Guidelines to Follow When It Comes to Outbound Linking

When it comes to search engine optimisation, website owners are so focused on generating inbound links that they forget about outbound links. Yes, inbound links help search engines instil trust in a website, but search engines also crawl outbound links. These links tell the story of a website and are just as necessary. Nhance Digital’s SEO specialists in Birmingham have created guidelines to follow for outbound linking. Take a look below.

Consider who you are linking to

The objective of every business website should be to provide a good experience to the visitors. You want them to come back again and again. Linking out to other websites is a part of providing visitors with a good experience. After all, the purpose of links is to attract people from one page to another. However, you cannot simply link out to any website. You must first establish the credibility and authority of that website. Also, the website must be relevant to your industry or niche. Remember that you will only benefit if you link to external websites that are of high-quality. If you lack the time and resources to put into research, reach out to a premier SEO optimization company in Birmingham like Nhance Digital.

No-follow paid links

If there is a website willing to pay you to link to their website, you must be transparent about this to your visitors and also search engines. For visitors, you can put a sponsored designation on those links; and for search engines, you can implement nofollowing the link.

Review user-generated links manually

There are several websites for whom it does not make sense to have user-generated links. However, some websites can make use of user-generated links, such as guest blog posts, blog comment links, forum comments and so on. If you are making use of such links, it is advised that you review the links manually instead of having an automatic process in place that puts those links on your website. You need to know the links that are available on your website.

These are a few of the guidelines that you can follow when it comes to outbound linking. For more insight into this, you can reach out to Nhance Digital’s experienced team of SEO specialists. We will carry out a thorough audit to find out the things that are lacking in your website, along with answering your questions.

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