The Do’s of Link Building in 2020

The Do’s of Link Building in 2020

The judicious use of effective link building techniques can help boost a website’s rank in the SERPs. As an important part of SEO, link building is known to improve organic traffic. But, it is crucial that you only make use of white hat link building strategies to achieve your goals. Some of the do’s of link building in 2020 are explained below by Nhance Digital’s team of experienced link builders.

Do use long keywords

For link building, we prefer using long keywords as that helps search engines in contextualising the link and display it to readers who are genuinely interested. Long phrases are also easier to match with the searcher’s query as today, users are searching for information on search engines exactly how they are thinking or speaking about it. So, by hyperlinking a long text, we are able to attract the attention of the audience and direct them to a website or blog post.

Do create quality content for your website

Link building becomes easier when you have good quality content on your website. The content should be informative, unique and well-written. By doing this, you will be making your website appear authoritative and be able to attract premium quality links. Also, make your content shareable so that people can easily share your content on various platforms and link back to your website.

Do focus on internal linking

We have noticed that people tend to invest a lot of time and energy on building external links, but they completely forget the importance of internal links. Internal links refer to those links that connect pages or blogs within the website. These links help visitors get the information that they are looking for quickly and easily. At Nhance Digital, we focus on both internal and external link building.

Do focus on the quality of the links

When it is about gaining organic traffic or driving visitors, quantity might take precedence. But, in the case of links, quality is most important. You might have acquired a lot of links,but if the links are from poor sources, the search engines will consider them as spam. This is why it is crucial to only get links from websites that have high authority.

So, these are a few do’s of link building. If you need help, avail Nhance Digital’s affordable link building service and leverage our expertise.