Website Design Predictions for 2020

It is that time of the year again when you have to start thinking of refreshing your business website according to the new design trends. But, there is no need to panic because Nhance Digital’s web site design services in Liverpool can be availed at an affordable price.

If you want to know the website design trends for 2020, take a look below.

Bold typography

Bold typography or oversized lettering is becoming more and more popular as website owners try to simplify the designs as much as possible. The use of huge typography has several benefits like, drawing instant attention to your business objective or brand name. Also, visitors are much more likely to remember what was written in bold.

Bespoke images

Custom-made images add a unique sense of character to the websites. It can allow you to display your brand identity and make it extremely memorable to your visitors. So, when users see your custom image on another resource, your business website will instantly pop in their heads and they will be reminded to visit your website again.

Asymmetric layouts

Most business websites are grid-based and this grid is made of lines that are imaginary. This helps layout elements to stay in order on the page. If you want a unique look for your website, you can implement the broken grid technique. You can place design elements in a chaotic, yet creative manner. This technique can make your website look very appealing.

Hidden navigation

Minimalism in website design has been a big trend in 2019 and the same is expected to continue in 2020. Users today are more inclined towards websites that sport a minimal design. This is why hidden navigation is going to be a major website design trend in the upcoming year. By hiding the navigation of your website, you can save space and make your website appear clean.

These are a few website design trends that you can consider for 2020. If you are planning to build a new website or wish to redesign your existing business website, you can reach out to Nhance Digital. We have a dynamic team of website designers who can help turn your design dreams into a reality. Our team of developers can ensure that your website is ready to be launched. Furthermore, we can also handle your digital marketing needs. So, get in touch right away.