Brief Introduction and Importance of Ecommerce Website Design

Any website that offers online buying-selling or booking options is categorised under the ecommerce websites. E-commerce is business in the online environment. Here all transactions, deals take place over the internet.

Your ecommerce site is your online store like the traditional stores where in people come, go through the products, buy and leave. But an ecommerce website design provides back-end facility to the owners where they can log in and find out about other orders and can manage products easily.

A potential ecommerce website design should have the following qualities:

  • The website must exert an image of vibrancy, competitiveness and efficiency. Powerful website builder software has to be selected for this.
  • The pages should be made search optimized for the search engines to view it.
  • The website should be integrated with secured and widely used payment gateways.
  • The templates of the site should be designed professionally and there should be space to accommodate catalogues prepared in Excel.
  • The site has to be integrated with other websites using HTML editor, which involves allotting codes to web pages

Apart from these technical qualities a good ecommerce website should be customer friendly too. It should have a simple uncomplicated display of products that does not confuse the customer. An ideal ecommerce website design should include the following components:

  • Shopping cart.
  • Product catalogue.
  • Product management, promotion features.
  • Facilities like product information, price display.
  • Useful tips and tricks for customers.
  • Efficient order management system.
  • Shipping options.
  • Secured online payment options.
  • Friendly customer support back up.

Even though an ecommerce website has all the above said features it is estimated that more than 90% of the ecommerce websites are not fully optimized and are not living up to their full potential. That means customers are not able to reach your ecommerce store as the products might not show up in Google and other search engines. Sometimes even if people reach your store either you might not be getting the desired sales or no sales at all.

Proper optimization of a good ecommerce website design is equally important as the designing of the website. It has been noted that the surfers usually don’t go beyond the first 3 pages so your web store should be well within the reach of your customers. Regular SEO works on the site and trying to put the site on the specialized shopping search engines. Finding the keywords that work for your site and updating the titles and descriptions as per the trend and season works in favour of the site.