is helping the community at large. Along with crafting the right content, you also need to host several CSR events online to show your audience that you care about your surroundings and willing to give back to society.

Transparency and authenticity are crucial

Consumers are getting smarter and they want to associate themselves with brands that are not afraid to be authentic and transparent. If you want your target audience to trust you, be honest with them. If you have made a mistake, your potential customers will appreciate if you own to them and promise to rectify your mistakes. Also, you must not delete the negative comments. You need to acknowledge them and address them. This will show your audience that you care about their issues and willing to make changes. Since we are also an online reputation management company, you can rely on us to take care of your reputation on social media platforms.

Social media trends are going to change rapidly and if you want to stay on top of them, you need to partner with a social media agency in the UK like Nhance Digital. Our 10 years’ experience in the industry and a team of highly motivated social media marketers allow us to offer customised solutions to our clients. Tell us your specific needs and business objectives. Our team will revert with a personalised strategy to satisfy your individualised requirements. Contact us right away.

Bounce Rate – Everything You Need to Know

Bounce rate relates to the percentage of visitors who are leaving your website without taking any action like, filing a form, clicking on links, making a transaction or subscribing to a newsletter. When visitors come to your website and immediately leave, the bounce rate of your website increases. If the bounce rate is extremely high, it can adversely affect your SEO efforts and you might not get the desired ranking position on the SERPs.

Being a premier SEO company in Manchester, Nhance Digital has more than 10 years’ experience in providing SEO services and helping businesses of all sizes become a successful brand online. Whilst business owners focus on designing the perfect website and spending a huge amount on running PPC ads, they forget about the bounce rate. If your SEO efforts are not working as well as you had imagined, it might be time for you to audit your campaigns and website, check the bounce rate and fix the issues.

Reasons why people bounce from a website

The bounce rate is not the same for all websites. If the bounce rate for your website is high, it means that visitors are bouncing off without interacting. The possible reasons for this are given below.

UX issues

When visitors visit your website, they expect to have a memorable experience. The overall experience of a visitor would depend on the aesthetic appeal of your website, the quality content, navigation speed, page-loading speed and so on. Also, the overall UX of a website is an important metric for determining the ranking position of the websites.

Bad quality of content

If your website content is sub-par, your visitors will not be impressed. The poor quality of content is going to dissuade them from further exploring your website.

Technical errors

Technical errors like, 303, 404, bugs and other such issues where the domain is temporarily unavailable or access is denied can increase the bounce rate. Also, if your website does not have an SSL certification and Google deems your website as unsafe, it will make visitors bounce off.

Ways to reduce bounce rate and get the desired SEO results

Craft good quality website content

When it comes to reducing the bounce rate of a website, content plays an integral role. If you provide well-structured, relevant and valuable information to the visitors, they are going to stay longer to explore your website. Make sure to include infographics and images to make your website visually appealing. This will give your visitors reasons to stick around. If you need it, you can employ our content writing services to help you curate stellar content for your website.

Enhance the page-load time of your website

The loading time of your website pages is important because people tend to bounce off websites that take more than 3 seconds to load. For a smooth browsing experience, you need to make sure that your website loads quickly and provides users with valuable content.

Optimise your website for mobile

Today, most people browse websites on their mobile devices. So, it is essential that your website is optimised for a smooth mobile browsing experience. A responsive design for your website would be ideal as it would mean that your website can easily adapt to various screen sizes.

Simple and good website navigation

The navigation of your website must add to the overall user experience of your website. Make sure that your website includes compact, smooth and simple navigational experience for the visitors, irrespective of whether they are viewing your website on mobile or desktop. When the navigation is simple and visitors can easily find what they need, the bounce rate will reduce automatically.

Impactful CTAs

Good, impactful CTAs that encourage visitors to take actions is crucial. Your visitors have to be told what to do next after they have come to your website. Whether you want them to make a transaction or sign up for email alerts, encourage and nudge them in the right direction.

So, have you been noticing an increased website bounce rate? If so and you do not know how to fix the problem, reach out to Nhance Digital. Our SEO specialists will conduct a website audit and give you a detailed report of the elements that need to be fixed. Call us, today!