Bounce Rate – Everything You Need to Know

Bounce rate relates to the percentage of visitors who are leaving your website without taking any action like, filing a form, clicking on links, making a transaction or subscribing to a newsletter. When visitors come to your website and immediately leave, the bounce rate of your website increases. If the bounce rate is extremely high, it can adversely affect your SEO efforts and you might not get the desired ranking position on the SERPs.

Being a premier SEO company in Manchester, Nhance Digital has more than 10 years’ experience in providing SEO services and helping businesses of all sizes become a successful brand online. Whilst business owners focus on designing the perfect website and spending a huge amount on running PPC ads, they forget about the bounce rate. If your SEO efforts are not working as well as you had imagined, it might be time for you to audit your campaigns and website, check the bounce rate and fix the issues.

Reasons why people bounce from a website

The bounce rate is not the same for all websites. If the bounce rate for your website is high, it means that visitors are bouncing off without interacting. The possible reasons for this are given below.

UX issues

When visitors visit your website, they expect to have a memorable experience. The overall experience of a visitor would depend on the aesthetic appeal of your website, the quality content, navigation speed, page-loading speed and so on. Also, the overall UX of a website is an important metric for determining the ranking position of the websites.

Bad quality of content

If your website content is sub-par, your visitors will not be impressed. The poor quality of content is going to dissuade them from further exploring your website.

Technical errors

Technical errors like, 303, 404, bugs and other such issues where the domain is temporarily unavailable or access is denied can increase the bounce rate. Also, if your website does not have an SSL certification and Google deems your website as unsafe, it will make visitors bounce off.

Ways to reduce bounce rate and get the desired SEO results

Craft good quality website content

When it comes to reducing the bounce rate of a website, content plays an integral role. If you provide well-structured, relevant and valuable information to the visitors, they are going to stay longer to explore your website. Make sure to include infographics and images to make your website visually appealing. This will give your visitors reasons to stick around. If you need it, you can employ our content writing services to help you curate stellar content for your website.

Enhance the page-load time of your website

The loading time of your website pages is important because people tend to bounce off websites that take more than 3 seconds to load. For a smooth browsing experience, you need to make sure that your website loads quickly and provides users with valuable content.

Optimise your website for mobile

Today, most people browse websites on their mobile devices. So, it is essential that your website is optimised for a smooth mobile browsing experience. A responsive design for your website would be ideal as it would mean that your website can easily adapt to various screen sizes.

Simple and good website navigation

The navigation of your website must add to the overall user experience of your website. Make sure that your website includes compact, smooth and simple navigational experience for the visitors, irrespective of whether they are viewing your website on mobile or desktop. When the navigation is simple and visitors can easily find what they need, the bounce rate will reduce automatically.

Impactful CTAs

Good, impactful CTAs that encourage visitors to take actions is crucial. Your visitors have to be told what to do next after they have come to your website. Whether you want them to make a transaction or sign up for email alerts, encourage and nudge them in the right direction.

So, have you been noticing an increased website bounce rate? If so and you do not know how to fix the problem, reach out to Nhance Digital. Our SEO specialists will conduct a website audit and give you a detailed report of the elements that need to be fixed. Call us, today!