Improve Your Website Performance With These Tips

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The performance of your website is important. Website visitors are becoming less patient and more demanding by the day. If your webpages do not load quickly, the possibility of losing them is high. Also, Google takes website speed into consideration when it comes to ranking. To help improve your website’s performance, Nhance Digital has outlined below a few simple tips.

Optimise your HTML

You must use simple structures when it comes to HTML and make sure to stay standards-compliant. This way browsers will be capable of parsing your webpages more efficiently. Also, you must not use complicated HTML as that leads to slowing down the page load speed of the website. If you need more help with optimising your HTML, our team will be able to help.

Optimise your images

If you were not aware already, large pictures present on your website leads to slowing down the page load time. Needless to say, a slow loading website will increase the bounce rate. What you can do is pick the right size of image for your website and ensure to optimise and compress them. Resize the images so that they do not take up a lot of space on your website. At Nhance Digital, we make use of several tools for optimising images. You can connect with us if your website is loading slowly due to heavy pictures.

Decrease HTTP requests

To keep things organised during the website development stage, our team of developers maintain a set of CSS files. When the website goes live, we combine those files so that HTTP request can be reduced. Even JavaScript files are combined in the same way. This leads to increasing the loading speed of the website.

Minify CSS and scripts

One thing that you need to be careful about when designing and developing your website is not to put anything extra. If it is not necessary, you can simply remove it. Additional elements simply result in slowing down the page loading speed of a website. For instance, you must reduce duplicate entries, remove whitespace and remove unused codes. There are a few tools that we use for this purpose and if you avail our website optimisation services, we can take care of this task for you.

These are a few Bradford website optimization tips that you can keep in mind. If you lack an in-house team or the resources, reach out to us.

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