Nhance Digital is the leading SEO service in Newcastle, having been in the business for over ten years. During that time, SEO has changed beyond all recognition, because Google keeps changing its’ algorithms, so what worked last year doesn’t work this year. Worse, what worked last week may not work this week.

This is because Google had approximately 540 updates last year alone, and if you want to be on top of page one you have to be on top of Google’s updates. The problem with this is that Google doesn’t tell you exactly what it has updated, or how, or what it wants to see on your website this week that is different from last week. It doesn’t tell us either (!) but after ten years we know what to look for and can often actually be ahead of the next update because we can see where Google will be going next.

You Need To Be At The Top Of Google

What is certain is that, whatever your business, you want to be on the top of Google. At the very least you need to be on page one, because only 10% of searchers ever go on to page two, so if you are not on page one you have automatically lost 90% of the potential traffic. But you actually have to be at the top, because the first three websites in the rankings get 50% of the clicks between them.

That is what we are about at Nhance Digital. Our experts have many functions to undertake in order to get you to the top of Google, and just as important, keep you there when your website has achieved that.

A FREE Analysis

The first thing that we will need to do is to undertake an analysis of your website as it is today. The good news is that we do that free of charge. That’s right – FREE.

Once we have done that, we will then know what needs to be done to rapidly improve your ranking and get you on to page one. One of the most important things is keyword research.

Keywords are vital, because they are the words that searchers enter when they are looking for what you sell. So if you are an electrician in Newcastle they might search for “Newcastle electrician”. They might also search for “electrician Newcastle”. More and more common today is the term “near me”. Instead of searching for a “Newcastle electrician” they will search for “electrician near me” on the assumption that Google knows where they are (which it does!) and therefore provides the electricians nearest to them.

There is an aside here, and that is that the best electrician may not be the one nearest to them, and even so if he is prepared to travel 20 miles it doesn’t matter. Unfortunately, that is not the way searchers think.

Then there is the question of backlinks. This is when another site links to yours. However, Google also takes other things into account. If your local pet shop links to your electrician website because you did a good job, Google won’t rate that highly. If the BBC website links to yours, then Google will regard that as an important endorsement and rank you accordingly. After ten years in the business, we have many contacts at important websites and can get you the backlinks you need.

There is a lot more to SEO than that, but for a free discussion just click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page.