How does social media benefit your SEO efforts?

In a short span of time, social media have become extremely popular and important. Today, Facebook is nothing short of a social media super power and Instagram has grown from having zero users to more than 700 million users. It is safe to say that the social media landscape is changing and along with it, the relationship that social media and search engines once shared.  

However, it is still unclear if social shares have any direct impact on search engine rankings, but the indirect benefits of aligning SEO and social media are indisputable. Being an SEO service company in the UK, NHANCE Digital has outlined below the SEO metric-specific boosters provided by social media.

Link earning

Link earning is the holy grail of any kind of link building campaign. This has the power to gain several links from a single piece of content as opposed to getting individual links from one at a time guest post. However, unless your website boasts of a large number of subscribers or visitors, your potential for link earning will be reduced significantly.

This is where social media can help your SEO and link building efforts. The great thing about social media is that almost every one of your target audience will be having a social media profile and most likely have hundreds of friends and connections. This gives you a ready-made platform through which you can promote your content to instantly connect and engage with hundreds of people. Also, you get the opportunity to showcase your content to people who are outside of your immediate network.

Your content is going to get a million views and possibly thousands of shares. This will indirectly have an impact on search engine rankings.

CTR and brand authority

Social media can be used to building not just awareness, but also a strong brand authority. It is true that people are extremely wary about untrue information on social media as compared to Google and other search engines. But, you can build brand credibility by keeping your social media account active. It will also help if you interact and engage with your social media followers. We can even help you in crafting social media campaigns that will help develop your brand in the public eye.

Once you have built a strong social presence of your brand, people will search directly for your brand instead of a product or service. With your brand name quickly showing up in the search results, your CTR or click-through rates from search are going to increase.

A lot of people who are looking for more information might even visit your website after visiting your social media page.

Social media profile in search results

The direct impact of social media on SEO is still debatable, but you cannot overlook the indirect impact that social media brings. For instance, social media profiles are delivered within the search engine result pages. This means that your strong social media presence is going to also have an impact on your SERP presence.

Admittedly, social media links within the SERPs mostly appear for branded search terms, but you cannot discount them completely. In the digital age, SEO is seen as a holistic practice and this is why you should not overlook the importance of social media.

As we have already mentioned, social metrics are not considered as a direct ranking factor. But, social media and search engine optimisation work together to boost a brand’s online presence and ranking. Social media gives brands the opportunity to quickly share their content with hundreds of people. It also gives brands the opportunity to connect and engage with their target audience. The indirect influence that social media has on search rankings can help your business grow and achieve great success.

So, do you need help creating powerful social media campaigns? From crafting social media campaigns to developing SEO strategies and writing high-quality content, you can count on NHANCE Digital to take care of your specific requirements. Get in touch with us to discuss your individualized business needs and allow us to help you understand the impact that social media has on search rankings. We can boost your SEO efforts and help you stand out.