Effective Tactics to Include in Your eCommerce SEO Plan

eCommerce SEO in Manchester

Most eCommerce store owners have little or no consideration for search engine optimisation tactics, even though SEO has the highest ROI compared to other eCommerce marketing campaign. Online shop owners heavily rely on paid ads or social media, which is great, but requires a lot of money and effort. On the other hand, SEO demands a lot of effort upfront, but once your online shop ranks, you will be making sales on autopilot without any recurring expense. If that makes you interested, Nhance Digital’s team of SEO professionals have outlined a few key tactics that you must include in your eCommerce SEO strategy.

eCommerce keyword research

The absence of keyword research would mean that your eCommerce store is targeting keywords that are either too difficult to rank or not what the customers are searching for. This is what makes keyword research crucial. It makes sure that you target keywords that are easy to rank, have a high rate of conversion and a decent search volume. But, choosing keywords is more than simply gauging the level of difficulty when it comes to rankings. You have to take into account the intent of the buyers. A competitive analysis is also encouraged to understand the competition. If you get stuck, seek help from Nhance Digital.

Site structure

Once you have figured out the right keywords, it is time to put it to action. This starts with the structure of your website. eCommerce site structure refers to how you set up your category pages, navigation and product pages. At its core, you have to ensure that the visitors get the most important and relevant content in front and they can find what they are looking for without having to click too much. Basically, a great site structure means scalable and simple. From our website audit, we can help you figure out the changes or additions that your eCommerce site structure needs.

Link building

Acquiring backlinks from other websites with a high domain authority will improve the ranking opportunity of your website. Also, your online store will gain more visibility in the search engines and gain credibility.

So, these are a few of the basic, but crucial tactics that must be a part of your SEO strategy. If you want more information about eCommerce SEO in Manchester, contact Nhance Digital. Our team will help you stand out.