Website Design 2019: Design Trends You Should Consider for Better UX

The digital landscape is constantly changing and that is the reason why website design trends come and go. What worked for you the last year or even the last month will not necessarily work today. Being a website design agency, we, at Nhance Digital, constantly keep ourselves updated and accustomed to the transforming design landscape to help our clients get the desired results. After closely following the trends, our designers have deduced that 2019 is the year of user experience or UX. To ensure that your users have the best possible experience, you need to consider the following adjustments.

# Mobile-first Website

Great website design has become synonymous with responsive design thanks to Google’s mobile-first indexing. Not only was mobile-first websites a priority in 2018, they still are in 2019 and even more so because over 50% of all searches are done on mobile devices today. Moreover, due to the mobile-first initiative, Google’s bots make use of the mobile version to crawl, index and even rank websites. If your focus has only been on the desktop version, our website design team can fix that for you. We are experienced in responsive website design and will help you in designing a website that adapts easily to all screen sizes. This way you will have only one website to worry about when the next wave of design trends come in.

# Speed

Slow loading websites did not win brownie points last year and it will not in 2019 or beyond. Your website simply needs to be faster. You cannot expect your visitors to wait more than 3 seconds for your web pages to load. Also, Google has recognised this and already made it a part of their algorithm changes. So, a slow website not only means a higher bounce rate, but also poor search engine ranking.

Are you ready to add these design trends to your website? We understand that updating can be overwhelming and that is why Nhance Digital’s team is here to help you. Get in touch.

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