Smart advert

Advertising has always been an expensive affair for any growing business. But in the digital world its rather tricky than expensive. So many places to advertise and not knowing which ads will have the most impact on the sales. Also there are legal implications of bombarding adverts into mail boxes or social media walls.  It is indeed intriguing to manage sponsored ads, PPC campaigns, online marketing strategies or email marketing campaigns but we have mastered the art of free as well as sponsored advertising be it on Facebook, Search engine like Google/Yahoo/Bing or anywhere on the internet for that matter.

Smart advertising involves creating multi-dimensional vector graphics that can be used and re-used on different platforms like PC, Laptops, Tablets, iPads and mobile devices, all with different screen size, screen resolutions and different internet connection speeds (Yes, internet connection speed; that is important too… !!! )  Our graphics team can create smart fluidic adverts that expand and contract after sensing the device type, screen parameters and network connection speeds. And that is just one of the many smart things that our ad graphics can do where other agencies fail. While many media houses focus on intense creativity, we balance it with technical excellence.  So let us deal with the complex business of managing your online ad campaigns, while you focus on providing world-class products and services.