Link Building Trends: Where Should You Focus?

Link building is one of the most difficult, misunderstood and time-consuming aspects of digital marketing. A lot of businesses overlook it altogether. However, if you are serious about organic rankings, you have to incorporate link building as a part of your SEO marketing initiative. As a reliable company with 10 years’ experience, Nhance Digital can help you tide over the challenges presented by link building. Our link builders have gathered some of the popular trends in link building that you need to consider. Take a look below.

# Use of Data and Research in the Creation of Content

The web space is being introduced to new players every single day. This is why we make use of those trending strategies that will help drive our clients beyond their competitors. When creating content, we take advantage of using thorough data and research. This enables us to craft authoritative and valuable content. By holding creative control over the original research, we enable our clients to earn backlinks whenever a new article or blog post has been written with reference to those findings.

# Reclamation of Backlink

Reclaiming backlinks is one of the best trends for link building, but we feel that it is the most undervalued. Since Google is putting more value to links, losing them can have an adverse effect on your website. With our help, you can create an effective backlink reclamation technique that will make sure the minimum loss of backlinks when you are moving your website from one domain to the other or creating a new website.

# Link Building Campaign for Mobile

At Nhance Digital, we have come across a number of business owners who fail to consider mobile when building links. As mobile searches are rising exponentially, you need to make your content mobile-friendly so that they act as effective link bait. By targeting your link building efforts for mobile searches, you will get high-quality links that are both relevant and valuable.

Our link builders are constantly striving to expand the horizons of link building. As a technologically advanced link building company, our focus is to always include the latest trends when creating link building campaigns. From infographics to videos, we do not leave any stones unturned when it is about fetching our clients powerful and relevant backlinks. Get in touch today to discuss your specific business needs and objectives.

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