How to Craft the Perfect Post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

Managing a results-driven social media strategy is a challenge for businesses of all types and sizes. Discovering how, when and which features to use when it comes to creating posts takes time and effort. Also, no two posts can be similar as the social media platforms are different. For instance:

  • Facebook is for keeping in touch
  • Twitter is for sharing information
  • Instagram is for sharing videos and photos

As one of the leading providers of social media marketing services, NHANCE Digital offers some tips and tricks on how to create the right posts for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Facebook posts

  • Make the posts engaging with visuals – Images remain one of the most engaging posts on Facebook. You can also upload creatively made videos, along with a catchy caption.
  • Keep the copy free of links – Long URLs do not make your copy appealing. There is no point in using precious update real estate for such horrendously lengthy URL. Users can easily click on the title or generated thumbnail for the URL to navigate to the webpage, blog post or any URL that you wish to link to.
  • Increase the word count of the post – Posts with 80 words or more can garner a lot more engagement than posts with fewer words. However, we are not implying that all your posts should be 80+ words. But, you have to mix and match.
  • Employ different punctuation – For your posts to stand out on Facebook, you can make use of different punctuation. Some of your posts can carry hashtags, others can come with an exclamation mark or question mark.
  • The titles should be less than 100 characters – When posted on Facebook Business Page, titles that are more than 100 characters get automatically cut off. So, make sure to reduce the title character so that half of it does not get hidden from view.

Other tips would include experimenting with emoticons, publishing your posts on weekends or after work hours and reflecting recent happenings on your posts. You can also make your posts interesting by publishing trivia, quizzes and so on. This will make your posts more appealing to your Facebook followers.

Twitter posts

  • Always keep your tweets short – Ideally, 120 to 130 characters is good for Twitter posts. All your tweets must be succinct, giving as much information as needed.
  • For retweets, include Twitter handles – If you are sharing an article or stat, remember to include the Twitter handle of influencers. This increases the chances of your tweet being retweeted. The goal is to have your tweet shared as many times as possible.
  • Be judicious when it comes to hashtags – Do not fill your Twitter posts with just hashtags. One or two is more than enough to garner attention. Also, ensure not to force trending hashtags on posts where it is not required. Simply put, only include hashtags that are relevant to your post or industry.
  • Use visual content – Visuals are also important for Twitter as it is for Facebook. Even though normal tweets are typically not shared with a photo, you can include images in some of your posts to make them more engaging. You can also include short videos.

Additionally, you can include links in the middle of your post so that it catches the attention of your audience.

Instagram posts

  • Include important information in the first 2 lines of the caption – Even though Instagram gives you 2,200 characters, the text gets truncated after 3 lines of text. To grab the attention of your audience, you should keep your opening line catchy.
  • Micro-blogging – Micro-blogging is trending on Instagram and you can make use of this to share valuable content with your target audience. You can take your audience behind-the-scenes, offer tips and tricks and so on.
  • Hashtags – These allow Instagrammers to find new content and also accounts to follow. So, use as many as 11 or more hashtags. But, make sure they are relevant.
  • Encourage replies – Ask your followers to directly respond to your posts. This is one of the best ways to enhance engagement on your Instagram posts.

Besides, use good quality images for your posts. If you want to know more, contact NHANCE Digital. Our social media marketers will gladly help you out.

Digital Marketing Strategy: Implementation and Practice

A well-designed online marketing strategy is necessary for every business owner who wants to make use of the opportunities provided by the Internet to grow their business. There are many ways to do digital marketing and this is why you need a clear strategy. Otherwise, you would be wasting time on trying out different activities, not knowing which one is right for your business. So, NHANCE Digital has outlined below the steps that you need to follow to create a winning marketing strategy. As a digital marketing agency in the UK, we recommend these steps.

  1. Set your goals

Do not jump into the world of digital marketing without goals. You need to have clear business goals and metrics that will help you to measure your online marketing efforts and how your business is growing. For instance:

  • Your goal can be to receive a minimum of 2 quotes every week through your website
  • Your goal might be to increase the number of warm leads on your email list to 1,000 by the end of the year

These are just examples. But, if you are unsure of what your business goal should be, call us and help us understand your business. Our team can help you set realistic goals based on your business needs.

  • Know your target audience

The next step is to clearly define your target audience. These are people who you are trying to reach through your digital marketing efforts.

We have come across business owners who feel that by deciding a specific group of people, they are reducing their potential target market. But, this is not true. If you try to reach out to everyone, it is possible that you will end up appealing to no one.

You need to take time to define your target audience because they are your potential customers. Think about where they hand out, who they are, how they spend their time and so on. You can also define them by their age or gender based on what products or services you are offering.

  • Get clear on where you are positioned in the marketplace

You need to know what the USP of your business is before you move on to the action steps of your digital marketing strategy. Think about what makes your business different or why should somebody choose you and not your competitors.

Once you have this figured out, it will help you in sending the right message to your target audience.

  • Select specific activities and tactics

After steps 1 to 3, the important groundwork has already been done. Now, you have to get down to the plan of action and you should find it quite easy. Here, you have to select the specific tactics that will help you achieve the goals that you have set. You can begin with a quick audit of your present activities. Based on the audit report, keep the activities that are working and get rid of the rest.

However, since Google is always coming up with new changes, we prefer to carry out periodic audits. This helps us in keeping up with the changing times and helping our clients stay a step ahead.

  • Decide how to measure your results

By now, you must be excited and eager to start implementing your newly planned digital marketing strategy. But, before jumping in, you have to define how to measure the results.

For instance, you can keep a weekly note of the number of leads that you are receiving through your website contact form or you can set up Google Analytics on your website to know where your website traffic is coming from. Get in touch with NHANCE Digital to know more ways of measuring results.

  • Schedule a time to review and improve your online marketing strategy

Finally, it is time to fix a date when you would be reviewing the progress of your strategy. You should give the tactics enough time to show some results, but not too much time that you end up wasting time.

Now, that you are done with the hard steps, it is time to put your digital marketing plan to practice. If you still need help, NHANCE Digital is here for you. We are one of the top-notch digital marketing companies in London and have an in-house team to look after your specific needs.

Important link building SEO activities for 2020

Google is continually improving its algorithms, and therefore, it does not come as a surprise that the time of link baiting is gone. Today, if you want to keep your website afloat, you have to implement white hat link building strategies.

In this guide, NHANCE Digital, the SEO link building company in the UK, has outlined a few techniques that are still worth the effort in 2020. Take a look below.

Exploit ego baiting

The focus of ego baiting is on content creation that aims to appeal to an individual’s ego. This is a win-win strategy for both – you are boosting someone else’s public authority and earning a link in return. This is typically successful when the target is an industry authority or a celebrity.

This link building tactic will help expand your outreach, and raise the authority and traffic of your post. You can include influencers in your content in any one of the following ways:

  • An interview
  • A mention
  • A round-up list

Repurpose your old content

If your website has existed for a long time, it might be time for you to review your content. You will surely have a lot of old content that is relevant, but simply sitting there with no traffic. You can refresh them with new information and give them a second chance to be with your target audience. Here are a few ways you can repurpose your old content.

  • Find and include the latest facts. You can go through your content and find out if anything relevant has happened in recent years or months. You can include that information in your content and make it relevant to the present times.
  • You can also add pictures or videos to make the content seem new and repurposed
  • Insightful infographics is another great way to present your old content and make it look interesting to your audience

Write and publish a guest blog

If there is one link building tactic that never gets old, it is guest blogging. It continues to remain one of the most popular and preferred link building strategies. Guest blogs allow you to earn more backlinks, along with gaining new audiences and boosting website traffic. This is why we continue recommending guest blogging to our clients who come to us to strengthen their link building efforts. This strategy is known to always bring results. However, to get results, one has to make sure that the guest blogs are written properly and on relevant topics. Also, you have to choose the right guest blogging platform, which is relevant to your niche. We have writers who take care of the responsibility of creating guest blogs and our SEO professionals handle the keyword research and the rest.

Brand mention, but in a relevant context

When we say brand mention, a lot of our clients think that they can simply mention their brand name anywhere and everywhere. But, that is absolutely wrong. You have to find the relevant context where mentioning your brand name earns you traffic or authority. Some of the places where it would make sense to mention your brand name are when you are commenting on a blog, giving your opinion on a forum, writing an answer to a question in Quora or writing a review for another company. Your brand can also be mentioned during business directory submission.

The right place for mentioning your brand can make a world of difference. As for writing reviews for other businesses, it will not only make the audience notice your brand name, but it is likely that the business you have reviewed will also return the gesture. So, make sure that you choose a reputable and high-authority website.

So, these are some of the most important link building activities in 2020. You can consider implementing these tactics for your website. It is crucial that your website always receives high-quality backlinks. In case the links are of poor quality, Google will simply mark them as spam and you will not get the results that you were hoping.

Do you need help with link building for your website? NHANCE Digital is offering affordable and bespoke link building services in the UK that you can avail. Call us, today!

Mobile-first Indexing – Things You Should Know

As you may have read, Google is fully rolling out mobile-first indexing on March 2021 for the entire web. With this, all websites are going to be ported over to the mobile-first index. But, should you be worried? What does that mean for your ranking? What should you do?

Google has never shied away from showing its interest in mobile-first indexing. The search giant has been quite vocal of this imminent shift. In March 2018, the search giant had announced that they were starting with mobile-first indexing and now, they’re ready to roll it out for the entire web. This means that from now on, Google is going to base what it places in the index on your website’s mobile version first rather than the desktop version.

This switch is made because the number of mobile searches has been rising at an exponential rate. So, Google decided that it was time to prioritise mobile results. Here, it is crucial to note that the mobile-first index is not an entirely separate index, the search giant only has one index from which it serves the results.

There’s no need to panic because NHANCE Digital, one of the leading SEO companies in Sheffield, have outlined below the most crucial things that you should know about mobile-first indexing. We hope that you will be prepared before March 2021.

First, do not panic as your rankings might not be affected

The mobile version of every website is going to be indexed from March 2021. But, that does not mean that your rankings will be affected. If the mobile version of your website is indexed by Google, you will receive a notice in your Google Search Console. This means that the search giant is going to determine as per the content available on the mobile website how you will be ranked. This sounds like a pretty big thing if you do not have enough content.

However, WordPress websites will not be affected much because they already have a responsive design. This means that both your desktop and mobile website will display the same content.

But, if you have separate websites for mobile and desktop, you do have something to worry about. You might want to consider making the switch to a responsive website or getting both your websites ready for mobile-first indexing. As an experienced SEO company in Leed, we will be able to help you with that.

Second, undertake a mobile-friendliness test

To be in the mobile-first index, it is not necessary for you to have a mobile website. Google is going to index desktop websites as well. But, it will be very hard for your website to rank if it is not mobile-friendly. So, what you can do is hire us to conduct a mobile-friendliness test. This will help us determine if your website is mobile-friendly. If your website passes the test, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Third, think about the user experience on mobile

To appeal to the audience, the design of a mobile website has to be different than a desktop website. Even though mobile devices are available in varied screen sizes, you have to start with the smallest screen size. The easiest way out would be discarding a lot of content due to limitations of space, but that is not a good practice. Instead, you can make your website responsive so that it can quickly adapt itself to different screen sizes. This way you do not have to get rid of anything on your website.

Fourth, craft mobile-friendly content

Since the screen is small, people find it quite difficult to read content on their mobile devices. But, this can be fixed easily. Make sure that your paragraphs are compact and sentences are short. Also, the font must be large and there should be enough whitespace so that your audience does not get confused.

We all knew that this day would come since the very first time that Google rolled out mobile-first indexing. However, now that the search giant is serious about rolling it out for the entire web, you do not have a choice, but to get on board. If you need help from a professional SEO agency in Edinburgh, contact NHANCE Digital.

How to improve your local SEO right now?

Local SEO is an important digital marketing strategy for small businesses that operate on a regional basis. Whilst national SEO is focused on ranking in searches across the country, local SEO lays emphasis on appearing in SERPs in a particular location. This strategy depends on marketing your business, services and products to local leads and consumers.

Do you want to know how can you improve your local SEO? As a local SEO company in London, we, at NHANCE Digital, have briefly explained the different ways that your local SEO can be improved. Take a look.

Open a Google My Business Account

The most effective way to rank in local on Google Maps is to optimise your business profile or Google listing. This will also help you in gaining visibility in local SERPs. For this, you need to create a GMB or Google My Business account. From your account’s dashboard, you can edit your profile and enter all the relevant information that you need to attract your customers.

To have an optimised GMB account, make sure that you:

  • Create and verify the ownership of your GMB account
  • Provide up-to-date and accurate information
  • Include your hours of operation, logo, product or services that you’re offering, acceptable payment methods and plenty of pictures
  • Encourage your customers to leave an online review for your business and make sure to sincerely respond to the reviews
  • Publish posts announcing events, new products or special offers to your business profile

Get reviews from your customers

Customers writing positive reviews of your business is not only helpful in optimising your GMB profile, but it also encourages more customers to trust your business and buy your products or services.

To encourage your customers to leave reviews, you can use the following tips:

  • After you have closed a sale, ask for a review in person
  • You can send a post-purchase text or email to your customer to leave a review
  • Respond to the existing reviews by thanking the reviewers and also addressing their complaints

Craft content based on local stories, news and events

The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown have somewhat changed the content consumption of the audience. People are not merely looking for content that advertises specific products or services. But, they are looking for brands that empathise with what is happening around. They also want to associate themselves with brands that care about their customers. This is why your content has to be a mix and match of local stories and brand promotion.

You can write about the causes that your business supports, create blog stories around the most sensational local events or activities, or you can create a location-specific webpage to serve various parts of a region.

Optimise your website for mobile devices

The shift to mobile is happening faster than expected. Also, it has been noticed that approximately 75% of mobile searches that exhibit local intent actually produce offline or in-store visits within 24-hours, which makes it imperative for online businesses to have a website that is optimised for mobile users. To achieve this, here are some tips:

  • Make sure that your website loads quickly. It should not take more than 3 seconds.
  • You can use bigger fonts so that it is easier to read while on the go
  • Make sure to use intuitive UI

If you can have a responsive website, it will solve all your problems. Responsive websites quickly adapt themselves to any screen size. This means that your website can be opened on a desktop or any mobile device.

Some additional tips to help with your local SEO efforts are given below:

  • Ensure that your NAP is always accurate and updated. This stands for the name, address and phone number of your business.
  • Invest time and effort in local keyword research
  • Leverage online business directories and get your local business listed on them. This will boost your local SEO and help you gain more online visibility
  • Pay attention to getting high-quality backlinks, which will make you appear credible in the eyes of Google and your local customers
  • Create a dedicated webpage for each of your products or services. You can also create region-specific webpages so that you can rank according to your location.

If you need professional help, NHANCE Digital’s local SEO services in Liverpool are for you. Connect with us and let our professionals tell you what to do next.