Proactive Steps to Maximise Ranking in a Mobile-first Era

Mobile-first index has been rolled out by Google. Instead of waiting passively to feel the impact of the shift, it is advisable that you take steps to protect the performance of your website. The SEO experts at Nhance Digital offer proactive suggestions that you can consider to ride the storm of mobile-first indexation.

Here, take a look below at some of the steps that you can take to maximise your ranking opportunities in a mobile-first era.

# Embrace mobile responsive website design

Mobile-first index is making the differences between standalone mobile websites, mobile-friendly and responsive websites prominent. A standalone mobile site works only for mobile devices and you would have to create a separate website for desktop users. On the other hand, a mobile-friendly design attempts to show content on mobile devices in the same way as it is seen on a desktop. This makes users extremely frustrated as they have to manually zoom in or squint at small fonts. Compared to both of these website types, a responsive website responds or adjusts as per user activity and the device used. This means that a responsive website is able to seamlessly adjust content and images according to the screen size. So, we recommend that you consider a complete overhaul of your website to responsive website design. Unless you do this, your competitors will beat your ranking on SERPs.

# Optimise website speed

In the mobile-first era, Google gives emphasis to the website speed and performance when it comes to ranking. A slow loading page indicates the search giant that the website is inefficient and not capable of providing Internet users the information or answers that they are looking for. So, target page speed of less than 3 seconds to maximise SEO efforts. You can reduce the image and video size, manage JavaScript and get rid of unnecessary elements to enhance the speed of your website.

# Implement AMP

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages enable web pages to load quickly as they remove all those elements, which causes delay. You can easily apply AMP templates in the code so that the search engine is provided with the AMP version of your website.

However, before you make any changes, a full website and SEO audit is essential. You can avail Nhance Digital’s affordable SEO services and leave the rest to our team of professionals.

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