How Can You Stay Ahead in Your Local SEO Game in 2020?

How Can You Stay Ahead in Your Local SEO Game in 2020?

Local SEO is important for all types of businesses. Many of the local SEO tactics can be part of a larger SEO strategy as their benefits go beyond the immediate service area of a brand. Utilising Google My Business is one of the easiest ways to optimise your business location. However, there are other strategies that you can implement. Some of the tactics that Nhance Digital’s local SEO professionals employ are explained below.

Address in the footer

To most, this might seem like a small detail. But, placing business address in the footer helps search engines find websites and associate them with specific locations. This is abbreviated as NAP, which stands for Name, Address and Phone Number. It is crucial to ensure that the NAP is identical everywhere.

Optimising specialised pages for certain locations

Businesses that have multiple services within a region need to create unique landing pages for all of those local service areas. These pages are typically like mini-homepages and provide a user all the information that he/she needs to decide if they want to connect with the business.

However, we do not just stop there. We go a step ahead to user optimise the pages. This makes sure that the SERPs gives a realistic preview of the page and highlights that the page is focused on a specific geographical area. Also, our team makes sure that the content for the various location pages is different and unique.


Reviews are extremely important for marketers and users alike. Positive reviews can make a big difference in every step of the funnel – right from getting inbound traffic to persuading a prospect to become a customer. Also, it is not very difficult to ask for reviews, especially if the business is offering valuable products or services. At Nhance Digital, our SEO professionals know exactly how to claim reviews and present it to the audience.

So, these are only some of the tactics that Nhance Digital implements. However, every business is different, with unique business goals and needs. This is why we have emerged as a local SEO company in Leeds that provides customised services. Our local SEO approach is results-driven and ROI-oriented. If you want to know more about our local SEO processes and how we can help you, reach out to us today without any hesitation.