What are the most common approaches to digital marketing?

There are so many online marketing strategies that sometimes it can feel overwhelming when you are trying to decide which one you should prioritise. If you are looking to put in place a digital marketing strategy, you need to have a clear understanding of your business, products/services and demographics before deciding on the best approach. We, at Nhance Digital, have listed some of the most common approaches to digital marketing that you can start with.

SEO or search engine optimisation

SEO is the most important element of Internet marketing and its complexity is sometimes perplexing. Although it is true that Google algorithms can be confusing, it is not completely impossible to stay ahead and be in the good eyes of Google. The trick is to work with the concepts and get the basic right.

Also, we would recommend that you hire an expert to manage your SEO if you really want to succeed. Whilst you spend time learning the basics, there will constantly be new introductions to the world of SEO. As we have SEO experts on our team, we are always a step ahead and keep ourselves updated. This is why we can help always help our clients implement the best strategies for their business and objectives.

Local search engine optimisation

Local SEO has been ignored for a very long time, but this is one of the basic approaches to digital marketing. It is particularly helpful if you have a brick-and-mortar store and hope to connect with your local customers. Local SEO is location-specific and it helps customers find businesses that are near them. This involves getting your website listed in online directories, GMB and updating the NAP of your business so that customers are never misled with a wrong phone number or address. Credibility and trustworthiness are key to attracting the attention of your local consumers.

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing or SEM is a form of digital marketing where you get to increase your search ranking through paid advertising tactics. You will want to partner with an expert in this field as well. Google Ads can get confusing and if the display or search ads are not crafted properly, you might end up spending a lot with no results. So, you would want someone educated like Nhance Digital by your side.

Google Ads allow for customisation, but it is crucial to conduct keyword research before crafting the ad. Also, before running the ad, it is important to find out about the targeted customers and what they are looking for. Even social media platforms offer opportunities for paid ads and we can help you through the process. From setting the budget to crafting the ad copy, executing the ad and tracking it, you can count on us to take care of the entire SEM process.

Content marketing

A big part of targeting and attracting the attention of your audience depends on the strength of your content marketing strategy. The most crucial part of content marketing is to be able to craft content that is valuable, original and relevant. It should contain the information that your customers might be looking for and it must not be copied. Also, you can create evergreen content so that you can keep earning backlinks for a very long time.

When it comes to content marketing, it is important to stay away from black hat tactics, such as keyword stuffing. Your content must be properly optimised with keywords, but they should not be forcefully interpreted. The focus of Google is mainly on user experience, and therefore, your content must be interesting and easy to read. Also, your content must be mobile-friendly and easily accessible no matter what screen it is being viewed on. Make sure to carry out keyword research before getting started on your content marketing strategy.

Email marketing

Email marketing continues to be effective and businesses still use this strategy to reach out to their customers. Email marketing is considered a great tool when it comes to generating leads. Also, you can increase your conversion rates and sales by implementing this method. Furthermore, email marketing is one of the most economical methods that are available. You can create newsletters and craft compelling content to make your emails stand out.

In addition to these, social media marketing is also in huge demand. This is because of the rising number of users that social media networking websites enjoy. The most popular platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. If you want to have social followers and fans, you need to come up with a creative strategy or we can help you with it. So, get started with your online marketing plan by availing professional digital marketing agency services from Nhance Digital. Get in touch to discuss your specific needs.