Boost Your Social Media Engagement with These Foolproof Strategies

Social media networks have been criticised time and again for their adverse influence on today’s youth, but it still remains the most unifying and important digital platform. Over 2.5 billion people actively use social media networking sites and that number is only growing with every passing day. So, whatever you do, do not ignore this powerful platform to promote your brand and if you need help, the social media experts at Nhance Digital are ready to assist.

As one of the leading social media agencies in the UK, we have rounded up some of the creative and surefire ways as mentioned below in which you can improve your social media engagement.

# Influencer Marketing

World’s leading brands use influencer marketing to connect with social media users. In fact, studies suggest that approximately 95% of social media marketers find this strategy effective. Since Internet users have become suspicious of traditional advertisements and have even started blocking ads on the Internet, it has become hard to reach them. Thankfully, influencers have a lot of connections and their audience that you can take advantage of. Our marketers will guide you in finding the right influencer for your niche.

# Brand Identity

Users want to connect with brands that are unique and different from the rest. You can improve your social media engagement by creating a distinct brand identity. Make use of video, text, images and infographics to tell a cohesive brand story that the audience will enjoy and be tempted to share with others. As a well-established social media agency, we have designers and the resources needed to help you establish a brand identity of your own.

# Contests

On social media, users do not always want to hear about you or know what you have to offer. They want to be involved and be a part of the brand. A great way to improve engagement is through conducting contests where you can ask your followers to upload a photo and win a gift, and so on. Even if the prize is not too extravagant, the audience will still participate and your engagement will increase.

Do you want more ideas? Contact Nhance Digital and talk to one of our social media marketers. We will analyse your existing campaigns and provide recommendations that are tailored to your needs. Our services are priced competitively and offered in Europe and North America, along with the UK.

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