Backlinks: Are they Important for SEO?

Backlinks are an important part of SEO because search engines consider a website relevant if it has a lot of quality inbound links. Also, the backlinks that are redirected from the websites must come from credible sources. The SEO experts at Nhance Digital are of the opinion that high-quality backlinks are a major ranking factor for websites.

Backlinks: What are they?

As you already know, backlinks are a component of SEO. They are nothing, but links to your website. Simply put, when a website or web page has a hyperlink or clickable link that redirects to your site, it is called a backlink. There are basically two types of backlinks, such as dofollow and no-follow backlinks. As for dofollow links, they link with another website naturally without the tag of no-follow whilst on the other hand, no-follow links contain the no-follow tag and is not really considered of much importance from the perspective of search engine optimisation.

In the eyes of Google, your website will appear much more relevant and trustworthy if it is has many SEO backlinks and our link builders can help you earn authoritative links from similar niche industry as yours.

What is the Value of Backlinks for SEO?

The relevance of a site is measured by search engines, especially Google, by the number of backlinks that it has. The search giant determines that if a site has been linked to other sites multiple times, it has quality and that is the main motive of backlinks. Furthermore, when a site is giving your website a backlink, it is actually passing link juice to your site and helping it to rank higher on popular search engines.

Organic traffic is another wonderful advantage of creating backlinks. As already mentioned before, Google lays a lot of emphasis on pages that have a massive number of good quality backlinks. In addition, faster indexing is also a major benefit of backlinks in SEO. The search engine bots are able to discover websites faster if they have backlinks. This way, you can be rest assured that your pages will get indexed extremely quickly in Google when compared to others.

Now that you know the importance of backlinks in SEO, you must be wondering how you can create these links. At Nhance Digital, we employ several different ways to gain backlinks for our clients, such as guest posting, blog commenting, web directory submission and so on.

Do you want any more information regarding backlinks and how it can improve your search engine rankings? Feel free to get in touch with the professionals at Nhance Digital. We will help to craft a bespoke link building strategy for you so that you can gain the maximum returns.

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