Website Improvements to Boost Post-COVID-19 Sales

COVID-19 outbreak has slowed down many businesses and many even has had to shut down. However, the pandemic has also created hidden opportunities for businesses to take advantage of, especially with digital marketing. If you make some much-needed improvements to your website, you can potentially increase your chances of enhancing sales.

We, NHANCE Digital, have listed out some of the major website improvements that you can consider to boost post-COVID-19 sales.

Enhance page load time

This was important even before COVID-19 and it is more so now. Decreasing the page load speed is one of the foremost website improvements that you should focus on. The page load time has an enormous impact on your website and the bounce rate.

With more people sitting at home, you can be assured that they are all searching for something or the other online. If they happen to come by your website, you would want them to have a good experience so that they keep coming back. But, if your webpages load really slowly, you can be sure that your visitors will not be coming back in the future. Slow websites put off Internet users and you lose out on the chance of turning those visitors into actual customers.

Freshen up the content of your website

People have a lot of time at the moment and so, they are doing quite a bit of online reading. Do you want to catch the attention of your potential customers? Refresh the content of your website. Make it more engaging and interesting so that visitors would want to spend more time exploring your website.

Through the creation of interesting webpage content, you can nudge your visitors toward the CTA and compel them to take an action.

Make your CTA buttons attractive

Simple changes can make a huge impact on your overall website design. For instance, changing the color of the CTA buttons. You can make them look attractive and encourage your visitors to click on them. Also, with this small change, you can bring the buttons to focus.

Provide more customer service options

You may sell the same products as your competitors, but you can differentiate yourself from them by offering better customer service. You can come up with ingenious offerings to entice your audience. You can provide them with a seamless and amazing user experience when they are on your website. For instance, you can improve the navigation of your website so that they can find what they are looking for without getting frustrated. You can also keep several options and ways to connect with your customer service team. If they can get a prompt response to their query, the chances of them making a transaction with you go high.

Add pictures or even videos

The coronavirus outbreak has made people wary of stepping out of their homes. This means that your website must clearly explain to them the products or services that you are offering. This is actually good news for online businesses and if you can take advantage of this opportunity, you will benefit greatly.

One of the ways that you can make sure your potential customers understand what you are offering them is through high-quality images and even videos. You can include those to your website so that your audience knows exactly what you are giving them and can make up their mind. You can also include tutorial videos and things like to clearly explain the uses of your products or services. If you have a lot of things to share, you can connect your website with your social media channel and direct your customers there. This will make sure that your website does not get too heavy and slow.

So, these are a few ways by which you can improve and optimize your website. Your website must entice, encourage, and excite your target audience so that they happily take action. If you need help designing your website or wish to redesign it, you can reach out to NHANCE Digital. We are a web design company in the UK specializing in website designing and also developing. We can even help you with your SEO requirements.

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