Top SEO techniques that you should be using in 2021

Positioning your webpages on the top of Google SERPs ranking is crucial, especially if you want your website to have an enormous organic reach. Well-ranked pages also increase the possibility of attracting, as well as, converting leads. You can achieve this objective by applying SEO techniques that are specifically designed to adapt to the ranking criteria of Google’s algorithms.

However, these criteria are not permanent as Google frequently changes and updates them.

Besides Google’s algorithms and ranking factors, it is also important to consider the preferences and behaviour of your audience. Maintaining a good ranking position is somewhat synonymous with the quality of experience that you are offering your website visitors.
With that in mind, NHANCE Digital has outlined some of the most vital SEO techniques that you should be using in 2021. Take a look.

Valuable and Relevant Content

The importance of good, plagiarism-free content continues to rise year on year. It is no different in 2021. The difference, however, is in the way that content is created. Today, you need to craft content based on user persona so that when your target audience reads the content, they feel satisfied. The content should give readers an idea of your company, products or services and also touch upon the needs, wishes and pains of the audience.

Right from your website content to blog posts and articles, each one of them should be created carefully. You need to have a content development strategy, which is based on proper market and user research.

Put emphasis on user experience

Satisfying your target audience is important when you are hoping to achieve success in SEO. But, you must remember that satisfaction does not only depend on quality content.

When we talk of good user experience or satisfaction, we are referring to your user’s interaction with each element of your website or brand. Simply put, when visitors are visiting your website, they should find intuitive menus, fast-loading pages, relevant content, CTA buttons, simple navigation and other such elements that will make their experience richer and more long-lasting.

SEO for mobile devices – a necessity!

Have you been following SEO trends of the previous years? If so, you might already know that mobile SEO has become more important than ever. It all started with mobile searches surpassing desktop searches. After which, Google thought of rolling out the mobile-first search index. With this, Google has been considering mobile versions of a website as primary and considering the desktop version as secondary.

This means that by now, you should have a responsive website that works brilliantly across all devices and screen sizes. As a leading SEO provider in the UK, we can tell you that having one website is better than designing two websites – one mobile version and one desktop version. One responsive website would mean that the website will adapt easily to the device that it is being viewed in. You do not have to worry about the expenses or maintenance of two separate websites.

Website security is a must

When it comes to ranking websites, Google assesses the security status of websites. If you want your SEO strategy to be a success, you need to add security features like, SSL certificates. Unless you do this, your visitors will know that they are visiting a website that is not secured. They might not access your page since safety is of utmost importance in today’s online environment.

Know the search intent of your target audience

For a long time, Google has prioritised user-focused optimisation. The objective is to deliver content that caters to the specific intentions of the users. This means that you need to first understand the intension of your audience before creating content. Also, the content has to be written using natural language. Always remember that you are creating content for your users as well and not just for the search engine crawlers.

So, have you been using these SEO techniques? If you need any help, you can reach out to NHANCE Digital, your go-to SEO services company in the UK. Our SEO specialists will provide you with a personalised strategy according to your budget and business objectives.