The top SEO metrics that you need to know

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As a digital marketing company in London, NHANCE Digital’s team of marketers consider it important to measure the success of our SEO work. We work with several tools to assess the progress of our SEO strategies. Our SEO professionals also monitor the SEO metrics and prepare reports for the clients.
Here, we have spoken about some of the most important SEO metrics that we take into consideration. These metrics allow us to ascertain whether the strategies implemented by us are working and bringing results.

Organic website traffic

This is one of the most important SEO metrics. Organic traffic relates to the online traffic that a website earns after appearing in the SERPs. This online traffic is earned without having to pay for them.
The reason why this metric is crucial is because it shows how many people are visiting your website. The more number of people visiting your website, the more are your chances of converting them to actual paying customers. Overall, 60% of the total traffic to your website is represented by organic traffic.

Rate of conversion

A huge number of organic traffic is great because it gives you the opportunity to convert them into leads and customers. If your conversion rates are high, it means that you are acquiring more customers and your business is growing. The number of leads that you are converting into sales would ultimately boost your bottom line and bring more revenue.

Bounce rates

The bounce rate relates to the number of people who have bounced away from your webpages or website. It is always better to have a lower bounce rate. If the bounce rate of your website is high, it means that your website is not properly optimised and visitors are not liking what they are seeing or experiencing.
To lower your bounce rate, you need to audit your website and find out the issues. Some of the common problems might be slow-loading pages, poor content, poor visuals, confusing navigation, not optimised for mobile devices and so on. It is important to fix these issues or you will be doing your competitors a favour.

The CTR or click-through rate

The click-through rate or CTR refers to the number of people who are clicking your link after they have viewed it on the SERPs. You must pay attention to the percentage because it is a clear indication of how well your webpages are ranking in the search engine results. It is also an indication of how much the content is appealing to your target audience.
If your CTR is not as much as you have expected, it means that your audience is not liking what they are seeing.

Titles and descriptions that are duplicate

It is important to audit your website frequently to check that there are no duplicate descriptions and titles that can negatively impact your SEO rankings. When several pages have the same meta descriptions, title or content, they can limit your ability to rank on Google and also dilute your topical authority.
If there are any duplicate content, make sure to fix the problem right away.

Number of pages crawled per day

We can help you get the information of how many pages have been crawled by search engine crawlers per day for the last ninety days. If your website has thousands of webpages and only a negligible percentage has been crawled, it means that there might a problem with your website. It might be that your pages have some issues that are preventing the bots from crawling your page. If your pages do not get crawled, they will also not get indexed and your audience will not be able to find it online.
So, these are few of the important SEO metrics that we closely follow on behalf of our clients. We make sure that the metrics are checked properly and if any website is not functioning properly, our specialists immediately come up with a strategy.
If you have been on the lookout for a digital marketing agency in London, contact Nhance Digital. We will take care of the SEO needs of your website, along with website design, social media marketing and more.