SEO Is Critical For Your Business In The 21st Century!

Whatever type of business you run, you need to have a website, and that website needs to be on the first page of Google. If it is not, you are going to lose an awful lot of potential customers. Depending on whose figures you believe, only 10% of people who search for a product or service on Google ever go beyond page 1. if you are not on page 1 of Google you have just lost up to 90% of your potential customers – and that is not good!

Certainly, you may have heard about SEO for your Leeds business, and you may have some idea of what it’s all about, if only that it is a process for getting your website on to page 1 and keeping it there. You might even know something about keywords, and you might even have had a go at attempting SEO yourself, very probably with minimal results.

That is not a criticism. It is because SEO is hard. You could compare it to attempting to service your own car. Fifty years ago, you might have done that successfully, but not today. Cars are far more complex than they were then, and you don’t have the time or the skills. That is a fact of life in the 21st century. Technology is complicated, but nonetheless we can’t live without it.

That Is Why You Need Nhance Digital

That is why you need our experts at Nhance Digital. We provide an affordable SEO service that is designed with one purpose in mind: to get your website as high as possible on page 1 of Google and to keep it there. Getting it on to page 1 is only one part of the story. Google is constantly making tweaks to their algorithms, so what worked last month may not work this month, unless you are proactive, as we are at Nhance Digital.

Keywords are vital in your quest to be on the first page and we use a variety of special tools which help us determine the best keywords to give you the best return on investment. We understand that Google wants your website and blogs to have the correct keywords that are relevant to your business and they need to be in the right places on your website and in your blogs. You need to have specific long-tailed keywords as well as more generic phrases, they will help you to not only deliver traffic to your site but most importantly more conversions through your site, as it is conversions that keeps you in business and pays the bills.

Unless your website was designed last week by our specialist design team at Nhance Digital it will very probably need tweaking here and there, so the first thing we do is undertake a complete audit in order to understand what is right as well as what is wrong with your website in terms of SEO.

Off page optimisation has become as important to Google as onpage optimisation, what we mean by off page optimisation are specific articles, blogs etc being written and submitted to relevant sites to boost the linking strategy of your site. At Nhance Digital, our technicians carry out their research to ensure that the links that you get are of the highest quality and will help your website to get and stay on page 1 of Google.

Local SEO

Local SEO is another area in which we specialise. Not all businesses exist on the web: we still have many bricks and mortar businesses and they need to be mobile friendly and be found when people use the “near me” search term. For example, someone might search for “electricians near me”. If you are that electrician, you want to show up on page 1 for that search term in your area. Equally, you want to show up for “electricians Leeds” or “electricians Horsforth” if that is where you happen to operate.


Another area is eCommerce. Some businesses now work entirely on an eCommerce basis, and Google’s latest update is mobile-first indexing. Google knows that over 52% of people are now using mobiles to access websites and they are geared towards that. Your website needs to be geared towards it too, so that when people are searching for what you sell or supply it appears on page 1. We will make any necessary adjustments to your website to ensure that it does.

Nhance Digital is the SEO partner you always thought was “out there” but could not find until today.

Our team of experts are here to help your business grow. If you prefer a face to face meeting then we are one of the only SEO companies who offer this service as we understand how important it is to develop a good working relationship and get to know who you are working with. If you want to arrange a meeting or want an initial chat call us on 01273 921401 ( option 1 ) or email, or click the Contact link at the top of the page.