If you have a business in Sheffield you no doubt have a website, since, as everyone knows today, the saying is that if you don’t have a website you don’t have a business. To a large extent that is true. Even if you only own a small convenience store you still need a website, because the majority of your customers are online and will want to know, perhaps, what time you are closing this evening, or whether you stock a certain item.

So, most business owners would agree that we are in the 21st century and a website is essential. However, catering for existing customer is one thing. What every business owner wants to do, without exception, is to get more customers through the door, because more customers simply mean more sales and therefore more profit.

So far, so good.

But how do you use your website to get more customers? If you are like many small business owners you may have spent several weekends or evenings learning how to use WordPress to build a website which, after all, is free, and if you have, that’s great. At least you have your foot in the door.

But how do you get more visitors to your website and then into your physical store? Or if your business only sells on line, into your virtual store?

Basically, you have two choices. You can either spend money on advertising online, or anywhere else for that matter, such as in the local paper, billboards, and so on, or you can try to get your website on to the first page of Google.

This is where it gets tricky. Paying for advertising, by definition, costs money. And it can cost a lot of money to experiment with different advertisements until you find one which is successful.

Getting your website on to the first page of Google is cheaper than most other forms of advertising.

You have no doubt heard of SEO in Sheffield, and many people understand that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. In other words, making your website so attractive to Google and the rest that they WANT your website at the top of page one. But what is it that you have to do to get Google to recognise your business as the best in its field and for that reason place it there?

That is by no means easy. What is it that Google wants to see on your website? What sort of keywords should you use? How many images should you have and where should they appear? How often should you add new content (content is king, after all) and what should it be?

You are running a business, and you really don’t have the time to deal with all this, which is why you need Nhance Digital. We “Nhance” your website so that it is attractive to Google and the rest. We know what Google wants to see, even if you don’t. We know how much content you should add, and we know where it should appear, and we know when.

That is what we do. We are here for the sole purpose of getting your website the maximum amount of exposure and getting you to the top of the first page of Google, because that is where you need to be. It is a fact that the first three spots on the first page of Google get 60% of ALL clicks. It is also, sadly, a fact that only 10% of people searching online ever click to page two. What that means is that if you are NOT on the first page, your chances of success disappear through the floor.

Tough, but true.

That’s why you need Nhance Digital. We know how to optimise your website (as in Search Engine OPTIMISATION) so that Google recognises it as the one which it wants to appear on the first page.

That is one thing, of course. When you have reached the first page that is a success on its’ own. However, you want your website to stay there, and that requires adding content of the right sort, and a number of other things, especially the use of social media, to ensure that it does.

That is what we can do for you. We have been doing it for over ten years and have our clients where they want to be: on top.

We can do the same for you.

Call us on 01273 921401 or click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page and we will carry out a free analysis of your website and provide you with our recommendations. If you wish to engage us, then our team will get to work instantly in order to promote your website to where it needs to be: on top of page one.