SEO After COVID-19 Pandemic – Opportunities to Make Use Of

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the world is reeling under a state of bewilderment, panic, confusion and uncertainty. But, the show must go on. The pandemic has shown everybody one thing – you need an online presence for your business. When you want to rule the World Wide Web, you have to hire professional SEO services in Glasgow. At NHANCE Digital, we offer affordable SEO solutions to help businesses remain afloat during these tough times.

If you are wondering what happens to SEO post COVID-19, let us tell you some of the opportunities that you need to start working on right away.

  • Study Google Trends and stay at the forefront

Due to the pandemic, more people are home than outside. This means that more people are searching online.

You can monitor Google Trends to find out new topics and questions that people are wondering or asking about your industry. If you can quickly recognise trends that are relevant to your business, you can start crafting content around those topics.

By the time sales picks up, you will be ready. Your content is going to be out there and it will be on the topics that your target audience is looking for. This will help improve your SEO and drive more traffic to your website.

  • Monitor keyword rankings

It is time to closely monitor keyword changes. In times when demands have completely shifted or there is a lot of demand, you will notice that there are shifts in the user intent and search interest on individual queries.

If you fail to monitor this closely, you will lose out on the opportunity to reach out to your audience. Also, knowing how the search pattern is changing will give you room for improving your content.

  • Time to build your content bank

As consumer behaviour is shifting, people are going to behave and search differently than what they did before the COVID-19 pandemic. Right now, you have the time to conduct thorough research and find out what really interests your audience.

You can start by giving important to top or mid-funnel content. Even though this content is not going to convert in the short term, you can get your audience into the funnel to present your services or products for their future needs.

By keeping a stockpile of content ready, you will be ready ahead of time and can get an edge over your competitors.

  • Embrace brand new content strategies

The opportunities being presented today were not anticipated because the pandemic situation was not anticipated. But, you have to change your approach and strategies to remain relevant during these times.

Since people are spending a lot of time online, they are consuming different content forms. Whilst article and blog posts are still important, you also need to embrace other content strategies. For instance, video content. You can take advantage of this form of content to connect and engage your audience.

If you do not want to invest much and want to try it out first, you can repurpose your old content into video content. You can also create infographics and so on.

  • Not just content, pay attention to other SEO elements as well

What we imply here is that you should wisely make use of your time and money. Content is definitely important, but you also cannot ignore the other elements of SEO that will help you rank in the SERPs.

We would recommend that you focus on SEO as a whole and give attention to the following:

  1. Make sure that the page speed of your website is what it should be
  2. Check the structure of your URL
  3. Keep your website updated with fresh content and images
  4. Make sure that your audience can easily find your content
  5. Make changes to your website design and navigation to heighten the user experience

We understand that many of these tasks might require you to outsource SEO to a professional company. This is where NHANCE Digital comes in. We provide bespoke SEO services and can make sure that your business continues to remain relevant even after COVID-19 pandemic. Talk to us today to discuss your specific requirements.