On-page SEO improvements that you can make right away

SEO Trends that Matter Most in 2020

Perfecting on-page SEO is crucial, but it is easy to overthink and take it too far. Of course, the right keyword density, consistently crafting valuable content and optimising your website for a great mobile viewing experience is necessary, but they are big changes. At Nhance Digital, our SEO specialists can help you make these changes.
However, we want to talk about the small changes that make big impacts on the SERP rankings. Take a look below at the simple and quick on-page improvements that can give boost your SEO campaign.

Fix the title tags

Perfecting the title tags is important as they are the first thing that a visitor will notice when visiting your website. The title tags should also be optimised for SEO. You can use relevant keywords to create a good title as this will tell your audience, as well as, Google what your webpage is focusing on. This is going to enhance the relevance of your webpage and tell users exactly what your page is about.

At the end of the title tag, you can even add your brand name. This will help you in creating brand awareness. However, remember to keep the title tags less than 60 characters. If you need help fixing them, our SEO specialists can be hired for the job.

Let each webpage solve a specific problem

If you want to improve on-page SEO, you can build each webpage around a specific problem that is relevant to your audience. When crafting website content, make sure that the content solves the problem at hand and gives your audience the right solution. This will ensure that each page specialises on a specific topic. Since Google’s ultimate aim is to provide the best result for a search query, being relevant and focused heightens your chances of acquiring a top-ranking position.

Craft detailed content to provide valuable information

We are not saying that long content is better than short content, but your website needs to have a mix of them. As Google focuses on user experience, the search giant values content that is detailed and valuable. Simply put, the content should satisfy the query of your target audience and give them all the information they need. So, by expanding your website content and creating lengthy blogs, you can turn your website into a true authority. For this, you can even use long-tail keywords.

Focus on relevant internal linking

There is more to links that off-page link building. You also have to focus on internal linking. The links that built on your website from one webpage to another play a vital role in telling Google and other search engines which of your webpages are the most valuable. Moreover, when you link one webpage to the other, you are encouraging website visitors to click on the links and explore your website. But, ensure that the internal links are relevant.

Structured URL is crucial for getting good SEO results

When it comes to the visibility of your website in organic search, your website’s URL structure has the biggest impact. Even though your URL should be short, you can include relevant keywords so that the search engine crawlers know that the page is highly important.

Also, the URL structure of a website tells the search engine crawlers a lot about the webpage. It gives them an idea of what the page is about and this increases the chances of a high ranking position.

Images have to be optimised

Your website must have high-quality images, but the pictures have to be optimised so that they do not affect the loading speed of your website. Website speed is one of the ranking factors of Google. We can optimise the images on your website so that your website can load fast and does not compromise the user experience.

Do you need help with on-page SEO?

If you are not satisfied with the on-page SEO of your website and thinking of restructuring your website, you can reach out to Nhance Digital. We are a revered SEO services company in London and provide personalised SEO services at budget-friendly rates. Leverage the expertise and experience of our team of SEO specialists to boost your SEO efforts.