Digital Marketing in 2018: Have You Embraced the Following Trends?

In the world of digital marketing, change is the only constant. New technologies are replacing old ones and consumer demands are changing at a record-breaking pace. At Nhance Digital, we have rounded up few of the most profit-making marketing trends that you need to adopt right away (if you have not already). Read on to know the trends.

# Emotion-driven AI

Emotion-driven AI or Artificial Intelligence is proving to be a game changer for content recommendations, customer service chatbots and dynamic pricing. More and more websites are integrating AI-driven chatbots to offer customers with an outstanding user experience. Furthermore, chatbots are helping businesses to stay active around-the-clock without the need of human intervention. Technological advancements in this field are making chatbots more human-like and it is only about time when users will not be able to spot the difference.

# Vanishing content

Content that has a brief deadline creates the illusion of urgency, as well as, intimacy. It can be made even more interactive by adding polling options or contests. By mastering the art of vanishing content, Instagram stories went right past Snapchat. Noticing the huge potential that this type of content has, Facebook has dedicated prime real estate to their stories. For now, only a handful of brands have adopted this tactic for now and received huge returns. Our digital marketing expert recommends that by adopting this trend, you can increase your organic reach.

# Voice-search optimisation

The rise of Apple’s Homepod, Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant is making digital marketers sit up and take notice. These powerful voice assistants are changing the way users search because speaking is obviously much easier than typing. In fact, it was recently reported by Google that about 20% of all its searches were voice searches. Naturally, this means that your content has to be well-optimised for voice searches or you will be losing business to your competitors.

# IoT in marketing

At Nhance Digital, our marketing experts believe that IoT is revolutionising marketing. These embedded devices conveying real-time data is impacting customer engagement. Moreover, these devices can function on their own. For instance, the thermostat adjusting the temperature on its own to make the indoor environment of your home more comfortable.

So, how many of the above-mentioned trends have you already implemented? For any assistance, feel free to get in touch with Nhance Digital.

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