Social Media: Top Trends That You Must Consider In 2018

So, you have an active social media presence like many of your competitors? That is great news, but did you know that things are changing fast in the world of social media? In 2017 alone, there were some major changes:

  • Twitter increased its 140-character limit
  • Instagram stories successfully hijacked the user base of Snapchat
  • Facebook finally laid down the fake news law

Needless to say, last year has been nothing short of a social media whirlwind. We, at Nhance Digital, strongly believe that if you want to survive 2018, you need to be prepared and as social media consultants, we can help prepare you for the year.

Given below are some of the social media trends rounded up by our team that you must consider this year to achieve success.

# Go live! Over the last couple of years, consumption of video content has increased at an exponential rate and 2018 is no different. This year demands brands to become broadcasters as social TV-style and mobile video programming takes centre stage. This can also help to open new avenues for engaging with social audiences. Facebook Live and YouTube Live are some of the popular live streaming platforms that you can make use of.

# Adopt AI: Even though Artificial Intelligence is a future-facing trend, you can expect to start enjoying the benefits from this year onwards. For instance, Facebook has released a brand new predictive analysis in order to assist marketers in finding insights quicker. You can make use of AI in social commerce, customer care, content delivery and analytics. If you are unsure about the implementation of AI with your social media campaign, avail the service of our social media consultant UK. We will guide you and help in crafting an ROI-driven strategy where AI is integrated into the core.

# Tap into peer influencers: Trust in corporations and governments is constantly on the decline. At such a time, consumers are turning to a familiar source, which is each other. This year, we are basically moving towards smaller spheres of influence where micro-influencers, customer advocates and employees matter the most.

Before you come up with a brand new social media strategy for your brand, you need to find out which existing tactics are yielding results and which new techniques can benefit you. Our consultants will conduct a thorough assessment and offer recommendations. Talk to us, today!

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