How to Make Your Website Conversion-friendly?

In the long run, SEO helps to enhance organic search engine traffic. It is a necessary part of a marketing mix today because almost everything is web-based. But, you have to understand that getting website traffic is not the ultimate goal. What you want is for the visitors to take an action, which will translate to a sale. For a B2B website, it is filling out a form to request more information. For an e-commerce website, it is making a purchase. So, if you know that your SEO campaign is foolproof, but the conversion element simply is not there, the team of Nhance Digital is here to help. Given below are some of the solutions that we recommend our clients to make their website conversion-friendly.

  • Clear CTAs: We are not asking you to be very pushy, but there is no harm in adding CTAs or call to actions on your website. CTAs guide visitors towards conversion. You have to clearly and briefly outline the steps that you want visitors to take. It might be to make a purchase, download a whitepaper, sign up for an email newsletter or fill out a contact form. In case you get stuck, you can avail our professional SEO services in Glasgow and our team will help you with the ideal CTAs.
  • Incorporate more than one lead forms: As a leading SEO agency, we have seen many websites that are designed to generate leads, but do not have enough lead forms. Some of them do not even have a lead form, but expect visitors to send an email or call. Having a lead form is a way to get more leads and it is as simple as that. Many websites hide the lead form in the Contact Us page, but why make your visitors take that step? Put the lead form right in front of them, irrespective of what website page they are on. This will ensure that you get a lot of leads.
  • Website redesign: Sometimes adding or removing a few elements from your website can be enough to generate sales, as well as, leads. But, there are times when a larger investment is required for a complete redesign of your website. If your website loads slowly and is not mobile-friendly, the chances of visitors taking any action is slim. We have a team of website designers who can help you with this.

If you want to know more ways to make your website conversion-friendly, contact Nhance Digital.

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