Social Media Marketing in 2021 – What is Trending?

Similar to search engines, social media platforms are known for introducing new features and updating their algorithms. This is why social media agencies like Nhance Digital have to continuously evolve and adapt to the latest trends. For example, consider Instagram stories. The domain of disappearing content was dominated by Snapchat and there were no other players. Today, more than 500 million people use this feature on Instagram regularly. Even Facebook has adopted disappearing stories after Instagram’s success.

This is testimony to how quickly trends change in social media and why you need to be prepared. With that said, we have put together some of the top social media trends that you should consider for your brand to go viral across social platforms.

Live streams

Live streaming gained newfound popularity after the breakout of the coronavirus pandemic. Since business had to shut down and social distancing norms had to be maintained, a lot of businesses took advantage of the live streaming feature to get their message out. Facebook and Instagram saw a huge rise in live streaming during this crisis and it is being predicted that this trend is here to stay.

Now that people have learned how to interact with brands without leaving their homes, they are never going back to how things were. So, if you did not take advantage of the live stream feature before, do it now.

Social commerce is growing more than ever

Social media platforms are constantly evolving and trying to enhance the user experience. They are also coming up with new and improved features to support easy and quick shopping. For instance, you can start selling your products on Facebook and Instagram. You can upload your products and even enable easy checkout. If you need help adopting social commerce to boost your bottom line, you can reach out to Nhance Digital. Our social media marketing specialists know the inner workings of the various social media platforms. They can help you get a competitive edge.

Stories as a content format

Instagram stories are massively popular and people interact with this feature daily. They have become a dominant content format and will continue to be so. To stand apart from other brands, you need to have an organised approach in place to upload valuable and relevant stories.

Inclusivity and social messages are important

On social media, people are not just looking for brands that are offering premium products and services, but brands that are socially aware and willing to include different communities. Since the pandemic has already taught us about loss, your social media content needs to be focused on appealing to the emotional side of your audience. Your posts must show the things that you are passionate about and how your brand is helping the community at large. Along with crafting the right content, you also need to host several CSR events online to show your audience that you care about your surroundings and willing to give back to society.

Transparency and authenticity are crucial

Consumers are getting smarter and they want to associate themselves with brands that are not afraid to be authentic and transparent. If you want your target audience to trust you, be honest with them. If you have made a mistake, your potential customers will appreciate if you own to them and promise to rectify your mistakes. Also, you must not delete the negative comments. You need to acknowledge them and address them. This will show your audience that you care about their issues and willing to make changes. Since we are also an online reputation management company, you can rely on us to take care of your reputation on social media platforms.

Social media trends are going to change rapidly and if you want to stay on top of them, you need to partner with a social media agency in the UK like Nhance Digital. Our 10 years’ experience in the industry and a team of highly motivated social media marketers allow us to offer customised solutions to our clients. Tell us your specific needs and business objectives. Our team will revert with a personalised strategy to satisfy your individualised requirements. Contact us right away.