Ways to build and protect your business’ online reputation

Today, everyone is living in a search-happy world. It is a given that before customers consider doing business with you, they will Google you first. This is why it is imperative that your brand’s online presence is strong. Creating a shareable, reputable and easily searchable content is your best defence against negative reviews or comments appearing first in search results for your business. But, just creating an online brand presence is not enough, you also have to ensure that you have a spotless online reputation. How can you do that? We, at NHANCE Digital, have listed below online reputation management practices that will help shape the search results of your brand and boost its online credibility.

Always keep your website updated

Website is the first place that your potential customers will visit when researching about your business. You have to ensure to leave a strong first impression. Once you have taken care of the basics like, the contact information, landing page and product or service offerings, you can add other features.

You can write a good bio on your website so that people know what your company is all about and what you are offering. In the bio, you can include your past experiences, area of expertise, major accomplishments and so on.

Also, if there are any changes in the location of your company or contact information, update your website with the relevant details. An up-to-date website gives customers the assurance that the business is legitimate and credible.

Create a blog for your company

A company blog can help you achieve a lot more than just greater visibility in the SERPs. It can also drive more traffic to your website and help you in building relationships with your target audience. Most importantly, a company blog will position you as a leader in your niche. It will provide your potential customers all the information that they need regarding your business, products or latest industry trends. A well-written blog will give you both exposure and authority. In order to give your online reputation a boost, you must keep the company blog updated with new posts.

Focus on managing online reviews

On average, 88% of all customers read and trust online reviews. This only comes second to personal recommendations. So, you cannot ignore the importance of online reviews. Showcasing the experience that your customers have had with your company can create realistic and positive expectations. However, this also means that you are opening yourself up to negative reviews who may not have had a great experience with your company.

This is why you need to manage online reviews. You have to encourage your customers to leave a positive review so that the negative reviews do not come in focus. Also, you have to treat your customers’ right and provide them with what you promise. Most importantly, regardless of whether the feedback is positive or negative, you must respond to them. This will show your customers that you care.

Socialise relevant content of your company

Social networking websites like, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are extremely popular. They are also a great platform to advertise your company and connect with potential customers. You can great social media accounts for your company and share relevant information to showcase that your company is active. Being found on social media is also a great way to build and maintain your online reputation. These platforms give you ample opportunities to engage with your target audience and create long-lasting relationships.

Do not ignore your personal brand

If you focus on developing your personal brand the same way that you develop your business brand, you will have increased influence and visibility on the SERPs. This is particularly true in the case of up-and-coming businesses trying to find a foothold in the industry.

You must remember that an online reputation can make or break your business. If you do not invest in managing your brand’s online reputation, you may lose out on a lot of potential customers. It can severely impact your bottom line. If you need help, connect with NHANCE Digital. We are an online reputation management agency in the UK specializing in providing bespoke solutions.

How to Craft the Perfect Post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

Managing a results-driven social media strategy is a challenge for businesses of all types and sizes. Discovering how, when and which features to use when it comes to creating posts takes time and effort. Also, no two posts can be similar as the social media platforms are different. For instance:

  • Facebook is for keeping in touch
  • Twitter is for sharing information
  • Instagram is for sharing videos and photos

As one of the leading providers of social media marketing services, NHANCE Digital offers some tips and tricks on how to create the right posts for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Facebook posts

  • Make the posts engaging with visuals – Images remain one of the most engaging posts on Facebook. You can also upload creatively made videos, along with a catchy caption.
  • Keep the copy free of links – Long URLs do not make your copy appealing. There is no point in using precious update real estate for such horrendously lengthy URL. Users can easily click on the title or generated thumbnail for the URL to navigate to the webpage, blog post or any URL that you wish to link to.
  • Increase the word count of the post – Posts with 80 words or more can garner a lot more engagement than posts with fewer words. However, we are not implying that all your posts should be 80+ words. But, you have to mix and match.
  • Employ different punctuation – For your posts to stand out on Facebook, you can make use of different punctuation. Some of your posts can carry hashtags, others can come with an exclamation mark or question mark.
  • The titles should be less than 100 characters – When posted on Facebook Business Page, titles that are more than 100 characters get automatically cut off. So, make sure to reduce the title character so that half of it does not get hidden from view.

Other tips would include experimenting with emoticons, publishing your posts on weekends or after work hours and reflecting recent happenings on your posts. You can also make your posts interesting by publishing trivia, quizzes and so on. This will make your posts more appealing to your Facebook followers.

Twitter posts

  • Always keep your tweets short – Ideally, 120 to 130 characters is good for Twitter posts. All your tweets must be succinct, giving as much information as needed.
  • For retweets, include Twitter handles – If you are sharing an article or stat, remember to include the Twitter handle of influencers. This increases the chances of your tweet being retweeted. The goal is to have your tweet shared as many times as possible.
  • Be judicious when it comes to hashtags – Do not fill your Twitter posts with just hashtags. One or two is more than enough to garner attention. Also, ensure not to force trending hashtags on posts where it is not required. Simply put, only include hashtags that are relevant to your post or industry.
  • Use visual content – Visuals are also important for Twitter as it is for Facebook. Even though normal tweets are typically not shared with a photo, you can include images in some of your posts to make them more engaging. You can also include short videos.

Additionally, you can include links in the middle of your post so that it catches the attention of your audience.

Instagram posts

  • Include important information in the first 2 lines of the caption – Even though Instagram gives you 2,200 characters, the text gets truncated after 3 lines of text. To grab the attention of your audience, you should keep your opening line catchy.
  • Micro-blogging – Micro-blogging is trending on Instagram and you can make use of this to share valuable content with your target audience. You can take your audience behind-the-scenes, offer tips and tricks and so on.
  • Hashtags – These allow Instagrammers to find new content and also accounts to follow. So, use as many as 11 or more hashtags. But, make sure they are relevant.
  • Encourage replies – Ask your followers to directly respond to your posts. This is one of the best ways to enhance engagement on your Instagram posts.

Besides, use good quality images for your posts. If you want to know more, contact NHANCE Digital. Our social media marketers will gladly help you out.

How is link building helpful for your website?

Link building is an essential part of SEO. It is the process of getting links to your website by implementing various strategies like writing high-quality content, crafting guest blogs, commenting on blogs, writing reviews, and so on. Even though Google did not previously care much about the quality of links, the present scenario is different. Today, quality is all that matters, and that’s why link building is such a challenging process. You cannot merely focus on quantity, but each of the links you get must be of the highest quality and from relevant, high-authority sources.

Do you want to know how link building can prove beneficial for your website? Nhance Digital’s team of highly-trained link builders outlines below some of the ways that link building can be helpful.

Website traffic increases significantly

Link building is one of the best ways to attract relevant audiences from niche authority websites. We can help you build a results-driven link building plan that targets industry niches and relevant audiences. It helps in driving traffic to your website from external sources. When it comes to determining the health of a website, website traffic is probably one of the most crucial factors.

Search rankings get a boost

One of the primary reasons why people invest in SEO is to rank on the first page of Google’s SERP. As an experienced online marketing company, we want to tell you that building quality backlinks can help you climb search rankings. Good quality backlinks considered a ranking factor by Google. So, the more backlinks that you have, the better are your chances of ranking on SERP’s top ten.

Reputation and credibility improves

As per Google, a website that has several quality backlinks is a website that can be trusted. Backlinks mean that high authority websites are willing to endorse you. With this, the credibility and reputation of your website increase in front of Google and other search engines. When a user finds that one of your backlinks is leading to an authority website, the user regards your website as trustworthy and credible.

Increased opportunity for sales and revenue generation

Better metrics and higher website traffic open up to lucrative opportunities for generating revenue. You can sell more of your products or services. Also, you are in a position to generate newer avenues for increasing your revenues. As you continue to work on acquiring good backlinks from trusted sources, you are increasing your chances of enhancing your profit margin.

Be able to establish your brand as a voice of authority

Every brand, big or small, hopes to stand at the top of the hierarchy in their respective sector. With a sustained link building tactic in place, your brand can emerge as a voice of authority in your industry. If there is any discussion in your sector, the voice of your brand will define conversations. Internet users will give more importance to what you have to say. If you want your website or brand to hold such a position in the online world, you need to have a strong link building campaign in place. In case you do not have one, Nhance Digital’s link builders will be more than happy to help.

Get better online exposure and visibility

When it comes to link building, you could find webmasters mostly talking about how backlinks help in increasing search rankings. But, link building also helps in generating leads. With the help of effective link building strategies, you can reach out and connect with a newer audience who are outside of your immediate target market. You can also open yourself up to a new market. In the long run, this can be highly beneficial for your business. As you gain more visibility and exposure online, more and more people come to learn about your brand, and this creates more opportunities for sale.

So, these are a few of the ways by which link building is beneficial for websites. If you wish to know how link building can help your website in particular, avail our affordable SEO link building service. We conduct a thorough audit of your website and provide you with a personalised link building plan.

SEM Trends that Will Stay Beyond 2018

Do you know that Google makes a minimum of 500 to 600 updates to its search engine algorithm? Every little adjustment and tweak impacts where your website or brand shows up on SERP.  The search giant is also constantly making enhancements and changes to how you re-engage consumers, how you bid, call conversion enhancements and so much more. As you can see, technology is changing rapidly and SEM (search engine marketing) is not an exception. If you want to stay on top, consider joining hands with search engine marketing agencies like, Nhance Digital. Our team of SEM expert have rounded up some trends that are most likely going to stay relevant beyond 2018. Take a look.

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Steps to Make Social Media Marketing Work for Your Business

So, you are unsure of social media marketing? You are not alone. At Nhance Digital, we come across several business owners who realise the importance of social media, but express their concerns regarding the ROI. However, being part of the digital marketing world for over 10 years, we have come to recognise social media as one of the most vital channels for any small and midsize business. But, you need to fully comprehend this platform before jumping in as that can lead to ruining your brand name and reputation.

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4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

In this day and age, marketing is as important as developing a good product or service. Companies have been created, as well as, damaged due to the right and wrong kind of marketing, respectively. The need of the hour for businesses across all sectors and industries is to have a dominant presence in the digital marketplace. This is because a good chunk of consumers is present in this space.

Whilst hunting for a digital marketing agency, keep in mind the following four critical factors.

# Define the services that you require to attain your goals

Before looking for a digital marketing firm, it is vital to define the marketing objectives of your company. Sit with your internal team to find out the gaps in your marketing strategy that needs to be filled. For instance, you might require SEO services or need to run a social media or PPC campaign and so on. Once you know the services you are looking for, searching for an agency offering the same will become easier.

# Find out the strategies and processes employed by the agency

When looking for an agency partner, look for one that can provide you with a distinct and clear process to craft a strategy right from the start. The top digital marketing companies usually perform a SWOT analysis to assess their client’s’ website. Based on the SWOT report, they offer a tailored online marketing strategy.

# Enquire about the credentials of the employees

Digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape and you need to work with a company that is capable of adapting itself with the constant changes and transformations. Do not feel hesitant to ask about the qualifications and experience of the team of professionals who will be handling your project. This will help to give you a clear idea if the agency is well-versed with your domain and will be able to provide you with measurable results.

# Check portfolio of completed projects

The best way to find out if the agency will be able to meet your business needs and objectives is by having a look at their past projects. You will get a clear idea about the kind of expertise that they have and if they are aligned with your requirements.

Now, that you know what factors can influence your selection, it is time you begin your search, which again will bring you to several companies to choose from. Nhance Digital is one such company worth considering. We adhere to a 360 degree approach to deliver you ROI-based digital marketing solutions.

Online Reputation Management – The Solution To Achieving Sustainable Success

The Internet offers you unlimited business opportunities. However, it can also be a scary place. One negative or bad review about you, your brand or your business can turn everything that you have worked for into an overnight failure. Contact Nhance Digital if you do not want your business to turn into a shadow of its former self. We provide a reputation management service at a reasonable price to help online businesses maintain their credibility. Our reputation management service can also be used by individuals who want to build a positive image of themselves online.

We Provide Strategies To Promote Positive Reviews

If you want your online business to be a huge success, it is important that you are able to generate as many positive comments as possible. A lot of customers go through reviews to decide which products or services they should use. If you are looking for reputation management for business then our experts can assist you by crafting bespoke ideas. With our help, you can look forward to receiving lots of positive comments about your products or services. We will tirelessly work to make sure that your business gives a positive impression.

Our Services Help You Maintain The Reputation Of Your Brand

The reputation of your brand is vital for the success of your business. Thanks to our social media reputation management, we will ensure that your brand is the talk-of-the-town for all the right reasons. Leave it to our experts to create a buzz around your business to help attract your target audience and increase your sales.

We Offer Reputation Management Services to Businesses And Individuals

Our reputation management services are not just here to help business owners maintain their brand reputation, we also help individuals create a clean positive image of themselves online. We have helped many people from different walks of life such as politicians, professionals, etc through our personal reputation management services.

At Nhance Digital, we offer a complete reputation management service, as well as a social media reputation management service. You can talk to our experts to determine which one of our services best suits your needs and objectives. Both our services are competitively priced and are guaranteed to provide you with results you can measure and help you get a high return on your investment. For more information, call us today.

2017 SEO Trends You Need to Incorporate in Your Digital Marketing

Optimising websites for search engines is a daunting task because algorithms are constantly changing. There are several factors that effect the Google algorithm, such as the way consumers search results, the way user habits arechanging due to the rising use of mobile devices etc. Nhance Digital, a leading SEO service provider, can help you stay ahead of all the latest trends. If you want your business to rank higher than your competitors, take a look at the SEO trends you need to pay attention to. Continue reading “2017 SEO Trends You Need to Incorporate in Your Digital Marketing”